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What About The Children?

I'm posting this YouTube link because it first appeared via the channels I subscribe to. It has also appeared on other social media feeds across both left and right supporters. Social media has totally upended our entire information gathering practices if you are around my age but is the norm for so many younger people. The overload of resources available have contributed to a society that do not have the capabilities to digest, process and follow up due to the endless barrage on us every moment of the day.

This is the objective and if you haven't realised that as yet. You're Welcome! So don't feel bad. It was last week Milo Yiannopoulos made headline news and became known to a massive new audience for his comments on paedophillia and his unwillingness to go into further details that would expose some famous/rich people he had experienced parties that included "very young boys" to perform sexual activities at.

This news feels already old and forgotten in the space of a week. To many he has been forgotten but what lead him to make news being a button pushing outlandish commentator didn't end with his apology. In fact it was only hours later he was victimising others for what he had just apparently given a sincere and humbling apology for. Just in time for the tidal wave of new found fans who now love and support him thanks to his disgusting views on child sexual assault!

So this YouTube video relates to an article he posted whilst writing with controversial publication Breitbart who's former editor Steve Bannon is now one of Donald Trumps most senior advisors. In the aftermath of Milo being exposed and apologising last week this original article he wrote which is actually worse than what he apologised for remains on the Breitbart website and his supporters condone it apparently.

Why do I find this a little hard to swallow? Well there's is a large proportion of people who currently run with a narrative that transgender people are child sex offenders. Regardless of the information readily available to an increasing society who are being brainwashed to ignore facts, statistics and reality and just trust a system that is built on LIES. This proves the majority have adopted this program and it's becoming "normalised."

Interestingly enough one of the main attacks on trans people that attempt to link them to paedophillia is that our acceptance will be the downfall of civilisation allowing paedophillia to be "normalised" like being a tranny is a gateway drug to fucking children. It's been adopted by people thanks to the "normalisation" of facts being relevant.

So I'm posting this YouTube so you can be reminded of the people who are behind the "normalisation" of paedophillia. It's the only conclusion I can accept because nobody involved with all of the parties mentioned above have bothered to remove the article and never will. All of those people screaming "what about the children?" are guilty of condoning this insanity.

Maybe the reason the article remains and nobody is outraged like they should be because the title accuses leftist political supporters of supporting paedophillia. So it's cleverly disguised as an attack piece but clearly discusses that as a society we should go easy on paedophillia. Which makes me even more confused as according to an huge number of people pizzagate is actually a thing regardless of nothing ever coming from it in the 4 months it's flooded the internet without any facts or arrests. Are you beginning to see that the fault for all of this bullshit "normalisation" lies squarely on us for allowing to be duped and even when apparently clear continuing to allow it.

Because even if they don't support Milo who wrote it or Breitbart who keep it published on the site or Breitbart founder Steve Bannon who's currently whispering in the ear of an Orange spray coloured reality TV personality who is allowing this disgusting ideology remain on a website he is a founding member of and has controlled the narrative of since Andrew Breitbart's death in 2012. It was only last year he labelled his publication "Alt Right" which is now a part of our world along with this article that continues to demonstrate everyday its active that fucking kids is cool whilst transgender women face a reality of being persecuted as the diversionary narrative by taking away the basic right to go to the toilet.

This IS our world!
Good Luck with that!
Article Link
Milo's Original Breitbart Article

YouTube Video Exposing Milo's Breitbart Article

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My Post on YouTube Christian "Truther" Conspiracy Page RichieFromBoston

Excuse me? You people really are thick. You don't get to choose my narrative, beliefs or path. Do you understand follower? How the fuck do you know what I believe or what I have achieved or the life I have lived? Listen I know it's hard for you to understand logic because immediately anybody who has a strong opinion, challenges or attacks the precious conspiracy theorist Richie From Boston is deemed Satan! Can't you people see the massive shift you have made since changing your methods due to the internet? I'm being 100% real. Remember when Christians actually led by example? I know many don't I see it everyday in these youtube "truther" echo chamber comments on videos that have very clear intentions to fleece and deceive. Are your eyes open enough to witness the same tacky products they sell, the collection plate patreons and paypal links to pay them to sit there and dish out fear porn, lens flares, outlandish theories and who can forget pizzagate?

The Nibiru channels sella an endless parade of lens flares, endless goal post backdating for the end of days and are debunked more than any other category of videos. This ass clown has been wrong so many times and is fed stories by subscribers, is a really hateful asshole who attacks innocent people blackballing entire groups as in cahoots with pedophiles, governments and alike fuelling a further societal divide. You all cheer along as if you are all allowed to make judgements without facts. I'm going to set you straight as your friend RFB does absolutely NO RESEARCH. Like so many imbeciles in this truth community nodding away in your echo chambers daily with each other totally unable to see the pack mentality of spite that has seemingly resigned to the fact that attacking anybody you all disagree with as satanists or pedophiles. Do you sit here and read through the comments across these pages? Do you think back to when so many would be horrified by what so many "followers" of religion in America is being represented? Take some time, go find videos from the last 8 years and certain conservative news sites. The endless accusations that everybody is demonic, the comments towards the Obamas "monkey in heels" endless videos spreading absolute unsubstantiated bullshit that michelle Ovamaa was a transsexual for 8 years, the crazy videos on celebrities who are apparently all a part of cults.

The opening of the gotthard tunnel that all over truth channels is labelled a CERN event when it just isn't. I have so many documents and findings on that event and the artists performers involved firstly by investigating the contacting people for information readily available if you are an actual seeker who knows how to use the internet for more than showing the entire world how much of a dark place many Christians are in at the moment. Just take a moment. The Gotthard ceremony was opened in Sweden. I know so many Americans never travel outside the US. Don't try and battle me on stats as the lack of evidence that comes from so many outlandish statements on here is just UNBELIEVABLE. This is your only wake up call it's up to you all to actually start looking into the claims so many blindly support. Mountain goats are a major part of the Swedish landscape. If any of you people for one second can honestly not see the difference between people wearing a costume that represents a MOUNTAIN GOAT compared to BAPHOMET which has women's breasts and a males penis then I don't know how to snap your brain out of fantasy land. Seek and the rest will follow.

Also whilst here I'd love to piss all over RFB who's lack of research ALWAYS has so many people laughing at him. While he pumps out these videos on pizzagate being a psyop. That's definitely what it is. Continuously hearing him include wiki leaks emails as the only tie to it lol is so stupid I'm so sick of seeing this FUCKING STUPID STORY that has so many of my fellow humans on a witch hunt that will go down as the largest internet TROLL in History! I implore you all to go and use the net to start learning how to use it as it's CURRENTLY using YOU due to so many having little knowledge on how to even search correctly using a google search. I'm only saying this once I don't need to provide anybody proof as NOBODY has actually ever presented solid and NEVER will. You have all been trolled by 4chan. They were the ones investigated over pedophillia rings and users. During that massive story the code words that so many of you and hash tagging, spreading with each other on social networks came from the 4chan expose. The more you repost the code words and idiocy the higher chance you are being watched. Wake up! You can if you seek discover the original memes relating to this and relevant articles. When the Podesta emails surfaces 4chan immediately linked the code words originated from their network and set the ball rolling to attack the EASIEST group of people online for fun which is the Christian and Truth community. You are actually being used to fuel the confusion and the entire #fakenews narrative for something you are not able to see at this time until you are ready! If you actually believe pizzagate became a thing manifested by Wikileaks, frauds like Steve Pieczenik or Alex Jones then it's about time you stared opening your eyes and actually. Truth channels latched onto it as so many were already peddling ridiculous outlandish videos with no proof whatsoever and the seeds were planted. Our society is so distracted fighting over the side of a political party the majority of us are just as bad as MSM and after endless years of accepting lies as a species from powers that be they have played their final hand. There is nothing more to expect. They have us believing anything from anybody, anywhere, anytime and everyday and if you actually start to REALLY wake up from your little war against 50% of the people that make up our society that actually built this world together as a species you will begin to see WE ARE BELIEVING ANYTHING AS FACT WITH THE MOST COMMONLY USED TOOL TO DO SO IS TO JUST DECLARE SOMETHING TO.BE TRUE.

Remove all of our differences for one day. Race, gender, religion, sexual preference and political nonsense and I promise you every single one of us feels the same. We all feel lied to, we all seek love, we fight increasingly harder each year and the poverty, despair and hunger, blatant lies, growing depression and uncertainty and nearly everything from music, entertainment industry, press, progress, culture is controlled by a bland, uninspiring template keeping us dull, prescribed on pills for our basic moods and so damaged even the people of the Christian faith have given up on their churches, erased their own caring non judgments qualities to instead become a constant echo chamber of negativity wrapped up with a bible passage, how amazing Jesus is almost ALWAYS sending a clear message of abandoned hope going forward by constantly manifesting the end of day instead of actually getting back to the core message and ACTUALLY MAKING A REAL ATTEMPT TO CHANGE by waking the fuck up removing the need to indoctrinate people before accepting them and rolling EVERYBODY TO FIGHT THE SYSTEM and NOT EACH OTHER. Why aren't Christians en masses setting an example? If you sit here and have the audacity to make an excuse then you have surrendered. If you also think just because you remain devoted to Jesus and just condemn everybody else to HELL then I'm here to tell you IT AINT GOING TO END THE WAY YOU THINK AND YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELVES. When Jesus returns you along with those you condemn will share a very shitty fate. Your man made words of love for your saviour will not be enough in the creators eyes if you stood by and were unable to see the PERFECT opportunity to show our species without institutional fear and corruption, condemning those you believe not awake, knocking on doors, using hate from evangelical groups focused on divide using money as their addiction, attacking people for being different, diverse or unique when these are the qualities that make us human, being coerced into left or right knowing unity is the only way to set things right. By uniting as a movement and really being the image of Jesus Christ changing the current trite, mean spirited and maybe to see clearly current state of the entire movement and reaching out to everybody to inspire, empower and rally against the minority of human beings worshiping Money, Power and Greed leaving the devil out of it THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN people over. To show real character and love for each other instead of sitting online bickering and contributing to the problem using the INTERNET given to us to manipulate and divide us to the place we all know in our hearts is happening.

If you can reply to this post and say this is all lies what I'm writing then it may be you who are not ready to accept the truth and drop the bullshit facade to suck it up and admit #metoo. We all know the system that works like a program similar to The Matrix. It's run it's course, full of viruses, increasingly not beneficial to the growing majority 3/4 of the world are beyond hungry, poor and in constant despair. It won't be long till it's on all of our door steps instead of just some third world problem. The money is valueless and WE are the slaves born into a system that has conditioned our parents to register our capitalised names onto a birth certificate essentially enrolling us to join the chain gang. Also allowing ourselves to be charged to live within the system as our capitalised birth certificate is the collateral for the valueless money used to control us all. THE TRAVESTY IS that as we have toiled and built the system, explored, advanced and worked harder and harder each passing year for less we are now at the point where WE CANNOT CONTINUE WITH THE CURRENT SYSTEM. ITS UNFAIR. TECHNOLOGY HAS VASTLY CHANGED MANY INDUSTRIES yet we continue to struggle harder to adapt to the changes when the system DOES NOT WORK IN THE CURRENT CLIMATE ANS NEVER WILL. We have the opportunity to unite and let those in control know there MUST BE MONUMENTAL CHANGES, Why build a system to automate so many industries without seriously being rewarded to make the system fairer. With the advancement of technology we should be tackling the way we consume food and energy at highest priority. Creating new industries and ideas for how much time we work and enjoy leisure. Why have we worked to create this amazing framework if it doesn't lead to then working together to change the balance of power, failed economy that WILL NEVER RECOVER if we don't reboot, focus on each other health, energy overhaul, education system that teaches slowly, without humanity and the overall purpose to be a slave follow a program THAT ISN'T WORKING IF IM HAVING TO WRITE THIS AIMED AT THE VERY PEOPLE WHO PROCLAIM TO BE HERE TO PROMOTE WAS IS RIGHT AND JUST BUT IT SEEMS HAVE ALSO GIVEN UP????


We shouldn't be working towards a retirement that we are too old to enjoy if we have a system in place built by us and constantly improved upon to make our lives easier. We have the power to do it if we just stop ignoring the truth and make it happen. Instead our words just as valueless as they barely manifest any action that work towards these rights WE HAVE STRIVED FOR, Deserve and continue to ignore the elephant in the room. Our children have fought and died for the system we built and by refusing to be the change we want to see we are accepting their loss as meaningless. We lie to ourselves and each other over trite non issues to save face when we are all feeling the same increasing dread.


So this is why I'm furious. I've spent many many years trying to understand who we are as a species. Doing my best to stay true to my high moral compass making positive waves no matter how small always full of the best intent. I know full well I can just create my own world and be content but it seems we've abandoned logic for a faux vapid meaningless moral quest to just lay down and let all we've done burn to the ground.

My anger you perceive is passion. Something which so many can't seem to ignite. I'm shouted down with excuses and petty spite so in desperation I'm trying to get people to actually take notice. I've written these words so many times and mostly there's never a response in sight. It's like people know this deep within but just don't engage hoping someone else will begin. My faith is mine it comes from experience, education and endless seeking for the strength to balance myself and my kin. I don't need to make it known or indoctrinate others in because I look at the failures of the institutions totally focuses on fear and guilt and sin. SO IM FUCKING MAD AT MOSTLY YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE THIS GROUP TO LOOK TO SPREADING THE MESSAGE OF JESUS NON JUDGEMENT, LOVE AND THE PATH TO BE SET FREE BUT IM SORRY TO TELL YOU THE MESSAGE IS SELF CENTRED, RESENTFUL and ONE OF MISERY. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WOULD AGREE WITH ME.

I feel like I've written these messages over 10,000 times. I never used to engage with the words you all read from me previously. But like bringing up spoilt children who just don't see, to see that if you just change the narrative ever so slightly and instead of indoctrinating leading equally, without doctrine for all of humanity such a gesture would inspire and change the world and more people would see just how powerful the deity, ritual and the words put in to action you so often speak. I don't want to fight anybody over anything. I want to change the matrix before it's too late. Because as it stands we are doomed to fail because we no longer try AND ITS ALL BEEN FOR NOTHING FOR JESUS TO DIE!

You have the numbers to get out the message our species needs. Keep it simple without conditions and we will join the fight for unity. Because our planet, our animals and our children to be need us to stand up and do this or we fail knowing what the JUDGEMENT for doing NOTHING WILL BE!

RFB - RichieFromBoston

©Jade Starr 2016
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

God Bless America!!! - December 24 2015

This was written over a year ago!!!
I don't hate America I was actually there in 2016 during the election. This is just a "what could happen" theory!

I have a theory about America and its very dire. To be clear, if you are an American friend of mine remember I’m not attacking you personally. I’m just stating what I see from the outside looking in.

Ok, firstly America is a Christian Country. The majority of American’s believe in a mythical floating sky lord and his son Jesus who was born of a virgin woman named Mary. For most American’s the ambiguous and unbelievable tales from the Christian Bible are relevant today even though they were scribed when the world was believed to be Flat. Christianity is drawn upon in arguments, winning awards, war and against LGBT people by most American’s. From the outside looking in, Christianity in America is just as fanatical as Islam to many Muslims, and is used as a tool of hatred by fundamentalists and TV evangelists just as much as Muslim extremists.

This is why we are inevitably heading towards a Holy War.

Both Christians and Muslims are fighting over who’s man written story about a mythical sky lord is more real. Neither can be proven to be right as both religions are based on faith, with no chance of ever being proven. So grab your weapons and start shooting!!!

America is in the midst of elections. The rest of the world is sitting back in horror watching Donald Trump make a mockery of himself and anybody who follows this whack job. The media is giving him so much attention that they are already giving him the power and a platform to be heard more often than current President Obama. His views are racist, overly Christian and riddled with stupidity.

Taking into account America’s past history of selecting Presidents and the current state of impending Holy War and racism towards immigrants. It would not surprise me if Donald Trump becomes President of America. You may be shaking your head right now in disagreement but just remember Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood actor and the Bush’s were war monger’s.

The American Constitution is regarded by Americans as their little piece of paper that allows them to have freedom of expression and possess guns. In 2001 after September 11, the constitution was amended giving power to law enforcement agencies to spy, interrogate and arrest all American’s on suspicious of terrorist activities.

Everyone in America was fine with that because of the threat of terrorists amongst them. Fear is a powerful tool, it allows people to drop their guard if they feel protected, even if it means their valuable constitution now has less worth than soiled toilet paper. As long as everybody still can have guns then everything is ok. It’s now 2015 and has anybody checked to see if those constitution amendments are still in place?

No need to worry about the constitution anyway. Donald Trump is planning to build a giant wall around America. Apparently it’s to keep those pesky border jumping Mexicans out who do all of the menial low paying jobs that American’s are too good (lazy) to do. But… As much as this amazing wall will keep immigrants out, it is also an enclosure to keep American’s in. Hmm where have I seen this before? Sounds to me that something like this could also be used to keep people in? The possibilities are mind boggling.

Ok let’s talk finance. We all know America has so much debt they will most likely need to create a new dictionary term for the amount. Their manufacturing industry is doomed. Not taking into account military manufacturing. Major tech companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are using a loophole in Ireland to keep all their offshore earnings in a safe haven as bringing it back to home soil would result in obscene amounts of taxes sucked from their bottom line.

At one stage America just printed more money because they can I guess. America’s financial market is mostly fuelled by blood war money. For many years now America has relied on Wars to fuel their Economy. Sending mostly uneducated God fearing American’s into war using religion, patriotism and flimsy bullshit like finding weapons of mass destruction to drive their people into war. Even allies like England and Australia fell for that bullshit. From the outside we all knew there were bigger reasons.

Ousting puppet leaders like Saddam Hussein who were placed in power previously by the American Government and the need for FUEL. So weapons manufacturing including fighter jets, drones and tanks became a big part of America’s financial economy and inevitably the needless death of soldiers also part of the money machine. Oh and we must remember that many building contractors are making money also to rebuild these places in the Middle East because it is America’s responsibility to provide re construction to the country they blow to smithereens on the basis of fuck all.

Let’s recap. Religious hysteria, possible new leader Trump feeding the hysteria. A worthless constitution with a wall surrounding a bunch of people possessing shitloads of guns fuelled by a war economy. But wait there’s more…
Let’s be honest! America has really only won the civil war! Sure they dropped nukes on Japan which has left that region completely ruined for many bloodlines to come. They entered WW2 extremely late. Got their asses handed to them in Vietnam and did they actually win anything in recent Middle East conflicts?

The consensus by many regarding the Middle Eastern conflicts was the need for fuel. If this is true and they won that battle, why are the American Government FRACKING for fuel on American soil and poisoning their own people’s water supply? Even bigger question why are American’s allowing FRACKING to happen? Maybe they should consult their constitution?
Have you noticed the American police force over the past 20 years also?

Remember when police officers wore blue uniforms? Over the past 20 years and very slowly mind you. Each year the uniforms have ever so slightly changed in appearance. Currently they look like military uniforms.

Some police officers I’ve seen were even dressed in camouflage gear. What exactly are these police officers preparing for? From the outside looking in it seems the police and military forces in America have slowly become one. Pretty scary thought when you think back to the amendments to the constitution.

Whilst all this has been going on remember that there have been cuts to education, health and most other things that right wing racist religious zealots would deem as lefty crap. What better way to fuck with people than keeping them poor, sick, homeless and uneducated to be able to mould them into whatever you like. It’s a lot easier to convince people to do things when they are desperate. You can create fear using religion, propaganda and red flag events.

You can create class systems, ghettos and racism. You can virtually do what you damned like. The White House is virtually a media Centre. It releases propaganda to smaller media outlets like CNN, NBC AND FOX. The uneducated failed actors present this “news” to the uneducated masses feeding on their fears, insecurities and laziness to want to dig deeper in case they may be being fed bullshit that is keeping them stupid. Mix it all together and you are beginning to see a perfect scenario leading into a Holy War.

Let’s pretend this happened.
The war on terror intensifies over the next five years. Donald Trump is in power. America have built a wall around the country. Religious fervour is at it highest peak. All Americans possess guns, even children as we’ve seen from all the school shootings.

The White House Media Centre lead by Donald Trump actions the Military aka the police to round up civilians for Holy War.

By this time the constitution has no purpose as everybody is under suspicion. If you are against us you are one of them “Muslims”. Join us or be locked away, interrogated and most likely killed. You can’t escape as you are surrounded by a wall. Sure all American’s will own guns they can fight off their own military, but would they? Years of moulding into dumb, poor, religious, racist gun toting goldfish ready to defend their constitution-less, war driven financial economy would do whatever they were told.

Thus turning America into the worlds largest War Training Facility. Which in my opinion is the only way they could ever stand a chance at fighting a Holy War against Islam. Remembering that they would be fighting this war on the basis of blind faith. Nobody will win anything from fighting over religion. The only thing that can come of it all is fear, death and misery.

Open your eyes America!!
Have a nice day and God Bless America!

©Jade Starr 2017
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Saturday, December 17, 2016



It's ok we are all the same species in case you forgot!

We seem to forget that as the majority we have the power not the other way around. I'm not concerned about the constant distractions and nefarious hedge betting because it's obvious and stinks of desperation.

They are banking on us "losing our shit" over one or a combination of events being planned in plain sight and behind the closed doors of corruption that are scared of our potential awakening!

This is our test! This is our moment to fight back without physical weapons or anger. We are the heart and soul within a successful slavery system ruined by the greed of a few. We have the power of diversity and the skills to overcome our differences to remove their power.

For our strength is numbers and the will to grow, forgive and accept our differences that together have built the world we take for granted so often. Their goal is to divide and conquer us. They know the economy is as valueless as the words and action- less self serving promises we must stop accepting as normal.

Forget left and right, ignore black and white. It's time to stand in the middle and be united as the grey and free ourselves from the seemingly silly inability to say to each other without any further explanation, apology or judgement.

Just simply say "ME TOO!"
The 1% of those entrusted to govern only have power over a united 99% of diverse people if we continue to let them. Our economy's are modelled on a weak system of corporatised countries, states and capitalised individuals names on a certificate forced upon us at birth without our consent for the privilege to vote, pay tax and be a slave. WE ARE THE MAJORITY AND WE HAVE THE POWER.

We need to just stop feeding them, they want to censor, persuade, distract and confuse.... Then we need to turn off, unplug, don't react, ignore and focus on each other. They can pass bills, threaten violence, create confusion to their little hearts content if nobody cares to take any notice.

We have the technology in our pockets to mobilise real movements of disruption without even leaving our homes.

Using a simple facebook event to encourage entire staffs, contractors, unions, full time, part time and casual employees all over the world to collectively take a sick day from work on the same day. This will hurt them where it hurts the most. Employers will not be able to fire an entire staff for their involvement as they can't afford to sack them. They already need to recover from one day of massive economic loss in fear of further disruption.

Banks finally will receive an idea of how it feels to be helpless and uncertain of what may follow. Governments will panic, they will flex with non existent power. There may be lives lost as we awaken from our slavery slumber.

The one thing they would never expect from us is the simple acceptance of each other's differences as something positive. Our individuality is the key to our wholeness as a species. By rejecting the micro managing valueless labels that divide us. We can finally be simply HUMAN.

We need to grow up and let go of the guilt, repression and judgement that offers no momentum forward as a species. We need to realise our planet is emotionally expressing the collective feelings of uncertainty, negativity and fear we are feeling because we are connected to it.

The extreme weather, flooding, quakes and volcanic eruptions represent the need for a massive event or change and soon. We have gotten this far using only 10% of our brains. We must harness the power deep inside us to accept we are different and we are scared.

And that's ok!
Just tell each other "ME TOO!"
Our weaponised words and violent actions resemble apes throwing poo at each other instead of a species united. The need for 24/7 online communication and social media is actually devolving our ability to connect without a device between us. We need to pay attention to the devices glaring at us each day. They can actually help us!

This amazing technology we created with our diverse skilled population continues to be ignored for its massive potential to change the world from the palm of our hands. Instead we allow social media companies to use us and our information free of charge in return we have evolved to now throwing virtual poo at each other.

You can all wait around for whoever your chosen deity is to come and beat up the big bad 1% of manipulative money lovers. Or refuse to accept they have any power at all and their precious money is completely valueless and it will happen because both statements are true. It's time to discontinue being slaves happily chasing virtual Pokemon on devices able to connect, create and disrupt the system. It's time to start paying attention!

If nothing I have said had resonated with you or inspired you to actually be the change you know you can be by actually coming together as a real society. Then sit back down and let it all go to poo and tell yourself that your chosen deity will be here soon to save you.

Just remember you turned your back when the moment came to stand together as one. You walked away from strength in numbers and trust in one another. You gave up on unconditional love and and exchanged your pride in the belief that doing nothing would earn redemption.

When you could have been a part of of something much bigger than yourself by saying... "ME TOO!"

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Wow can you believe we have super computers in our pockets and use them to contribute to the further dumbing down of our race at an alarming rate so alarming that we gave up caring long ago because humanity has been bred to believe it's as worthless as the deity of money we currently bow to?

It's actually not such new technology. We've always had it. Or should I say that they've always had it. For 3000 years the ass clowns have deceived us. Taken advantage of the last time this solar system entered into our orbit and took out those advanced civilisations who made pyramids and etched rubies in ways we still can't replicate. Yeah those amazing feats we now gloss over because we have a fart app on a phone.

After the cataclysm they took advantage and created a fucking empirically unproven skylord via a weaponised language based on the sex is bad guilt doctrine where anything after breathing was a sin. From there on in it was a cakewalk. They created government as a device with a human face to cloak and deceive in tandem with the church. Backed by an economy as the real deity with no value whatsoever to keep us working in a slavery system that has year over proven to create more poverty for the ever growing masses and we just accept it.

The system is so blatantly shit we have become like an elephant tied to a pole for two years and eventually when the chain is removed we are totally conditioned. So much so everybody here in America has a fucking GUN to fight back and the 2nd amendment as insurance and they just just taking it up the ass like a country full of anal lovers.

The story about the blonde haired blue eyed people witch lived inside the hollow earth and gave aviation expert Mr Bird technology when he flew to the pole is bullshit. Yeah these very same people Hitler was seeking out actually existed but they were these generations of knowledge possessing assholes who still run the show They... The powers that be. That created this who bullshit system fuelled hitler giving him tech to do what the fuck he wanted because he was controlling population. That's why America came in so late. To drag out as many deaths as possible then swoop in and reclaim their tech and put it back in their fucking underground bunkers currently being filled with supplies, their lies and GOLD!

Flying saucer type propulsion, cloaking, lasers, sun simulators, the fucking Internet this shit has always been around. Heartless cunts like the Rothchilds who had his 7th heart transplant. He's used up 7 fucking hearts. Need I say any fucking more??? There's your definition of heartless running the world!

Here's the deal no holding back. NASA are covering up so much shit. The government are just the stooges to protect NASA and the generations of whatever you want to call the "Illuminati" types currently selling everything for gold. They are getting ready to go underground. For fuck sake there was a brand new planet conveniently discovered a few weeks ago to be exactly like earth. Oh and our sun is fucking dying. The coronal tears, brightness depletion and bizarre eruptions are all signs of a dying star or one that is being drained.

Our skies, water, food have all been modified and there is a bunch of patented energy harvesting devices floating around draining the sun of its last fucking resources like everything else they sucked up on earth. And every planet in our solar system is heating up from within going through radical weather changes as the magnetosphere on each planet is now out of whack because....

They are hiding an entire fucking solar system approaching us rapidly and not one "normal" person has a minute to spare to not take a photo of their shitty dinner for their never to me met and mostly not really friends who are their friends on Facebook to question something. Because questions now mean "conspiracy" thanks to our weaponised shit language. And conspiracy means nutcase to society. This is classic psych 101 manifestation of an entire world majority "normal" population. So they gang up on people who exercise our natural curiosity to question instead now to the point that nobody cares or does anymore.

We have all been submissive losers for the past 3000 years. They can't cover up these planets, brown stars and moons much longer before they are in our skyline like a Hollywood movie. Using shitty chemtrails and a basic year 7 science magnifying glass trick only on a bigger scale won't work much much longer.

NASA Solar Sun Simulator Patent Info 1

Luckily they have made small warnings to to us that we need to prepare. But not to actually save anyone. But to expose the people on the ball running the alternative media in the face of the dogshit media fed to is by the RICH KNOWLEDGE HOLDING 1% ASSHOLES WHO STARTED ALL THIS.

So now we are exposed for the CDC to detain once the David Rockefeller patented ZIKA VIRUS plan gets the ok. Same time they will project JESUS in the fucking sky for the mentally ill religious tards and UFO's are taking over projected blue beam shit to the half of Idiocracy society.

THE BEST PART! Will be the threat of nuclear war if we don't comply. All this for no reason whatsoever because we have no meaning of life apart from 42. But all those 42 believers will be already gassed in camps thanks to Hitlers trial run previously. Ultimately none of this matters because you can't stop NIBIRU from its path and the poles shifting to a scenario very similar to the Bible's catastrophic ending.

NASA Solar Sun Simulator Patent Info 2

It's the only bit in the bible that has meaning because they knew it was coming. They knew it couldn't be stopped. It was the perfect end the the doctrine and failsafe threat to keep idiots faithful to the entire bullshit story of GOD. Jesus was only included in the rewrite to once again put a human face on the crap. And even then his image of Hope was a brutal death nailed to wood as a life goal for humanity.

Fuck I'm so livid and I have a terminal illness and would love go and pump as many rounds of bullets as I can into high ranking politicians, Rothchilds, heads of pharmaceuticals and any other cunt who rolls with these assholes.

Because they will survive and most of us wont. The ones that will survive will be the dipshit easily lead following fucktards who nicely provide this entire scenario to repeat itself after the world heals or they go to their new home to inevitably fuck up.

The biggest joke of all is we have THE INTERNET to communicate so quickly and powerfully that as soon as a Kardashian farts we know about it but are too busy focusing on Pokèmon Go currently to FUCKING SEE A BUNCH OF GIANT PLANETS IN OUR FUCKING SKY RIGHT NOW!

Why bother?


Guess what?

You are valueless. Your votes, opinions and existence is meaningless. There are people currently in power who have always and still are holding back valuable information from you because you don't even know what the meaning of your own life is... and the majorly stopped questioning such trivial tripe so long ago that the events happening right now under mean fuck all because it's become "normal" to be a weak submissive non questioning imbecile who's life is meaningless. YAY!

Did you know that Brexit is being delayed due to Government not ready even though it was voted in by the people. The way the vote happens was planned to deceive perfectly executed and nobody has the guts to fight back. Also Obama has said from day 1 of his presidency he would be there 8-10 years in power.

Nah it's all a conspiracy. Because anybody who questions anything anymore is a whack job UFO chasing lunatic who couldn't possibly be right? The MEDIA is now controlled by the assholes who gave you guilt, oppression and a slavery system held together by a monetary system worth less than the non degradable plastic that has over run our beautiful world.

We are the media and we work for nothing spreading news, current affairs, miss information, photos of our dinner and our collective stream of thought or lack there of because of the illusion we are as FREE as the FREE service Facebook is. We still have control of the INTERNET for a little while longer. Before it's handed of to the UN again without our consultation.

Wake up everybody! The technology we have today has been around for thousands of years. It's been drip fed to us so by the time we attained such knowledge our spirits had been crushed beyond repair. This shit is going on and nobody cares because we've all got something to do more meaningful like pretend it isn't real and it may just go away right.

Like that feeling of submission an elephant eventually accepts as normal after being chained up for 2 years so it never again tries to escape even though it's been untethered for several years. That's called conditioning and whether you like it or not it's what has become of us.

This world has basically bred an entire race of liars. Lying to ourselves, our loved ones, colleagues, friends and enemies because it's what our leaders have done consistently to us. We've been made to feel about ourselves so poorly that we can't see we are all covering up the same shit from each other that relates to some bullshit festering non existent thing that results in guilt because of something or other that actually means nothing. Because all we have to show is a big communication network that we don't know how to use because we are too scared to communicate with each other without lying!

Want to know the meaning of life. I have answers. The answer for this current system we have been locked into for a few thousand years IS SWEET FUCK ALL! Because everything has lead up to these past and last few years of an inevitable unstoppable occurrence that has been kept from us by manipulating the TRUTH INTO LIES since we can remember by what we've been told.

The downfall of humanity is not global warming, not technology takin over or some killer virus or a pretend man in the sky coming to kill us all because we were assholes. The downfall of humanity was willingly accepting lies as being ok when we all know they are not. We have had so many opportunities to fight back but have been duped into believing we are as worthless as the money, slavery, self imposed doctrines and fucking blatant lies fed to us everyday that we just gave up.


If you don't believe me go and look in a mirror right now and say staring right into your own eyes

"the world is full of happy, content and comfortably well fed people all living in homes full of love and joy and nobody needs to go to war or lie to cover anything up especially myself because God is real"

You know it's all a LIE!

So what's next?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Knowledge is Power

Are You Ready?

Knowledge is Power!

Something for you to ponder about the construct of our language and Christianity. The only part of the Bible that vaguely carries any truth from our past civilisations on Earth over 3000 years ago it's the doomsday finale.

This concept/doctrine was created/conceived on the back of a catastrophic event that occurred around 3000 years ago essentially wiping out a number of developed intelligent civilisations.

The technology, philosophies and belief systems of these people became valuable knowledge when rebuilding after the heavenly bodies in our universe almost collided causing the disaster that is now once again upon us.

This knowledge was used to create a system of control based around an easily manipulated language called English. The language was used to create and over complicated, ambiguous and un necessary rule book as we had already reached a higher collective intelligence before the catastrophe needing such a rule book like a hole in the head.

This allowed fear, guilt and oppression to create a slavery system based around a pretend monetary economy completely obliterating the historical advances of our ancestors formulated from centuries of questioning. We essentially replaced our entire history with a pile of absolute garbage backed up by NOTHING.

The only thing we kept and used as a part of the new system in the NEW RELIGION that bares any resemblance to this history..... Was the vague concept of how our ancestors met their doom.

The final part of the biblical doctrines that are the backbone of the system of lies and slavery we now are about to once again face 3000 years on. The end of days catastrophe story consistent across all modern scripture post cataclysm portray verses of knowledge based on the nemesis system entering our solar system to heat up the planets including earth that lead to catastrophe. These verses also carry heavy the judgement and deception that is about to be manufactured by the assholes who have given us 3000 years of meaningless oppression and guilt for NOTHING BUT THEIR OWN GREED AND CONTROL.

Go ahead and read from exodus and then read the documented accounts of the niribu system near miss cataclysm that destroyed those civilisations long forgotten. You will read the events that are naturally taking place as they did 3000 years ago happening right now.

Only now intertwined into a simplistic rule book intentionally written ambiguously for the sole purpose to manipulate and control using the fear of an empirically unproven mythical deity. The concepts in the Bible fly in the face of Pyramids containing creations carved from rubies that to this very day can not be recreated by a dumbed down race who no longer question anything unless a Kardashian.

In the Bible the 3 days of night depicts the Sun going dark and the catastrophic events of a world spinning into destruction as the universe expands with devastating results. This story matches with the higher intellectual ancestors before us only they were missing the bullshit man made story of GOD and the controlling fear mongering system still being used by the evil bloodlines of the originators like the Rothchilds who are still in control NOW!

I'm not a religious person. I place faith in the answers that result from my freedom to question and form empirical evidence to evolve like my long forgotten ancestors. The system built from erased ashes of these ancestors is undeniably one of forever increasing poverty, hunger and oppression. Proving without a doubt the system has always been wrong and an ever increasing lie.

I believe Jesus Christ existed at some stage and is a blueprint for how humanity should treat each other. But in his depiction of death, fear and guilt constantly nailed to a cross he is also the ultimate symbol of falling into line or face being demonised, ridiculed, labelled insane or killed as an example. Don't fight the System. His inclusion into the revised Bible was to create the illusion of a less oppressive doctrine. Using a relatable human character of hope but doomed from the very beginning by the powers that be like a roulette table or poker machine.

Essentially solidifying the inevitable means to an end Judgement Day scenario and humanity giving up just in time. For the closest thing to truth since the new system of lies began.

That being the vaguely prophesied Bible account of the current solar system expansion, Nibiru near miss, Sun blackening, Earth overheating environmental polar shift cataclysm upon us. This natural catastrophe that occurs every 3000 years known as The End of Days was always going to happen.

The last 3000 years have been built on a lie around the knowledge of the event and manipulated into the power to control and prepare for its arrival with the ultimate plan of saving their own skin. As we come to realise the deception at the 11th hour and face the chaos unleashed. They will have succeeded in creating the crime of the century hidden underground with their precious gold and knowledge to eventually emerge and begin the cycle once again.

But.... Remember knowledge is power and it's never too late. A Nuclear World War 3 is the back up plan and was alway our fate!

A physicists thoughts on the Sun Drain Part 1
A physicists thoughts on the Sun Drain Part 2
A physicists thoughts on the Sun Drain Part 3
A physicists thoughts on the Sun Drain Part 4

The 3 Days of Darkness Prophecy and the Sun going Dark - Exodus

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

As Worlds Collide Don't Be Deceived The Truth Will Set You Free!


My dear friends.
Just for one day please put down Pokèmon Go, Facebook, Marriage Equality, Game of Thrones and the endless meme's, dog and cat videos, drugs that have numbed humanity of natural human emotions, reposting misleading satirical articles as fact and any other fucking useless distraction that has been thrown at us. You are missing something bigger! Before making a judgement or thinking I've gone mad please read and watch the videos. Watch the sun rise and the sky surrounding you and question everything!








1. That the World Powers decided to play GOD with our earth without consulting us?

2. That it FALIED?

3. Instead of taking responsibility and telling us of the plan and it's FAILURE. They will lie again by manufacturing a fake major event using the very technology that failed to alter the course of a catastrophe that may have accelerated due to their interference?

4. Regardless of the above idiocy the Earth is still rapidly heating up from within, causing extreme weather, quakes and volcanic activity as the poles begin to shift. Eventually leading to a natural imminent catastrophe as the result of our solar system merging with the nemesis system?

5. That they will impose martial law and the threat of World War 3 against us for our reaction if any to their deception and inability to be accountable and take responsibility for the outcome?

I know what many of you are thinking. This is me losing my mind to another "conspiracy theory". The fact is that you are not thinking. If you were you would be questioning everything because you wanted to know. We are surrounded by material items that focus on the value of taking away the need for you to do anything. This is not your fault! This is the product of what you see is what you get. Or what you eat is what you become. We have let this happen because we have been denied knowledge.

Right now take a moment to think about the amazing beauty our planet offers every single moment of our lives. When two souls connect so deeply that time becomes irrelevant until together experiencing the majestic beauty of the sun rising and the birth of new love. This simple yet powerful example should resonate with all of us. No words can ever explain the exhilarating feelings we experience from such a moment. 

Yet we have have allowed ourselves to be deceived by greedy self absorbed charlatans offering promises of something greater. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated by a self imposed fear laden doctrine based around a deity void of empirical evidence. We abandoned generations of ancestral knowledge and truths for a system promising freedom using slavery and lies. Our words became weapons with the intent to divide and sex became evil yet essential for humanity to continue to thrive.

The false prophet became money and we are its slaves. Consumed by marketed materialist diversions as our children fight wars over money, race and religion for nothing but filling graves. We have accepted all of this shit as normal. Normality does not mean right. It represents the current state of mind and values of the majority at any given time because it evolves as we evolve. Just another part of the lie.

Since it became apparent that I am terminally ill. I have invested my time into questioning everything, seeking truth and educating myself in the pursuit of finding balance and inner peace. People these days are so alienated, guilt ridden, scared and confused by what's real. Divided and conquered and consumed by a lie. So step away from this bullshit reality just for a moment or a day to look up, around and inside to see the truth is right in front of you if you allow it to be set free!

Our solar system as recently grown and is merging with another called the nemesis system. It is unclear exactly how many planets and stars are in this system. There also is the chance that a pulsar is within this system sucking the energy from our sun. This is a natural occurrence and there is nothing we could have done. The stories about our earth experiencing massive changes because of humanities tiny footprint is bullshit. That is again the continued guilt placed upon us as part of the bullshit system we live. The additional stars, planet and moons in our solar system have changed the delicate balance by heating up all the planets in our solar system from within. This is not God related or any other biblical crap we've been fed but something so large it's hard to know where to begin.

Our ancient ancestors predicted this event. This information has always been there if you cared enough to find it and make your own conclusions. For the past year I have personally been investigating the pyramids, myans, Saturn, NASA, religious scriptures, blue beam, the atom, conspiracies, economy, language and much much more... I still don't have all the answers.

The predicted arrival of Planet X (Nibiru) and the devastation we will face in its wake is REAL. 

The Latin meaning of Disaster.
2. Obs. an unfavorable aspect of a star or planet. [1585–95; < Middle French desastre < Italian disastro=dis- dis-1 + astro star < Latin astrum < Greek ástron] syn: disaster, calamity, catastrophe, cataclysm refer to adverse happenings usu. occurring suddenly and unexpectedly.

Nibiru is a part of the Nemesis system that may have up to 3 stars in it amongst other planets and their moons even a possible pulsar. This is why we are seeing a number of planets or stars with their own moons in our skies along with our very own sun. We also have another thing up there. It's a man made fake sun projection unit created and patented by NASA themselves. Go ahead and look for yourselves! The reason many are not seeng this is because they are not looking up. The fake sun currently in our orbit it's attempting to cloak the new additions and their sister star heading towards our binary star. 

As a result earth and the rest of our solar systems planets are heating up from within creating massive changes. Jupiter's massive spot is gone, Mars has developed polar ice caps and Saturn's rings are changing. All of the planets are much brighter also. Earth has experienced this year alone over 44,000 earth quakes, polar ice melts currently have every country experiencing massive flooding never before seen and every known volcano is currently active. The earth is shifting off its axis and will eventually flip and spin out of control creating total devastation for humanity. Unless you are one of the rich and powerful knowledge holders who have been preparing for this event throughout generations.

Look up at the man made sun you will see it is hexagonal. That is not the sun I have witnessed rise and fall my entire life. Do your homework. Step away from the zombifying world of Facebook and news per cured to keep you stupid. You will begin to see what is happening. The powers have told us to prepare for the worst as something big is coming. They will keep lying to us as long as they can. Protecting their precious valueless economy and underground bunkers from the majority of normal stupid sleeping imbeciles we have become unless we WAKE THE FUCK UP NOW!

Their armies standing by. Emergency departments are prepared. FEMA camps stocked and drills have been completed. The major players have fleets of ships in one part of the ocean readied. Even the Rothchild's have begun to to buy up all of the gold preparing for an economic experiment. NASA have abandoned the space station and are preparing to cut the live feeds. If you haven't heard of project blue beam then open your eyes as this is how they will create the fake event to deceive. They may fake an alien invasion. They may fake a natural disaster using Haarp technology. Or they may fake something biblical aimed at the largest religion of fundamentalist believers of Islam projecting the Prophet Mohammad to incite the trigger of war.


I don't really care what you think of my sanity. I've confronted my death. I have made peace with myself and am the closest to balance and inner peace many will never understand. I have never followed others and never accepted "can't" or made excuses. My mistakes have been many but ownership I take and try to not make the same mistake. I have been blessed to be a trans* person and tried to make every opportunity count. My music has helped me stay alive and positive. It has changed other people's  lives for the better. My intent is of pure goodness and believe all things happen for a reason and can be manifested if so chosen. If you are reading this then you have made my life something special. Our interaction has been of value and I'm writing this to thank you.

Be strong. Believe in yourselves. Question everything. Look up to the skies. Continue to evolve and SAY NO TO THE LIES.

Knowledge is POWER!

Sources. - Multiple Planets, Stars and Moons Report - Chris Potter - Footage of Sun Simulator - The Zion Warrior - Patent for NASA Illumination System including Light Source - Official NASA Document on Illumination System including Light Source - The Harrington Papers (MUST SEE) - Leak Project - Project Blue Beam Hologram in the Sky - Ritchie from Boston - Daily Extreme Weather Updates - BPearthwatch - Black Star Update - Terral Blackstar - Sun Simulator including links to Patents - FakeClouds - Nibiru Arrival - Leak Project with David Meade - Marshall Masters Interview (Must See) - Leak Project - Blue Beam Sounds heard all over the World since 2011 - Rothchilds buying up Gold selling U.S. currency for economic experiment. - Undeniable Video and Photos of Nemesis, Nibiru and other Planets in our Solar System - WSO Steve Olson - Part 1 - Something Covering or Draining our Sun - WSO Steve Olson - Part 2 - Something Covering or Draining our Sun - WSO Steve Olson - WTF IS THIS? - Chris Potter - Nibiru Facts - Nibiru Planet X 2016 - Interview with Will Thornhill - Leak Project - Nibiru Explained - Skywatch Media News - NASA distorting the facts on Nibiru - Path to Ascension - Solar Simulator Holographic Projector - Chris Potter - Project Blue Beam - Truth Unveiled777 - Governments Warn to Expect the Worst - The Kev Baker Show

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Demented Rapist Version of a Living Picasso Painting

So this person who enjoys crossdressing sent me a message on messenger recently.

Before I begin I'm not one of these idiot trans* women who exclude crossdressers for the sake of creating yet more division or the premise that they somehow tarnish who I am. Ultimately  whatever makes you happy has no affect on me unless you directly affect me negatively then I'll deem you an asshole and will let you know it and move on.

So... This person sends me a message saying "Hi". I reply "Hey, how are you?" To the reply "feeling sexy after seeing your photos." Then sends 4 photos of themselves sitting in some gaudy computer chair with a g string and their cock and balls hanging out the side. 

Before I could reply the next message was "You like?" Well nothing pleases me more than somebody thoughtful enough to provide an unsolicited David Lynch inspired equivalent of the Eraserhead baby upon my eyes with the expectations of Mutley the dog wanting a medal from "Catch the Pigeon." I was deeply touched.

So I responded "Oh wow that's exactly the pick me up I needed tonight. Thankyou for filling my required quota of repulsive overweight elderly privileged weekend wookie men who's self worth is so little that they somehow believes throwing on a tacky g string along with that garish blue eye shadow makes you look less idiotic because we are a part of some sisterhood of cock lovers."

To drive the message home I added "Clearly it wasn't working for you without the rodeo clown costume you attribute to creating the illusion of a women. How many times has this method worked? You do realise that you are immediately displaying that you value your personality and self respect so little that a flaccid piece of skin that's soul purpose to urinate and ejaculate is your icebreaker towards people you find attractive? It's little wonder the majority of your Facebook posts consist of asking if anybody wants to hang out and that you need sex and those adorable quizzes on how girly you are. All to which completely void of any likes or comments because everybody thinks your are your introduction statement.... A DICK!"

Now if somebody burned me like that I just would have logged off the internet forever. But not this man he replied with "I found your profile on xhamster then google matched your photos because your name wasn't listed to find you on Facebook because you didn't reply to my 15 messages on xhamster."

I was just about to click the block button and couldn't resist responding. "Oh now I feel terrible. I just checked my xhamster you were the guy who's profile pic was a close up of your hardon in panties that shamelessly exhibited dry cum stains for all the world to see. Then somehow you assumed 15 unanswered HI's meant I may as well dabble in some online stalking into my already overflowing bag of put the fucking lotion in the basket tricks. To reach the irresistible cherry on top moment of presenting me your lifeless knob like a Death Star tractor beam."

Amazingly he replied "Yes. Sorry I didn't mean to offend you but your photos and videos were so sexy I assumed that would be the best way to start a conversation." 

Remember this is in no way targeted at crossdressers. This is in my opinion the extreme example of why men struggle to understand women, inevitably keeping prostitution as a lucrative career option for women the world over. Obviously there was no way of educating this dumb fuck so I decided to close the interaction with...

"Ok well it seems at some point your frontal lobe was removed whilst you were existing on some other planet but I want to leave you with some advice for your future development. Hopefully going forward when you approach your next potential online victim. Quickly run through these 3 points before typing and sending you incredibly realistic photo describing you as a DICK."

1. How would your mother react to this interaction? The answer is the same as every other woman.... Total disgust!

2. How successful has this method been compared to unsuccessful over your entire lifespan?

3. How many women have you witnessed in your lifetime that look anything like the demented rapist version of a living Picasso painting you are presenting as what I assume is a woman? The only place your look should ever be displayed is in a cheap frame and hung over a fireplace to keep children away."

"If after considering all 3 of these points you still go ahead with the current plan, one can only describe as the equivalent a window licker. Please proceed to empty the entire contents from a bottle of bleach into your digestive system because the only person you actually have a slight chance of attracting is a corpse."

I then proceeded to move towards the block button and just before I clicked received his final parting words....

"So does this mean we can't be friends? Fuck you bitch! I don't need a fucking ungrateful Whore like you anyway!"

Damn I was close to clicking that button... Ok one more response...

"The thing that is hilarious to myself and all my friends who hear about this exchange. You know deep within yourself it cannot be denied no matter how much you pretend. The un disputable fact that you DO need a whore like me and every other woman you have pestered or paid for sex and affection throughout your empty life. Because deep down inside you are reminded everyday as society barely acknowledges your existence. Just how invisible and valueless you are that you have accepted and will forever let a photo of your barely used non functioning cock to sum up your entire life. As a parting piece of advice please ensure you indicate on your will to have a photo of your cock etched on your tombstone to continue informing the tumbleweeds that wont attend your funeral as a shrine for the future of mankind and a shining example of how NOT TO BE A MAN OR A MAN POSING AS A WOMAN MODELLED FROM A RODEO CLOWN! Good day to you sir your non participation in procreation will be greatly applauded by humanity. You are the weakest link. Goodbye"


20 minutes later I received a message on xhamster from him saying "I think we got off on the wrong foot. It's not my fault I was so amazed by your beautiful photos."


Sunday, July 17, 2016

If a cock pic is your best introduction all it actually says loudly is that you are a COCK!

This is not meant to attack men. What it is meant to do is empower all of us. As a trans* woman I can tell you cis born folk that you are undervaluing our worth in helping men and women coexist. We see both sides and have been forced to examine ourselves and gender so closely you start to see the ridiculously simple problems but sadly we are treated like lepers and bashed, murdered and oppressed before we can contribute to evolution.

I agree with the notion that tarnishing all men with the same brush is wrong. Even the ones who are pigs are not born that way. It's taught.  So the men proclaiming they are not like the majority are preaching to the wrong people. They need to be spreading this information on how not to be an imbecile with others or stay bogged down in their own ejaculate. The majority of women don't come out lesbian because they hate men. Oppression against gay men and women exists from within both genders.

The stark difference I always find is that women are or are perceived to be less frowned upon for expressing sexual variants by men because it's linked to porn, considered "hot" making it about them. And this bizarre notion that two lesbian women need a man to help them out. In the same instance lesbian women are abused and oppressed for simple bullshit like having short hair, being too dyke like or man haters. I dislike many men who harass me and I try to post examples of the types who do it so men I'm friends with are able to understand I'm not targeting them personally because they and I both know they would never send the types of bullshit I get from the fuckwits out there.

I feel bad even calling them fuckwits and here's why. It's a learned pattern many men adopt from childhood to treat women like shit because somewhere throughout history father and son parenting lost its way.

For example all humans express the massive array of emotions we are capable of. Men have systemically been trained to curb certain emotions that may make them look weak, gay or girly. This is not healthy. We experience such vast emotions as a system. They counter balance and deliver specific chemicals that keep us healthy and balanced. 

I've never understood the logic of men teasing other men and ridiculing each other for expressing certain HUMAN emotions because they may get called "girly" like being girly is a vile disgusting thing. Yet men are so obsessed with women yet always complaining women are too emotional. 

The problem isn't women's emotions. It's the bullshit learned by burying of these natural emotions that have made women hard to understand for men. Throughout history women have always been deemed by employment, religions, governments and groups of men as irrational, hysterical or unable to complete tasks because of their emotions. Most of these oppressive groups formed by men who for some reason can shower together naked, piss next to each other at a urinal but don't fucking hug each other to tight or you are deemed a woman or a cock sucker.

I'm going to lay it out straight. Prostitution only exists because men continue to pay for it. They pay for it because the countless years of repressing their body's various emotions to purge have been modified leading to the ridiculous notion that sex is the main drive of release for men. No other creatures on this planet limit themselves so foolishly.

Feminism has changed so much. Women don't have the answers to help fathers and sons begin to change the way they belittle each other and still carry the archaic notion that they always have to be strong. Women don't want work equality to overthrow men. They don't want to hate men. Men are doing it to themselves and the build up throughout history of suppressing natural emotions has evolved into a more dangerous concentration of emotions like anger and violence because they bully each over potentially being seen as gay but these men constantly talking about homosexuality more than the entire gay population.

I have inside knowledge I've lived both sides of the gender spectrum. People need to start listening to trans* people. We are the balance between the two. We experience both sides in one lifetime and instead of being welcomed to contribute we are ostracised meaning nothing changes. Trans* people are the middle ground, the two spirits that can objectively see both sides and should be valued for the progression of a crappy situation.

I have friends who always complain they can never get a woman. Then 3 days later type a simple status aimed at nobody directly saying for example "cmon ladies you know you'd love to ride my dick" and no woman needs to inform that guy why he's single. All he needs to do is read back through his learned misogyny postings for the answers. It's very very very rare a woman will open dialogue or posts for eg "hey guys who wants to lick my pussy?" I'm not saying women don't objectify men. Many women are attracted to men but the main reason men are often portrayed as imbeciles is because it's seems no matter how many times they are told simple idiotic things they do suck, it never stops. Because men are needlessly too proud to openly talk to each other and openly admit the historical patterns again for there ever to be change within... Because it's considered too girly, gay or weak.

Women want equality not to disempower but to share the load. Let men know its ok to not always beat your chest and prove yourself like a fucking primate. Men need to stop hindering their own evolution by confronting and addressing their needless fear of being deemed a queer by their own gender. Stop beating each other up physically and verbally. Understand the importance of health and why all emotions exist and need to perform their tasks when required. If they could do this then you would see a dramatic decrease in rape, inequality, deaths, claiming women are emotional basket cases, ugly Dykes and women ridiculing them for the inability to evolve at the same rate as the rest of us. As currently women are walking very slow hoping men will eventually catch up. If we could understand animals I'm sure they would be ridiculing men also as animals are evolving at a faster rate. Anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence can see the glaring irony in a group of beings obsessed with their own genitals so much so they draw them everywhere they can. Also talking about their genitals and grabbing them publicly so often yet say off handedly put on this pink shirt and its like putting a cock in their mouth. The very same cock they just drew everywhere. 

I believe mens unhealthy ingrained belief that sex is always on their mind and they always need to get off is the product of reducing the emotional outlets for so long they actually are controlled by their cocks. It's become so stupid many continue to degrade and belittle themselves by sending a dick pic as an intro regardless of the success rate being below 5%. How low must you regard yourself with looks, personality and the ability to connect with someone you are trying to impress when your goto introduction is a photo of a wormy, soft or hard, cut or uncut ridiculous looking chunk of skin that's sole purpose is to piss and procreate???

I'll reiterate. It's a very small number of women who would actually become lesbian because men can be assholes. It's easier for women to change course sexually only because men beat each other up for a simple thing like a hug.

Women are not perfect. No human or species is perfect. From my 43 years on this planet and my experience growing up as a man. Instead of the "but I'm a nice guy bullshit" and "the rest make me look bad." SAVE IT! Men as a collective need to invest within themselves, converse, be open and begin to undo the years of needless self oppression within the gender. Help each other to see clearly that the current path is doing their entire gender a massive disservice.

Guaranteed the outcome will be beneficial for the advancement of humanity, eradicating bulling, the mistreatment of women will decline and women will stop posting men's idiotic private messages on the Internet.

Women are not asking men to do anything unreasonable. Just stop being aggressive, loud, self destructive outdated stereotypes and the need to pay for sex, feeling unloved, angry at women and making excuses to not grow up will vanish into history.

Finally it's time to change the theory that men's dicks are the centre of the universe. Clearly internet porno statistics show growing numbers of men are so into dicks they have made trans* porn the most watched porn year over. These same guys would kill a man who tried to pick him up for being a fag but is completely fine with slurping on cock and balls attached to a trans* woman but they are not GAY!

Statistics also have shown via trans* sex workers increasing numbers of men who identify as straight receive anal from trans* women. I don't give a fuck who or what anybody identifies as but if men as a group cannot work together and for once and for all address the bullshit stigma of the ridiculous fear of being labelled gay, weak or female then fuck all will change and women will continue to be punished.

And men will most likely one day die out like dinosaurs. Luckily their need to jerk off has filled sperm banks all over the world with semen that could keep the world populated till the end of this century. If they are unable to change this then history will remember men as a bunch of wankers.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Simply put....

Humanity are a bunch of assholes who refuse to seriously question our own purpose and mortality relating to our current societal structure because we know deep within we are as worthless as our monetary system and the lack of actions that stem from our empty language because we are cowards!

We know the societal structure masquerading as civility has remained unfair and stagnant clearly because it's grossly flawed and idiotic. As the self proclaimed dominant and intelligent species on Earth. It's embarrassing for our little egos to fathom confronting and admitting we are wrong. Instead building a systemic learned pattern of lying and bullying which has only created fear, negativity and suffering that proves we are actually the dumbest assholes on Earth by continuing to justify bullshitting ourselves out of existence.

Everybody else is always to blame apparently and herein lies the problem. Strip away the blaming of someone else and the needless micromanaging labels that divide humans and WE ALL become responsible for the past that CAN NOT BE RE WRITTEN. Only then in that moment of clarity as one collective species amongst an astonishing amount of equally important species including the Earth can we change the current path that ends in total annihilation of everything.

No amount of power, money, greed, manipulation or LIES can save those in control or change the inevitability of the current idiotic trajectory we are rapidly intensifying on this absolutely astonishing yet taken for granted Earth.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

USA Statistics on Child Sex Offenders & Church.

Written by Lisa Toinen Mullen.

In the US statistically a paedophile is nearly always (a) male (b) white (c) married (d) religious (e) older than 30.

Because of (d) they are typically more conservative too, politically and  socially.

They are always against sex education because the perfect paedophile victim is a sexually ignorant kid, ashamed about their body, scared to talk about sex, doesn't know what is acceptable or unacceptable and taught to be submissive to authority figures.

Misdirection by accusing others is very common, gay men typically and now of course trans women.
You look at all the politicians convicted of child abuse and every single one of them was virulently anti-LGBTI.
McHugh used that 'gay man' misdirection approach in his defence of paedophile Catholic priests.

They are very good at exploitation of power and conservative/religious parents are perfect  for breeding sex abuse victims. 

Exploitation of Power 
∗ Submission to authority. From the earliest age, children are taught to “respect and obey their elders”.
∗ Authoritarian Leadership – Religious leaders often distort their role & authority by claiming to speak for God.
∗ No accountability
∗ Unresponsive to concerns raised regarding abuse.
∗ Adults are valued more than children.
∗ Victims are seen as “sinful” and trouble-makers and are often ostracized. 
∗ These environments are ripe for abuse.

Then there is:
Exploitation of Religious Issues
∗ Issues of faith are often distorted & manipulated to coerce victims in submitting to abuse and to be quiet about it:
∗ Defining “sin” to justify (Ex. This is the expression of God ordained love)
∗ Defining “sin” to silence. (Ex. You should be ashamed of your sin)
∗ Distancing from God (Ex. Because of your sin, God doesn’t care about you, but I do.)
The victim’s own analysis of religious doctrine may result in confusion and silence.
∗ Child Victim: “Am I having sex outside of marriage?”
∗ “God is going to punish me for this secret sin.”

"I want to describe a child molester I know very well. This man was raised by devout Christian parents and as a child he rarely missed church. Even after he became an adult, he was faithful as a church member. He was a straight A student in high school and college. He has been married and has a child of his own. He coached little league baseball and was a choir director at his church. He never used illegal drugs and never had a drink of alcohol. He was
considered the clean cut, all American boy. Everyone seemed to like him and he often volunteered in numerous civic community functions. He had a well-paying career and was considered “well to do” in society. But from the age of 13 years old, this boy sexually molested little boys. He never victimized a stranger..all of his victims were “friends”….I know this child molester very well because he is me!
- Convicted child molester"

So in summary, if you see a white, married, very religious male that is extremely  anti-lgbti then the odds are that they are either a paedophile, a 'gay hating closeted gay male' (and most likely not a paedophile),  less commonly perhaps has various fetishistic types of sexual interests that are not actually bad or illegal but embarrassing and hypocritical, or  straight and not a paedophile but cheating on their partners.

The odds of them actually being as 'straight' and 'upstanding' as they act is low.

Friday, May 6, 2016

You Can't Bring Me Down!

Do you honestly think after all of these years
I've forgotten your promise to replace hatred with cheers
instead forced into shadows because of your fears
The blood on your hands is more telling that tears
The rape, and the comments the ridicule and jeers
More brutal the murders increase higher each year.

Yet you are the victim when you caused the fires
Your inappropriate questions still label us as the liars
Again we're the scapegoat and it's always our fault
Our reputation an accusation of sexual assault

Now my genitals are questioned and the discussions are loud
You'be erased my existence with your moralistic shroud
Now i'm nothing of value until Mardi Gras comes around
Then you're caring and accepting and once a year proud

But every comment and whisper your hand Tightens thr Knott 
On the Rope of statistics that stem from your rot
Now women and children are not safe to be around
But the real sicko is you as we are thrown to the hounds

fuck off and shut up take your judgement and run
For I am not stupid and you will soon come undone
How dare you accuse me of assaulting someone
You used me as fodder when you are the one

That nobody believed about your God and his son
Now you and your church I'm exposing the end has begun

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our Existence Is Not For Debate!

I've read enough!

Our Existence is not for debate!
So fuck your Judgement!
And fuck your Hate!

Don't you dare preach to me or anybody else something you can't even spell dickhead. Over the last few days I've seen the word morality spelled incorrectly more times than you actually attempted to insult me. Also as a mere human being speaking for God is forbidden. You are not God and if this deity even exists they wouldn't be very happy reading over your hate filled poorly written. Idiocy the last week as you attacked as many people as possible from your glass houses hiding behind the morality of Jesus Christ and God.

Never in my life have I read such disgusting, hate filled, petty name calling and death threats form a bunch of clearly disenfranchised aimless cowards who are so lost that you now use your ambiguous words solely for insulting all the while stamping your feet like in petulant directionless children who didn't get a lollipop. It is the fault of yours only for refusing to move forward with an ever evolving world  of individuals who have become aware to your bullshit even though increasingly disenfranchised themselves. You know this to be true even though you continue to blatantly ignore people and their words because that is how you were trained to act. Meaning you can't really be held accountable. Much like the entire organisation based around a get out of jail free card if you apologise to a zombie nailed to a stick. Ask the child molesters in your organisation who have built their predatory sins against your children around it.

You know what they say about karma.

You have spent so much time invading people's spaces shoving your religious agenda down people's throats for decades, knocking on doors on the weekends, End of the world fanatics on street corners and labelling us all immoral when people began to label you crazy for repeatedly hounding them to follow blindly instead of listening. Rejection can be so destructive I and many of my friends can empathise as we learned how destructive it can be from you!

I guess it took its toll and the bitterness began to creep in alongside the systemic corruption and child sex offences poorly hidden within the powers behind the walls that enjoy the tax breaks and a free ticket to perversions and constantly ignoring the growing poverty and oppression before you. 

Now you are all lost and disempowered as the right wing politicians work alongside their lawyers to disrupt by creating diversions that you still are trained to willingly follow because that's all you know. All of you brandishing guns and fucking like rabbits to create your ridiculously large numbers of children to use in hate campaigns yelling "what about the women and children" 

The very same children who are molested by your convicted pastors and government leaders and the very same women who suffer inequality every day from the likes of men such as yourselves hiding behind your false prophet, money, arrogance and guns!

Why do you hate the LGBTQIA community so much? Because we have stood up to tyranny and demanded what is long over due and don't really need much more to move to the next biggest fight. The increasing unemployment, homelessness, poverty and injustice that is so clearly going on behind the extremely thin veil of lies that protect a darkness that makes your pissy concept of Hell more like a ride at Disney World! Once the walls begin to shake the shift in balance to equality will be complete.

We don't care what you think about who we fuck or who we identify as anymore. It's none of your fucking business. Just as we don't give two shits about your bunny factory sex lives because it's none of our business. So shut the fuck up and keep your grubby minds out of our bedrooms, pants, public toilets the gutter in general.
I actually feel sorry for your now exposed and directionless self serving cause. Because it clearly isn't about God or Jesus anymore. It's about bitterness, resentment and pure hatred like I've never witnessed in my lifetime!

So here we are at a crossroads. Our agenda has always remained the same as feminism. Not to reclaim rights because we never actually had any for decades of oppression, humiliation and fear. We were delegated to the shadows in silence or be arrested and exposed by your morality police. We have stood up and made an honest case for decency and equality over the last 30 odd years and it pisses you off because you ran a campaign selling something intangible that historically has perpetuated fear instead of compassion, freedom and love. We will not stop as everybody deserves the basic human rights of equality and peace.for our future generations and beyond.

You can now either flounder and wait for your precious leaders to throw you your next mission. You can continue to obey their bidding as a mindless follower. Or suck it up and open your eyes, ears, mouths and hearts to rejoining humanity and working together instead of against as a slave to a book full of words whos ambiguity have been used against you and everybody else to put the 1% of people controlling the wealth and  power where they are today!

You have a choice!