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God Bless America!!! - December 24 2015

This was written over a year ago!!!
I don't hate America I was actually there in 2016 during the election. This is just a "what could happen" theory!

I have a theory about America and its very dire. To be clear, if you are an American friend of mine remember I’m not attacking you personally. I’m just stating what I see from the outside looking in.

Ok, firstly America is a Christian Country. The majority of American’s believe in a mythical floating sky lord and his son Jesus who was born of a virgin woman named Mary. For most American’s the ambiguous and unbelievable tales from the Christian Bible are relevant today even though they were scribed when the world was believed to be Flat. Christianity is drawn upon in arguments, winning awards, war and against LGBT people by most American’s. From the outside looking in, Christianity in America is just as fanatical as Islam to many Muslims, and is used as a tool of hatred by fundamentalists and TV evangelists just as much as Muslim extremists.

This is why we are inevitably heading towards a Holy War.

Both Christians and Muslims are fighting over who’s man written story about a mythical sky lord is more real. Neither can be proven to be right as both religions are based on faith, with no chance of ever being proven. So grab your weapons and start shooting!!!

America is in the midst of elections. The rest of the world is sitting back in horror watching Donald Trump make a mockery of himself and anybody who follows this whack job. The media is giving him so much attention that they are already giving him the power and a platform to be heard more often than current President Obama. His views are racist, overly Christian and riddled with stupidity.

Taking into account America’s past history of selecting Presidents and the current state of impending Holy War and racism towards immigrants. It would not surprise me if Donald Trump becomes President of America. You may be shaking your head right now in disagreement but just remember Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood actor and the Bush’s were war monger’s.

The American Constitution is regarded by Americans as their little piece of paper that allows them to have freedom of expression and possess guns. In 2001 after September 11, the constitution was amended giving power to law enforcement agencies to spy, interrogate and arrest all American’s on suspicious of terrorist activities.

Everyone in America was fine with that because of the threat of terrorists amongst them. Fear is a powerful tool, it allows people to drop their guard if they feel protected, even if it means their valuable constitution now has less worth than soiled toilet paper. As long as everybody still can have guns then everything is ok. It’s now 2015 and has anybody checked to see if those constitution amendments are still in place?

No need to worry about the constitution anyway. Donald Trump is planning to build a giant wall around America. Apparently it’s to keep those pesky border jumping Mexicans out who do all of the menial low paying jobs that American’s are too good (lazy) to do. But… As much as this amazing wall will keep immigrants out, it is also an enclosure to keep American’s in. Hmm where have I seen this before? Sounds to me that something like this could also be used to keep people in? The possibilities are mind boggling.

Ok let’s talk finance. We all know America has so much debt they will most likely need to create a new dictionary term for the amount. Their manufacturing industry is doomed. Not taking into account military manufacturing. Major tech companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are using a loophole in Ireland to keep all their offshore earnings in a safe haven as bringing it back to home soil would result in obscene amounts of taxes sucked from their bottom line.

At one stage America just printed more money because they can I guess. America’s financial market is mostly fuelled by blood war money. For many years now America has relied on Wars to fuel their Economy. Sending mostly uneducated God fearing American’s into war using religion, patriotism and flimsy bullshit like finding weapons of mass destruction to drive their people into war. Even allies like England and Australia fell for that bullshit. From the outside we all knew there were bigger reasons.

Ousting puppet leaders like Saddam Hussein who were placed in power previously by the American Government and the need for FUEL. So weapons manufacturing including fighter jets, drones and tanks became a big part of America’s financial economy and inevitably the needless death of soldiers also part of the money machine. Oh and we must remember that many building contractors are making money also to rebuild these places in the Middle East because it is America’s responsibility to provide re construction to the country they blow to smithereens on the basis of fuck all.

Let’s recap. Religious hysteria, possible new leader Trump feeding the hysteria. A worthless constitution with a wall surrounding a bunch of people possessing shitloads of guns fuelled by a war economy. But wait there’s more…
Let’s be honest! America has really only won the civil war! Sure they dropped nukes on Japan which has left that region completely ruined for many bloodlines to come. They entered WW2 extremely late. Got their asses handed to them in Vietnam and did they actually win anything in recent Middle East conflicts?

The consensus by many regarding the Middle Eastern conflicts was the need for fuel. If this is true and they won that battle, why are the American Government FRACKING for fuel on American soil and poisoning their own people’s water supply? Even bigger question why are American’s allowing FRACKING to happen? Maybe they should consult their constitution?
Have you noticed the American police force over the past 20 years also?

Remember when police officers wore blue uniforms? Over the past 20 years and very slowly mind you. Each year the uniforms have ever so slightly changed in appearance. Currently they look like military uniforms.

Some police officers I’ve seen were even dressed in camouflage gear. What exactly are these police officers preparing for? From the outside looking in it seems the police and military forces in America have slowly become one. Pretty scary thought when you think back to the amendments to the constitution.

Whilst all this has been going on remember that there have been cuts to education, health and most other things that right wing racist religious zealots would deem as lefty crap. What better way to fuck with people than keeping them poor, sick, homeless and uneducated to be able to mould them into whatever you like. It’s a lot easier to convince people to do things when they are desperate. You can create fear using religion, propaganda and red flag events.

You can create class systems, ghettos and racism. You can virtually do what you damned like. The White House is virtually a media Centre. It releases propaganda to smaller media outlets like CNN, NBC AND FOX. The uneducated failed actors present this “news” to the uneducated masses feeding on their fears, insecurities and laziness to want to dig deeper in case they may be being fed bullshit that is keeping them stupid. Mix it all together and you are beginning to see a perfect scenario leading into a Holy War.

Let’s pretend this happened.
The war on terror intensifies over the next five years. Donald Trump is in power. America have built a wall around the country. Religious fervour is at it highest peak. All Americans possess guns, even children as we’ve seen from all the school shootings.

The White House Media Centre lead by Donald Trump actions the Military aka the police to round up civilians for Holy War.

By this time the constitution has no purpose as everybody is under suspicion. If you are against us you are one of them “Muslims”. Join us or be locked away, interrogated and most likely killed. You can’t escape as you are surrounded by a wall. Sure all American’s will own guns they can fight off their own military, but would they? Years of moulding into dumb, poor, religious, racist gun toting goldfish ready to defend their constitution-less, war driven financial economy would do whatever they were told.

Thus turning America into the worlds largest War Training Facility. Which in my opinion is the only way they could ever stand a chance at fighting a Holy War against Islam. Remembering that they would be fighting this war on the basis of blind faith. Nobody will win anything from fighting over religion. The only thing that can come of it all is fear, death and misery.

Open your eyes America!!
Have a nice day and God Bless America!

©Jade Starr 2017
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