Monday, May 26, 2014

A Message to "OUR COMMUNITY"

In regards to the current discussion over the words "Tranny" and "Shemale"

I'm in disbelief that people in "our community" are shocked by the vile suicide and murder statistics when it comes to trans people. Oh hang on a minute I'm not shocked at all as nobody really gives a fuck about trans lives and most have a friend who is one just like a fucking handbag. Sound familiar? You probably don't realize the dire stats because most of the community is out getting fucked up on drugs at a day spa and have never heard of Transgender Day of Remembrance, where every year around the world hundreds of trans names are remembered for not only being murdered but brutally butchered, burned and completely desecrated in some of the most vile attacks on a sub culture of people. Most of these atrocities are performed in western culture to boot. So while the big #gay #party continues and bitches be moaning about a fucking rainbow crossing try thinking about the savage stats and the trans person who hears the words "tranny" and "Shemale" shouted at them before their head is cut off and dumped in a dumpster.

Maybe people in the "community" would "get it" if you tried to support us on Transgender Day of Remembrance" Nov 20 each year just as we have held hands and towed the fucking line during the AIDS epidemic and countless other rights we have been there for. You don't need to understand why we are trans, just fucking listen and show some fucking compassion. Don't get me wrong I'm not painting all with the same brush. There are many in our community who genuinely care for trans people and for that I'm thankful. It's a two way street when it comes to love and respect. I am proud to be their allies as they are proud to be mine.

Sure it's just a word and it's impossible to ban, I don't want it banned as banning things never work. But just take a second to think who it's said to and the struggles they may have encountered. Most trans people are poor, jobless, lonely and afraid to leave the house so imagine even if it was only 10% of trans people that are vulnerable to these words, someone, somewhere IS being affected by using them no matter what the intent at the time. Also having some CIS gay male privileged superstar like RuPaul tell a so called bunch of VULNERABLE fringe dwellers to "Harden Up" is quite fucking rich and hard to swallow. It's FAB that he respects himself but he sure don't deserve an AMEN when he obviously doesn't respect the vulnerable fringe dwellers who seem to be pissing all over his CIS privilege party!! Boo Hoo!!

Is this such a fucking hard concept to grasp? Or do we have to put it in a party drug and give you all a dose at the next big gay party?

We've answered all your inappropriate questions about our genitals at every chance you take to ask about them and not once done the same to you about stuff like anal sex. It's called fucking respect!

Treat trans people how you'd want to be treated. It's time to grow the fuck up!