Friday, July 22, 2016

The Demented Rapist Version of a Living Picasso Painting

So this person who enjoys crossdressing sent me a message on messenger recently.

Before I begin I'm not one of these idiot trans* women who exclude crossdressers for the sake of creating yet more division or the premise that they somehow tarnish who I am. Ultimately  whatever makes you happy has no affect on me unless you directly affect me negatively then I'll deem you an asshole and will let you know it and move on.

So... This person sends me a message saying "Hi". I reply "Hey, how are you?" To the reply "feeling sexy after seeing your photos." Then sends 4 photos of themselves sitting in some gaudy computer chair with a g string and their cock and balls hanging out the side. 

Before I could reply the next message was "You like?" Well nothing pleases me more than somebody thoughtful enough to provide an unsolicited David Lynch inspired equivalent of the Eraserhead baby upon my eyes with the expectations of Mutley the dog wanting a medal from "Catch the Pigeon." I was deeply touched.

So I responded "Oh wow that's exactly the pick me up I needed tonight. Thankyou for filling my required quota of repulsive overweight elderly privileged weekend wookie men who's self worth is so little that they somehow believes throwing on a tacky g string along with that garish blue eye shadow makes you look less idiotic because we are a part of some sisterhood of cock lovers."

To drive the message home I added "Clearly it wasn't working for you without the rodeo clown costume you attribute to creating the illusion of a women. How many times has this method worked? You do realise that you are immediately displaying that you value your personality and self respect so little that a flaccid piece of skin that's soul purpose to urinate and ejaculate is your icebreaker towards people you find attractive? It's little wonder the majority of your Facebook posts consist of asking if anybody wants to hang out and that you need sex and those adorable quizzes on how girly you are. All to which completely void of any likes or comments because everybody thinks your are your introduction statement.... A DICK!"

Now if somebody burned me like that I just would have logged off the internet forever. But not this man he replied with "I found your profile on xhamster then google matched your photos because your name wasn't listed to find you on Facebook because you didn't reply to my 15 messages on xhamster."

I was just about to click the block button and couldn't resist responding. "Oh now I feel terrible. I just checked my xhamster you were the guy who's profile pic was a close up of your hardon in panties that shamelessly exhibited dry cum stains for all the world to see. Then somehow you assumed 15 unanswered HI's meant I may as well dabble in some online stalking into my already overflowing bag of put the fucking lotion in the basket tricks. To reach the irresistible cherry on top moment of presenting me your lifeless knob like a Death Star tractor beam."

Amazingly he replied "Yes. Sorry I didn't mean to offend you but your photos and videos were so sexy I assumed that would be the best way to start a conversation." 

Remember this is in no way targeted at crossdressers. This is in my opinion the extreme example of why men struggle to understand women, inevitably keeping prostitution as a lucrative career option for women the world over. Obviously there was no way of educating this dumb fuck so I decided to close the interaction with...

"Ok well it seems at some point your frontal lobe was removed whilst you were existing on some other planet but I want to leave you with some advice for your future development. Hopefully going forward when you approach your next potential online victim. Quickly run through these 3 points before typing and sending you incredibly realistic photo describing you as a DICK."

1. How would your mother react to this interaction? The answer is the same as every other woman.... Total disgust!

2. How successful has this method been compared to unsuccessful over your entire lifespan?

3. How many women have you witnessed in your lifetime that look anything like the demented rapist version of a living Picasso painting you are presenting as what I assume is a woman? The only place your look should ever be displayed is in a cheap frame and hung over a fireplace to keep children away."

"If after considering all 3 of these points you still go ahead with the current plan, one can only describe as the equivalent a window licker. Please proceed to empty the entire contents from a bottle of bleach into your digestive system because the only person you actually have a slight chance of attracting is a corpse."

I then proceeded to move towards the block button and just before I clicked received his final parting words....

"So does this mean we can't be friends? Fuck you bitch! I don't need a fucking ungrateful Whore like you anyway!"

Damn I was close to clicking that button... Ok one more response...

"The thing that is hilarious to myself and all my friends who hear about this exchange. You know deep within yourself it cannot be denied no matter how much you pretend. The un disputable fact that you DO need a whore like me and every other woman you have pestered or paid for sex and affection throughout your empty life. Because deep down inside you are reminded everyday as society barely acknowledges your existence. Just how invisible and valueless you are that you have accepted and will forever let a photo of your barely used non functioning cock to sum up your entire life. As a parting piece of advice please ensure you indicate on your will to have a photo of your cock etched on your tombstone to continue informing the tumbleweeds that wont attend your funeral as a shrine for the future of mankind and a shining example of how NOT TO BE A MAN OR A MAN POSING AS A WOMAN MODELLED FROM A RODEO CLOWN! Good day to you sir your non participation in procreation will be greatly applauded by humanity. You are the weakest link. Goodbye"


20 minutes later I received a message on xhamster from him saying "I think we got off on the wrong foot. It's not my fault I was so amazed by your beautiful photos."


Sunday, July 17, 2016

If a cock pic is your best introduction all it actually says loudly is that you are a COCK!

This is not meant to attack men. What it is meant to do is empower all of us. As a trans* woman I can tell you cis born folk that you are undervaluing our worth in helping men and women coexist. We see both sides and have been forced to examine ourselves and gender so closely you start to see the ridiculously simple problems but sadly we are treated like lepers and bashed, murdered and oppressed before we can contribute to evolution.

I agree with the notion that tarnishing all men with the same brush is wrong. Even the ones who are pigs are not born that way. It's taught.  So the men proclaiming they are not like the majority are preaching to the wrong people. They need to be spreading this information on how not to be an imbecile with others or stay bogged down in their own ejaculate. The majority of women don't come out lesbian because they hate men. Oppression against gay men and women exists from within both genders.

The stark difference I always find is that women are or are perceived to be less frowned upon for expressing sexual variants by men because it's linked to porn, considered "hot" making it about them. And this bizarre notion that two lesbian women need a man to help them out. In the same instance lesbian women are abused and oppressed for simple bullshit like having short hair, being too dyke like or man haters. I dislike many men who harass me and I try to post examples of the types who do it so men I'm friends with are able to understand I'm not targeting them personally because they and I both know they would never send the types of bullshit I get from the fuckwits out there.

I feel bad even calling them fuckwits and here's why. It's a learned pattern many men adopt from childhood to treat women like shit because somewhere throughout history father and son parenting lost its way.

For example all humans express the massive array of emotions we are capable of. Men have systemically been trained to curb certain emotions that may make them look weak, gay or girly. This is not healthy. We experience such vast emotions as a system. They counter balance and deliver specific chemicals that keep us healthy and balanced. 

I've never understood the logic of men teasing other men and ridiculing each other for expressing certain HUMAN emotions because they may get called "girly" like being girly is a vile disgusting thing. Yet men are so obsessed with women yet always complaining women are too emotional. 

The problem isn't women's emotions. It's the bullshit learned by burying of these natural emotions that have made women hard to understand for men. Throughout history women have always been deemed by employment, religions, governments and groups of men as irrational, hysterical or unable to complete tasks because of their emotions. Most of these oppressive groups formed by men who for some reason can shower together naked, piss next to each other at a urinal but don't fucking hug each other to tight or you are deemed a woman or a cock sucker.

I'm going to lay it out straight. Prostitution only exists because men continue to pay for it. They pay for it because the countless years of repressing their body's various emotions to purge have been modified leading to the ridiculous notion that sex is the main drive of release for men. No other creatures on this planet limit themselves so foolishly.

Feminism has changed so much. Women don't have the answers to help fathers and sons begin to change the way they belittle each other and still carry the archaic notion that they always have to be strong. Women don't want work equality to overthrow men. They don't want to hate men. Men are doing it to themselves and the build up throughout history of suppressing natural emotions has evolved into a more dangerous concentration of emotions like anger and violence because they bully each over potentially being seen as gay but these men constantly talking about homosexuality more than the entire gay population.

I have inside knowledge I've lived both sides of the gender spectrum. People need to start listening to trans* people. We are the balance between the two. We experience both sides in one lifetime and instead of being welcomed to contribute we are ostracised meaning nothing changes. Trans* people are the middle ground, the two spirits that can objectively see both sides and should be valued for the progression of a crappy situation.

I have friends who always complain they can never get a woman. Then 3 days later type a simple status aimed at nobody directly saying for example "cmon ladies you know you'd love to ride my dick" and no woman needs to inform that guy why he's single. All he needs to do is read back through his learned misogyny postings for the answers. It's very very very rare a woman will open dialogue or posts for eg "hey guys who wants to lick my pussy?" I'm not saying women don't objectify men. Many women are attracted to men but the main reason men are often portrayed as imbeciles is because it's seems no matter how many times they are told simple idiotic things they do suck, it never stops. Because men are needlessly too proud to openly talk to each other and openly admit the historical patterns again for there ever to be change within... Because it's considered too girly, gay or weak.

Women want equality not to disempower but to share the load. Let men know its ok to not always beat your chest and prove yourself like a fucking primate. Men need to stop hindering their own evolution by confronting and addressing their needless fear of being deemed a queer by their own gender. Stop beating each other up physically and verbally. Understand the importance of health and why all emotions exist and need to perform their tasks when required. If they could do this then you would see a dramatic decrease in rape, inequality, deaths, claiming women are emotional basket cases, ugly Dykes and women ridiculing them for the inability to evolve at the same rate as the rest of us. As currently women are walking very slow hoping men will eventually catch up. If we could understand animals I'm sure they would be ridiculing men also as animals are evolving at a faster rate. Anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence can see the glaring irony in a group of beings obsessed with their own genitals so much so they draw them everywhere they can. Also talking about their genitals and grabbing them publicly so often yet say off handedly put on this pink shirt and its like putting a cock in their mouth. The very same cock they just drew everywhere. 

I believe mens unhealthy ingrained belief that sex is always on their mind and they always need to get off is the product of reducing the emotional outlets for so long they actually are controlled by their cocks. It's become so stupid many continue to degrade and belittle themselves by sending a dick pic as an intro regardless of the success rate being below 5%. How low must you regard yourself with looks, personality and the ability to connect with someone you are trying to impress when your goto introduction is a photo of a wormy, soft or hard, cut or uncut ridiculous looking chunk of skin that's sole purpose is to piss and procreate???

I'll reiterate. It's a very small number of women who would actually become lesbian because men can be assholes. It's easier for women to change course sexually only because men beat each other up for a simple thing like a hug.

Women are not perfect. No human or species is perfect. From my 43 years on this planet and my experience growing up as a man. Instead of the "but I'm a nice guy bullshit" and "the rest make me look bad." SAVE IT! Men as a collective need to invest within themselves, converse, be open and begin to undo the years of needless self oppression within the gender. Help each other to see clearly that the current path is doing their entire gender a massive disservice.

Guaranteed the outcome will be beneficial for the advancement of humanity, eradicating bulling, the mistreatment of women will decline and women will stop posting men's idiotic private messages on the Internet.

Women are not asking men to do anything unreasonable. Just stop being aggressive, loud, self destructive outdated stereotypes and the need to pay for sex, feeling unloved, angry at women and making excuses to not grow up will vanish into history.

Finally it's time to change the theory that men's dicks are the centre of the universe. Clearly internet porno statistics show growing numbers of men are so into dicks they have made trans* porn the most watched porn year over. These same guys would kill a man who tried to pick him up for being a fag but is completely fine with slurping on cock and balls attached to a trans* woman but they are not GAY!

Statistics also have shown via trans* sex workers increasing numbers of men who identify as straight receive anal from trans* women. I don't give a fuck who or what anybody identifies as but if men as a group cannot work together and for once and for all address the bullshit stigma of the ridiculous fear of being labelled gay, weak or female then fuck all will change and women will continue to be punished.

And men will most likely one day die out like dinosaurs. Luckily their need to jerk off has filled sperm banks all over the world with semen that could keep the world populated till the end of this century. If they are unable to change this then history will remember men as a bunch of wankers.