Sunday, September 5, 2010

My obsession with iProducts.

If it's an electronic product that has an "i" at the beginning of it you can almost guarantee I own one. Yes I'm speaking of my fave topic Apple products. My first iProduct was an iPhone 3G back in 2008. I waited till the madness of it's release here in Australia had subsided laughing at all of the idiots lining up at midnight to get their precious little gadget before I got mine. Who would have known 2 years later I'd be doing the same thing to get my hands on the iPhone 4?

From the moment I unboxed my iPhone 3G I fell in love with it's amazing design and ease of use. I never got into the SMS revolution as I found the endless button mashing to be a chore and would always much rather just call somebody. Come to think of it I never really got into mobile phones that much as they were all pretty crappy. Getting an iPhone 3G got me back into listening to music. As a musician I had become quite jaded toward the music industry because of all the never ending crap artists that flooded the market. I began to sort through all my old CD's and then searching the net finding stuff I used to listen to in my teens and 20's and before long my music collection was back in tact and everyday my trusty iPhone was pumping tunes into my ears wherever I went.

Not only did I get back into music but another passion of mine had been rekindled, that being video games. Since breaking up with Erik I no longer had a Playstation so my iPhone became my games console and over the few short years iPhone has been around let me tell you the standard of games have developed into something quite incredible. Now for those of you who live in Sydney and catch public transport there is nothing better than zoning out into a hand held device with music and video games to break away from the endless array of zombies staring into the void traveling to work on a mobile morgue each morning.

Add into those features a bit of social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, MSN, Skype, Email and even Blogger trust me you are never bored. Not only has my iPhone come in handy traveling to work but on those long train trips going to Newcastle to see Mindy's family pass the 3 hour trip away nicely.

Oh yeah I almost forgot it's an awesome phone also LOL. I must admit the phone is the most underused function on my iPhone as there is so much else to do on it. So when I first got my iPhone I decided like many others to jailbreak the device to really make it my own. Apple have long tried to stop people jailbreaking their devices by labeling us all as hackers which is so very far from the truth.

Jailbreaking is not hacking! In short to jailbreak an iDevice is to open up the device to personal customizations like backgrounds, ringtones and adding applications that Apple wont approve because of partnerships they have with providers and alike. Jailbreaking is no longer considered illegal in the US but Apple remain vigilant restricting iDevice users from jailbreaking with every iOS update they release. The cat and mouse game will continue as long as they continue to play. Honestly I wouldn't want my iPhone if I couldn't jailbreak it as half of the cool stuff that makes it so awesome would be gone.

Whilst I was working at Salmat I actually won a iPod Nano for reaching targets on a campaign and Mindy also won an iPod Touch for great results. So we were beginning to build up quite a collection of Apple products it was like they were breeding. I was so glad Mindy got her first taste with the iPod Touch. Since she won it she rarely even uses her laptop anymore as all of her social networking stuff is available via her iPod.

Then in July Apple finally released the iPhone 4 and before you could blink there we were lining up with all of the other geeks for our new devices. We lined up from 9:30pm and walked out around 2am with a nice shiny iPhone 4 16GB. Sadly I actually wanted a 32GB but they sold out within 10 minutes. Luckily a day after getting the phone Mindy decided she wanted one also so I ordered a 32GB and gave her my 16GB one week later when my new iPhone 4 arrived. Not long after Mindy gave her iPod Touch away to her sister as it just pales in comaprison just like my old 3G.

I guess you could say we are Apple whores as between us we have 4 iDevices and are currently shopping for a Macbook and an iPad LOL. What can I say I love my iDevices they keep me in touch with everybody, I can advertise my music stuff, listen to my fave music, zone out to video games and a whole list of other stuff that just makes life a little more fun at the end of the day.

Currently I'm playing some awesome games you might like to check out like... Spider-Man, Mirror's Edge, Dexter, Prince of Persia (Warrior Within), Splinter Cells, Dead Runner, Gangster, GTA, Dragon's Lair and Space Ace to name a few faves. The iPhone 4 is fucking cool on so many levels. It never slows down, multitasking rocks and the issues that were published about the death grip antenna have NEVER been an issue the 2 months I've owned mine. So if you are thinking of getting one do it as you wont be disappointed!

I <3 my iDevices!!!

Until next time..

Do what makes you happy - Jade Starr x