Thursday, September 15, 2016


Wow can you believe we have super computers in our pockets and use them to contribute to the further dumbing down of our race at an alarming rate so alarming that we gave up caring long ago because humanity has been bred to believe it's as worthless as the deity of money we currently bow to?

It's actually not such new technology. We've always had it. Or should I say that they've always had it. For 3000 years the ass clowns have deceived us. Taken advantage of the last time this solar system entered into our orbit and took out those advanced civilisations who made pyramids and etched rubies in ways we still can't replicate. Yeah those amazing feats we now gloss over because we have a fart app on a phone.

After the cataclysm they took advantage and created a fucking empirically unproven skylord via a weaponised language based on the sex is bad guilt doctrine where anything after breathing was a sin. From there on in it was a cakewalk. They created government as a device with a human face to cloak and deceive in tandem with the church. Backed by an economy as the real deity with no value whatsoever to keep us working in a slavery system that has year over proven to create more poverty for the ever growing masses and we just accept it.

The system is so blatantly shit we have become like an elephant tied to a pole for two years and eventually when the chain is removed we are totally conditioned. So much so everybody here in America has a fucking GUN to fight back and the 2nd amendment as insurance and they just just taking it up the ass like a country full of anal lovers.

The story about the blonde haired blue eyed people witch lived inside the hollow earth and gave aviation expert Mr Bird technology when he flew to the pole is bullshit. Yeah these very same people Hitler was seeking out actually existed but they were these generations of knowledge possessing assholes who still run the show They... The powers that be. That created this who bullshit system fuelled hitler giving him tech to do what the fuck he wanted because he was controlling population. That's why America came in so late. To drag out as many deaths as possible then swoop in and reclaim their tech and put it back in their fucking underground bunkers currently being filled with supplies, their lies and GOLD!

Flying saucer type propulsion, cloaking, lasers, sun simulators, the fucking Internet this shit has always been around. Heartless cunts like the Rothchilds who had his 7th heart transplant. He's used up 7 fucking hearts. Need I say any fucking more??? There's your definition of heartless running the world!

Here's the deal no holding back. NASA are covering up so much shit. The government are just the stooges to protect NASA and the generations of whatever you want to call the "Illuminati" types currently selling everything for gold. They are getting ready to go underground. For fuck sake there was a brand new planet conveniently discovered a few weeks ago to be exactly like earth. Oh and our sun is fucking dying. The coronal tears, brightness depletion and bizarre eruptions are all signs of a dying star or one that is being drained.

Our skies, water, food have all been modified and there is a bunch of patented energy harvesting devices floating around draining the sun of its last fucking resources like everything else they sucked up on earth. And every planet in our solar system is heating up from within going through radical weather changes as the magnetosphere on each planet is now out of whack because....

They are hiding an entire fucking solar system approaching us rapidly and not one "normal" person has a minute to spare to not take a photo of their shitty dinner for their never to me met and mostly not really friends who are their friends on Facebook to question something. Because questions now mean "conspiracy" thanks to our weaponised shit language. And conspiracy means nutcase to society. This is classic psych 101 manifestation of an entire world majority "normal" population. So they gang up on people who exercise our natural curiosity to question instead now to the point that nobody cares or does anymore.

We have all been submissive losers for the past 3000 years. They can't cover up these planets, brown stars and moons much longer before they are in our skyline like a Hollywood movie. Using shitty chemtrails and a basic year 7 science magnifying glass trick only on a bigger scale won't work much much longer.

NASA Solar Sun Simulator Patent Info 1

Luckily they have made small warnings to to us that we need to prepare. But not to actually save anyone. But to expose the people on the ball running the alternative media in the face of the dogshit media fed to is by the RICH KNOWLEDGE HOLDING 1% ASSHOLES WHO STARTED ALL THIS.

So now we are exposed for the CDC to detain once the David Rockefeller patented ZIKA VIRUS plan gets the ok. Same time they will project JESUS in the fucking sky for the mentally ill religious tards and UFO's are taking over projected blue beam shit to the half of Idiocracy society.

THE BEST PART! Will be the threat of nuclear war if we don't comply. All this for no reason whatsoever because we have no meaning of life apart from 42. But all those 42 believers will be already gassed in camps thanks to Hitlers trial run previously. Ultimately none of this matters because you can't stop NIBIRU from its path and the poles shifting to a scenario very similar to the Bible's catastrophic ending.

NASA Solar Sun Simulator Patent Info 2

It's the only bit in the bible that has meaning because they knew it was coming. They knew it couldn't be stopped. It was the perfect end the the doctrine and failsafe threat to keep idiots faithful to the entire bullshit story of GOD. Jesus was only included in the rewrite to once again put a human face on the crap. And even then his image of Hope was a brutal death nailed to wood as a life goal for humanity.

Fuck I'm so livid and I have a terminal illness and would love go and pump as many rounds of bullets as I can into high ranking politicians, Rothchilds, heads of pharmaceuticals and any other cunt who rolls with these assholes.

Because they will survive and most of us wont. The ones that will survive will be the dipshit easily lead following fucktards who nicely provide this entire scenario to repeat itself after the world heals or they go to their new home to inevitably fuck up.

The biggest joke of all is we have THE INTERNET to communicate so quickly and powerfully that as soon as a Kardashian farts we know about it but are too busy focusing on Pokèmon Go currently to FUCKING SEE A BUNCH OF GIANT PLANETS IN OUR FUCKING SKY RIGHT NOW!

Why bother?


Guess what?

You are valueless. Your votes, opinions and existence is meaningless. There are people currently in power who have always and still are holding back valuable information from you because you don't even know what the meaning of your own life is... and the majorly stopped questioning such trivial tripe so long ago that the events happening right now under mean fuck all because it's become "normal" to be a weak submissive non questioning imbecile who's life is meaningless. YAY!

Did you know that Brexit is being delayed due to Government not ready even though it was voted in by the people. The way the vote happens was planned to deceive perfectly executed and nobody has the guts to fight back. Also Obama has said from day 1 of his presidency he would be there 8-10 years in power.

Nah it's all a conspiracy. Because anybody who questions anything anymore is a whack job UFO chasing lunatic who couldn't possibly be right? The MEDIA is now controlled by the assholes who gave you guilt, oppression and a slavery system held together by a monetary system worth less than the non degradable plastic that has over run our beautiful world.

We are the media and we work for nothing spreading news, current affairs, miss information, photos of our dinner and our collective stream of thought or lack there of because of the illusion we are as FREE as the FREE service Facebook is. We still have control of the INTERNET for a little while longer. Before it's handed of to the UN again without our consultation.

Wake up everybody! The technology we have today has been around for thousands of years. It's been drip fed to us so by the time we attained such knowledge our spirits had been crushed beyond repair. This shit is going on and nobody cares because we've all got something to do more meaningful like pretend it isn't real and it may just go away right.

Like that feeling of submission an elephant eventually accepts as normal after being chained up for 2 years so it never again tries to escape even though it's been untethered for several years. That's called conditioning and whether you like it or not it's what has become of us.

This world has basically bred an entire race of liars. Lying to ourselves, our loved ones, colleagues, friends and enemies because it's what our leaders have done consistently to us. We've been made to feel about ourselves so poorly that we can't see we are all covering up the same shit from each other that relates to some bullshit festering non existent thing that results in guilt because of something or other that actually means nothing. Because all we have to show is a big communication network that we don't know how to use because we are too scared to communicate with each other without lying!

Want to know the meaning of life. I have answers. The answer for this current system we have been locked into for a few thousand years IS SWEET FUCK ALL! Because everything has lead up to these past and last few years of an inevitable unstoppable occurrence that has been kept from us by manipulating the TRUTH INTO LIES since we can remember by what we've been told.

The downfall of humanity is not global warming, not technology takin over or some killer virus or a pretend man in the sky coming to kill us all because we were assholes. The downfall of humanity was willingly accepting lies as being ok when we all know they are not. We have had so many opportunities to fight back but have been duped into believing we are as worthless as the money, slavery, self imposed doctrines and fucking blatant lies fed to us everyday that we just gave up.


If you don't believe me go and look in a mirror right now and say staring right into your own eyes

"the world is full of happy, content and comfortably well fed people all living in homes full of love and joy and nobody needs to go to war or lie to cover anything up especially myself because God is real"

You know it's all a LIE!

So what's next?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Knowledge is Power

Are You Ready?

Knowledge is Power!

Something for you to ponder about the construct of our language and Christianity. The only part of the Bible that vaguely carries any truth from our past civilisations on Earth over 3000 years ago it's the doomsday finale.

This concept/doctrine was created/conceived on the back of a catastrophic event that occurred around 3000 years ago essentially wiping out a number of developed intelligent civilisations.

The technology, philosophies and belief systems of these people became valuable knowledge when rebuilding after the heavenly bodies in our universe almost collided causing the disaster that is now once again upon us.

This knowledge was used to create a system of control based around an easily manipulated language called English. The language was used to create and over complicated, ambiguous and un necessary rule book as we had already reached a higher collective intelligence before the catastrophe needing such a rule book like a hole in the head.

This allowed fear, guilt and oppression to create a slavery system based around a pretend monetary economy completely obliterating the historical advances of our ancestors formulated from centuries of questioning. We essentially replaced our entire history with a pile of absolute garbage backed up by NOTHING.

The only thing we kept and used as a part of the new system in the NEW RELIGION that bares any resemblance to this history..... Was the vague concept of how our ancestors met their doom.

The final part of the biblical doctrines that are the backbone of the system of lies and slavery we now are about to once again face 3000 years on. The end of days catastrophe story consistent across all modern scripture post cataclysm portray verses of knowledge based on the nemesis system entering our solar system to heat up the planets including earth that lead to catastrophe. These verses also carry heavy the judgement and deception that is about to be manufactured by the assholes who have given us 3000 years of meaningless oppression and guilt for NOTHING BUT THEIR OWN GREED AND CONTROL.

Go ahead and read from exodus and then read the documented accounts of the niribu system near miss cataclysm that destroyed those civilisations long forgotten. You will read the events that are naturally taking place as they did 3000 years ago happening right now.

Only now intertwined into a simplistic rule book intentionally written ambiguously for the sole purpose to manipulate and control using the fear of an empirically unproven mythical deity. The concepts in the Bible fly in the face of Pyramids containing creations carved from rubies that to this very day can not be recreated by a dumbed down race who no longer question anything unless a Kardashian.

In the Bible the 3 days of night depicts the Sun going dark and the catastrophic events of a world spinning into destruction as the universe expands with devastating results. This story matches with the higher intellectual ancestors before us only they were missing the bullshit man made story of GOD and the controlling fear mongering system still being used by the evil bloodlines of the originators like the Rothchilds who are still in control NOW!

I'm not a religious person. I place faith in the answers that result from my freedom to question and form empirical evidence to evolve like my long forgotten ancestors. The system built from erased ashes of these ancestors is undeniably one of forever increasing poverty, hunger and oppression. Proving without a doubt the system has always been wrong and an ever increasing lie.

I believe Jesus Christ existed at some stage and is a blueprint for how humanity should treat each other. But in his depiction of death, fear and guilt constantly nailed to a cross he is also the ultimate symbol of falling into line or face being demonised, ridiculed, labelled insane or killed as an example. Don't fight the System. His inclusion into the revised Bible was to create the illusion of a less oppressive doctrine. Using a relatable human character of hope but doomed from the very beginning by the powers that be like a roulette table or poker machine.

Essentially solidifying the inevitable means to an end Judgement Day scenario and humanity giving up just in time. For the closest thing to truth since the new system of lies began.

That being the vaguely prophesied Bible account of the current solar system expansion, Nibiru near miss, Sun blackening, Earth overheating environmental polar shift cataclysm upon us. This natural catastrophe that occurs every 3000 years known as The End of Days was always going to happen.

The last 3000 years have been built on a lie around the knowledge of the event and manipulated into the power to control and prepare for its arrival with the ultimate plan of saving their own skin. As we come to realise the deception at the 11th hour and face the chaos unleashed. They will have succeeded in creating the crime of the century hidden underground with their precious gold and knowledge to eventually emerge and begin the cycle once again.

But.... Remember knowledge is power and it's never too late. A Nuclear World War 3 is the back up plan and was alway our fate!

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