Saturday, September 3, 2016

Knowledge is Power

Are You Ready?

Knowledge is Power!

Something for you to ponder about the construct of our language and Christianity. The only part of the Bible that vaguely carries any truth from our past civilisations on Earth over 3000 years ago it's the doomsday finale.

This concept/doctrine was created/conceived on the back of a catastrophic event that occurred around 3000 years ago essentially wiping out a number of developed intelligent civilisations.

The technology, philosophies and belief systems of these people became valuable knowledge when rebuilding after the heavenly bodies in our universe almost collided causing the disaster that is now once again upon us.

This knowledge was used to create a system of control based around an easily manipulated language called English. The language was used to create and over complicated, ambiguous and un necessary rule book as we had already reached a higher collective intelligence before the catastrophe needing such a rule book like a hole in the head.

This allowed fear, guilt and oppression to create a slavery system based around a pretend monetary economy completely obliterating the historical advances of our ancestors formulated from centuries of questioning. We essentially replaced our entire history with a pile of absolute garbage backed up by NOTHING.

The only thing we kept and used as a part of the new system in the NEW RELIGION that bares any resemblance to this history..... Was the vague concept of how our ancestors met their doom.

The final part of the biblical doctrines that are the backbone of the system of lies and slavery we now are about to once again face 3000 years on. The end of days catastrophe story consistent across all modern scripture post cataclysm portray verses of knowledge based on the nemesis system entering our solar system to heat up the planets including earth that lead to catastrophe. These verses also carry heavy the judgement and deception that is about to be manufactured by the assholes who have given us 3000 years of meaningless oppression and guilt for NOTHING BUT THEIR OWN GREED AND CONTROL.

Go ahead and read from exodus and then read the documented accounts of the niribu system near miss cataclysm that destroyed those civilisations long forgotten. You will read the events that are naturally taking place as they did 3000 years ago happening right now.

Only now intertwined into a simplistic rule book intentionally written ambiguously for the sole purpose to manipulate and control using the fear of an empirically unproven mythical deity. The concepts in the Bible fly in the face of Pyramids containing creations carved from rubies that to this very day can not be recreated by a dumbed down race who no longer question anything unless a Kardashian.

In the Bible the 3 days of night depicts the Sun going dark and the catastrophic events of a world spinning into destruction as the universe expands with devastating results. This story matches with the higher intellectual ancestors before us only they were missing the bullshit man made story of GOD and the controlling fear mongering system still being used by the evil bloodlines of the originators like the Rothchilds who are still in control NOW!

I'm not a religious person. I place faith in the answers that result from my freedom to question and form empirical evidence to evolve like my long forgotten ancestors. The system built from erased ashes of these ancestors is undeniably one of forever increasing poverty, hunger and oppression. Proving without a doubt the system has always been wrong and an ever increasing lie.

I believe Jesus Christ existed at some stage and is a blueprint for how humanity should treat each other. But in his depiction of death, fear and guilt constantly nailed to a cross he is also the ultimate symbol of falling into line or face being demonised, ridiculed, labelled insane or killed as an example. Don't fight the System. His inclusion into the revised Bible was to create the illusion of a less oppressive doctrine. Using a relatable human character of hope but doomed from the very beginning by the powers that be like a roulette table or poker machine.

Essentially solidifying the inevitable means to an end Judgement Day scenario and humanity giving up just in time. For the closest thing to truth since the new system of lies began.

That being the vaguely prophesied Bible account of the current solar system expansion, Nibiru near miss, Sun blackening, Earth overheating environmental polar shift cataclysm upon us. This natural catastrophe that occurs every 3000 years known as The End of Days was always going to happen.

The last 3000 years have been built on a lie around the knowledge of the event and manipulated into the power to control and prepare for its arrival with the ultimate plan of saving their own skin. As we come to realise the deception at the 11th hour and face the chaos unleashed. They will have succeeded in creating the crime of the century hidden underground with their precious gold and knowledge to eventually emerge and begin the cycle once again.

But.... Remember knowledge is power and it's never too late. A Nuclear World War 3 is the back up plan and was alway our fate!

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