Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Response to a Christian over the Bathroom Law in America.


What's confusing is people trying to be something they are not!! If you was born a man you will be a man til you die. If you was born a woman you will be a woman til you. Simple facts people!

My Response:

Christy, how can you live in this world and proclaim with such certainty everything is black and white? Explain Intersex people? Explain the amount of odd birth defects? Explain the man in Indonesia who is turning into a tree? You don't dictate the complexity and imperfectly perfect amazing diversity of the way things are. What you can do as you are sitting on the Internet with a world of knowledge at your finger tips is investigate the history of two spirit people in indigenous cultures and the value they were placed in the hierarchy of tribes. Yes way before religion was ever conceived.

Also investigate the term "church and state should never mix" to learn about religion being a blueprint for government virtually created by the same people to look after the other.

I can understand how it seems totally unbelievable for you to conceive such a conflict in people who are more than often highly creative and intelligent and not murdering or raping people. We have a genuine conflict internally as you are not experiencing it how could you understand. Trust me it's a cruel thing to deal with and many of us try and try and try to no avail to shake it. People don't continuously make shit up knowing how ostracised they become for coming out. Many lose everything but they find inner peace so how bad can it be to you?

You do realise how incredibly powerful hormones are yes? Think! Relate it to birth in the womb with the bodies chromosomes of a boy. Body develops as a boy but an imbalance of oestrogen is released. Haven't you seen the tv shows and documentaries there's no way for us to brainwash other people's kids it's a feeling so certain I knew at 5 and fought it ever since. I don't expect you to get it but it's common in animals also as seahorses change gender, plants and who knows why and who gives a shit. 

Guess what? As a trans woman barely anybody ever notices me anymore. I'm an open honest person in the media who shares it with anybody I may meet and could be possibly romantic with. I face many of the same bullshit expectations all women are hassled with, unsolicited dick pics online, unwanted advances at bars, catcalls, men treat me like I'm stupid and am expected to look perfect every day and can't because perfection doesn't exist. I don't have time to be worried what people think as so many people walk around on this earth lying to themselves. Most of their hang ups are worse than mine ever were.

I don't blame anybody for being trans* and do the best I can and always put others first. I'm sick of explaining about my genitals I could give a shit as they don't dictate my life and I can't get the surgery because I'll never be a biological woman and feel Turning my genitals inside out is very barbaric especially with the medical advances that are coming our way in the coming years there may be an alternative.

I don't want to confuse people. But wow so many people confuse me. They preach love and acceptance and all I see is hate and hostility. I merely exist and have survived the best I can with my lot and hell I've achieved things many wouldn't in 3 lifetimes even against all the oppression, sniggering and pointless hatred towards me and others. Do you know how bad it feels to have people speak of you on the same level as a grubby child molester? Or question your integrity? If you have faith then you would know that people question it and it hurts!

I don't even know what else to say. I fear all I'm going to get back is "what about the women and children" it's like our voices mean so little and that's sad for the people who obviously are becoming so hateful that their empathy and openness to the grey area that does exist between black and white in everything we experience on this amazing planet is lost in spite!

I've stood next to many women and proudly fought for equality and been accepted. I've seen what it's like to try and be a man and had no idea how to be one and feel that many men themselves are a little lost. I understand both sides as do many trans* people and actually have insights into bridging out differences that are valuable and contribute every day to make others and my own life better.

Trans* people have been forced into the shadows for a long time and he have had to confront many home truths and walk heads held as high as we can. We don't ask you to worship the ground we walk on as we are barely hanging on with suicide rates that are only so high from relenting bullying hurled at us constantly. We just ask others to look within themselves to give us a break for a moment to exhale with our fear!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Would Jesus Be Proud Of Your Moral Judgements?

Dearly beloved,

Have you ever stopped for one second  and wondered if the men of power within the church are the main perpetrators of sexual assaults towards women and children? You do know that throughout history there is an incredible amount of evidence they have covered up relating to many priests molesting innocent children then openly blaming minority groups that can't fight back? 

You all know the story of Jesus Christ. It is amazing and also very relevant with all of this bathroom propaganda currently being used to discredit and hurt a group of human beings who struggle on a daily basis to survive amidst unimaginable discrimination yet hurt nobody.

Jesus was an amazing charismatic, empowering, thoughtful and kind man. He invested in people and understood oppression and believed in a world without it. For his beliefs and actions he was rounded up by the powers that be and nailed to a cross as a warning to the people for daring to question those in control because they were corrupt, power hungry and perverse and ultimately out of control. 

For a religion that focuses on such a high standard morality. Somewhere throughout history the men in control of spreading the message of Jesus's love and compassion have lost their way. Instead using the ambiguity of the words within thes scripture against the very people who were most disadvantaged. Instead of practicing the attributes that made Jesus so special, the message has focused on judgement and fear as we are constantly reminded that he died for our sins and anybody who is perceived as different has been singled out and persecuted just as Jesus was. 

The absolute power of the men running the organisation ultimately tainted their judgement leading them to an agenda of uninclusive fear mongering and a culture of internal secrecy to hide the the very darkness they are blaming on the perceived weakest of humanity. They have become the corrupt powers once warned about now deflecting endless accusations of perversions towards the  powerless minoritys using their followers in strength of numbers to isolate, discredit and disempower. Absolute power corrupts and as they are merely men preaching the story of a man they could only hope to emulate inevitably the darkness has taken hold.

This isn't rocket science it is proven hard evidence known as FACT! Only each time they attack a minority group they have less people backing them because the message is becoming more transparent and their methods have grown weaker. For fuck sake they are using our toilet habits this time around and it should not be tolerated as its the kind of stuff that should be mocked in this day and age as bullying.

You need to start looking within your own walls at the corruption that has lead to dwindling numbers and the handful of ignorant uneducated people still lapping up everything they are fed even if it has never happened and never will. For the followers are only easily manipulated because of the bigger issues being ignored in America like 6% of spending on education. Now you know why they treat you like idiots. 

Here's the deal. You are supporting a group of men who have been protecting child molesters Internally for so long that they only preach the scripture as lip service. The religious institutions have made a mockery of the power behind the faith and the followers. They have been using the words as a front to cover the corrupt and perverse sexual activities behind closed doors on our children. They are misleading their followers to attack and defame people who don't have the rights to fight back on the basis of our differences. Remember Jesus and how he treated all people equal by displaying understanding, compassion and acceptance. Not trying to change them, defame them and shame them. 

The reason the church has failed is because they are merely men. Statistics show that the vast majority of sexual predators are men. They are men in power and within families but none of them were transgender because transgender people have been shunned and living in secrecy since being deemed evil and sinners just for existing. Men have taken the word of God throughout history and used it as a weapon to hurt women, children, blacks and gays. The Catholic Church even sided with Hitler for a period of time until the pope of that time died leaving them open to attack. How many more children have to suffer at the hands of a sick priest? And how many times are you going to stand back and allow them to cover it up? And how many times are you going to do their dirty work and falsely accuse innocent people just for being different of crimes they never committed in the name of the MEN who have failed you. 

I know many religious folks don't like facts but let's give it a go anyway. It's well documented that trans* people have been around in many indigenous cultures well before religion and were honoured as the shaman and healers as they were able to resolve disputes between men and women being more of a grey area between genders. This was before medicine so the tribes accepted it as normal and instead utilised these people to help form cohesive family and broader communities networks.

Then white man invaded countries all over the world introducing the Catholic doctrine as they raped, murded and made an example of the two spirit transgender people as freaks killing them off first just for fun. It's quite ironic isn't it. Here we all are again full circle and after attacking and accusing every minority group over the last 200 years the last group standing are the most vulnerable and misunderstood because nobody will listener accept them like Jesus would have. 

The only people left to attack once common sense prevails and the credibility of organised religion is further tarnished and exposed as a mere group of bullies. I'm afraid it's all over because they will have to go after the child molesters themselves which opens the door for society's judgement upon the church. People will now see clearly and have seen enough to know that the history of men within the church who have sexually assaulted boys is to glaringly obvious to overlook anymore and the walls will be smashed wide open.

I promise you this! Once the walls are knocked down and investigated. It will be the single most shocking discovery of human depraivity ever before seen and will shock the world forever. The men running the current regime of the church are protecting the largest child sex offender ring in the world. It's connected to corporations and governments completely tax free and I wouldn't be surprised if it is also a part of the human slave trade.

So open your ficking eyes just for one second. Remove God and Jesus Christ from the picture and make an informed opinion on the evidence of corruption and perversion already investigated and well documented. You will see that the men who you have followed in good faith have made you all to look as hateful as the fear mongering sinners they have become themselves!

If you don't take this opportunity to follow your heart and lead by example the way Jesus Christ would have then you will go down with the child molesters who have been using you to do their work for them. If the second coming of Jesus actually eventuates I can promise you one thing. You are all fucked!

You have been warned!!

The Elephant in the Bathroom Continues to be Hatred and Fear!

I apologise in advance but...

Be very clear what I'm saying is not about questioning people's faith....

By turning it back on the finger pointing religious organisations who have labelled everybody else as pedo's and sinners throughout history. I don't care what people believe if it makes them happy fine. I am well read across a lot of religion and atheism is another group of people who claim not to be a religion but as the numbers grow it is in itself becoming one. That aside.

This is not about their faith. This is about the systemic history of demonising minority groups all the while covering up possibly the largest amount of sexual offences within an organisation who continue to laugh in the face of society. I'm talking about bringing down an organisation that has continuously contributed to negativity and fear under the guise of an ambiguous and factless story. This is a much bigger picture than the BRAINDEAD followers cutting up their little Target cards in protest not smart enough to know any better as their government spends 6% of taxes on education.

This is about breaking down the walls of hatred of an organisation that have fed us all bullshit. I remember being young and hearing about the church feeding the homeless and caring for people but cannot recall this EVER being a reality in my 43 years on earth. All I have seen is hate, misinformation and a continuous stream of protecting a large amount of predatory behaviours toward the children they so often use as fodder to round up their followers.

Look at the bigger picture. Blacks fought against slavery, women have fought against oppression, gays have fought against being labeled sexual perverts and now we are. Are any of the aforementioned really that much better off? There are still massive inequalities and the people behind the protected walls continue to run this hate through their army of lawyers paid for with tax break money and tax payers money filtered through organisations who send their people here like at the moment who are comparing us to the Nazis.

Their major complaint is that we are all too PC. We have been politically correct towards the church for far too long and it has to stop. They have to be exposed and hung out to dry. They are one small part in a network including the government and corporations that are drugging anybody depressed or anxious into zombie land. Taking away our basic rights to protest unless it's for manufactured hysteria like we are seeing now, poisoning water supplies, ignoring businesses mass polluting and very quickly destroying the so called "normal" middle class until the only class is "the poor". This is all happening and we are fucking being sidetracked everyday with vapid idiotic nonsense issues and celebrities like the kardashians and Donald trump so they can slip all this bullshit through behind our backs.

It's time to think outside of our little alphabet soup comfort zone and be leaders by refusing to buy into the bullshit pity parties and infighting we currently display. This has nothing to do with the FAITH people have and that must be made clear. You know though as well as I the church will use it as a weapon as they always have and it's no longer acceptable now that they have stated that trans* people are PRETENDING to be something. 

They have opened the door to the PRETENDING ATTACK. It will have to be used against them for the INTENT of exposing the real issue here and that is a persistent and relenting history of falsely accusing minorities for being child sex offenders and perverts when the EVIDENCE IS BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT CLEARER AND A MELBOURNE SUMMERS DAY THAT THEY ARE THE PERPETRATORS THEMSELVES!

I'm so over defending people's sexuality and genders as there has always been a bigger issue always overlooked like religious groups have a free pass. The numbers continue to dwindle for religious organisations which only shows the institutions have even let down their followers and only the easily controlled remain. I refuse to sit back and let a bunch of secretive vile wealthy sexual pervert protecting scumbags blame yet another bunch of innocent people. As they fucking laugh behind their walls of corruption!

I'm telling you once that one brick in their wall is loosened and the walls begin to crumble the truth will bring a much needed reboot to this world and the sinister people associating and aiding their endless cover ups will fall as well. It needs to happen or it won't matter where any of us pee because we won't have a say in anything.

Finally, the story of Jesus Christ is amazing and very relevant to all of this. He was an amazing charismatic, empowering, thoughtful and kind man. He invested in people and understood oppression and believed in a world without it. For this he was rounded up by the powers that be and nailed to a cross as a warning to the people for daring to question those in control because they were corrupt, power hungry and perverse. 

For a religion that holds everybody to the words written in their scripture and how he died for our sins it seems we have all at sometime in history been treated like Jesus by the very people who control the religion. They are the corrupt powers deflecting endless counts of perversion whilst persecuting the smallest minority at that particular period of time reflecting the exact story of Jesus Christ. This isn't rocket science it is proven hard evidence known as FACT! Only each time they attack a minority group they have less people backing them and their methods get weaker. For fuck sake they are using our toilet habits this time around and it should not be tolerated as its the kind of stuff that should be mocked in this day and age.

To me this is far broader than sexuality, gender, race or religion. They are clearly not even selling the words that make up their doctrine therefore all they are is a front for a Paedophile ring that has successfully blamed others for centuries and now is the time to put an end to it for once and for all. It begins with legal action and ends in the people demanding transparency to the inner workings of the hatred and fear mongering cess pool they have been for far too long. Then maybe we can actually start tearing down the controlling powers and actually make some headway to change major problems that we already know cannot be fixed with band aid solutions if these people remain at the helm!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trans* Coming Out Advice!

Don’t buy into the negatives regarding coming out to family and friends. If you come out to anybody who is willing to end a relationship as a partner, friend or family member look at it as a positive.

Coming out gives you a snapshot of the people you need and don’t need in your life. You then have the power to cut the imbeciles from your future and begin to build the type of people that can equally enrich each other’s lives.

So often people don’t come out in fear of rejection. The people who reject you when you are completely vulnerable and honest offer an opportunity to erase them from your life. Far too often people focus on retaining these dead weight assholes by even caring what their reactions will be.

I’ve heard many trans* people continue friendships with people who haven’t accepted them fully and then they wonder why they are feeling shit relating to their transition.

If you surround yourself with shit, you become shit! Cut your losses and move forward because for every so called friend that won’t accept you there’s are a shit load of new friends who will love you unconditionally.

For many trans* people we wasted so many years living in fear to actually come out and be our true selves. So why keep around old road block so called friends when the journey has enough obstacles already.

Coming out as your true self is about you! Not some other assholes opinion. Negative, unhealthy and toxic friendships over your transition are not your problem to fix.

Your mental health, support networks and real friends are critical to your happiness and positivity as you live in your amended life going forward!!

Peace xx

The Choice is Yours!

I keep seeing this in my feeds across all social media and once again don’t understand why nearly everything I read from trans* people is so focused on NEGATIVE!!!

As a trans* person I want to say.
Life isn’t perfect but there are many times I feel blessed to be trans*. I have and continue to live a full and evolving life as an extraordinary twin spirited human being continuing to fight for what’s right and shaping my own future!

Fuck parades! They are modern day petting zoo’s which have devolved in meaning. People need to start realising that dancing semi naked in the fight for serious human rights is a pointless exercise in revenue raising for a tourism industry that could give 2 fucks about equality.

People are terrifying!

Everybody suffers from depression!
It makes me want to wake up each day and live the best I possibly can as I continue to correct my blueprint and surround myself with amazing friends in a world full of mostly uneducated sheep.

People laugh at me sometimes but it’s ok I laugh secretly at so many people for not being able to function in a rational way as they trundle along their zombie path living a life of ignorance.

We are living in a social media world where many human beings are struggling with loneliness and finding a partner as we become more disconnected, shallow and unable to communicate on the level needed for the relationships we desire.

I’m sick of the trans* community perpetuating such a negative portrayal of our existence. I am a normal person who happened to be born in the wrong body. I live in a world where I can somewhat correct this birth error and fight to be accepted, survive and enjoy my life as much as possible accepting I may face struggles than many can never understand.

I am a HERO and the people who support, value and love me are HEROES also because they are awake and see past the “normal” uneducated flock of hand sanitiser obsessed programmed baby creating bigots who are no better than me.

There are assholes everywhere who date all kinds of people for superficial, manipulative and evil reasons. Ask all women throughout history! I often forget that the people I have dated as a trans* woman themselves face the same ridicule that is directed at me. To show such devotion reveals character and strength.

Maybe sometimes being trans* isn’t always about me? I used to fear walking out my door but refuse to hide myself away from a increasingly valueless world. My inclusion in society may attract some assholes trying to ruin my experiences but deep down inside I know the world is a better place with me being in it!!!!

The choice is yours!

Trans* Does Not Mean Sex Offender!

Back in December 2015 I posted a link regarding the current movement in America legislating to force trans* people to use the public toilets of their original birth gender.

These people are suggesting without any evidence whatsoever that by allowing trans* people to use the toilets as the identifying gender they present publicly will increase the risk of sexual assaults towards women and children rising.

So it’s better to prevent it from happening now before it’s too late regardless that there is absolutely no evidence or correlation linking trans* people and sexual assaults in public toilets.

They are also suggesting that if trans* people are allowed to CONTINUE to use the public toilets that match their gender identity. That NON TRANS* MALE offenders will start dressing as the opposite gender to gain access to public toilets to commit sexual assaults. Even though 99% of perpetrators who were charged for these crimes just walked into a public toilet and assaulted their victims without the need to dress as a woman.

Firstly trans* people have ALREADY been using the appropriate public toilet that match’s their gender identity and there have been ZERO instances of a trans* person sexually assaulting anybody.

Secondly there has been ONE instance where a sexual deviant in Canada posed as a women to sexually assault their victim in 2014. The perpetrator was suffering from severe mental illness and did not identify as a trans* person. Once again clearly proving there is no evidence linking trans* people to sexual assaults in public toilets.

When you stack up the evidence or lack there of it becomes crystal clear that this current legislation push has nothing to do with protecting the victims of sexual assault. Police and advocates for sexual assault victims have repeatedly stated that continuing to allow trans* people to use the public toilets that match their gender identity is in no way linked to the sick people who commit these crimes.

Also there has been no evidence suggesting that the rate of sexual assaults in public toilets has risen at all which completely exposes the entire argument as a blatant smear campaign.

This is clearly a front to link trans* people with sexual deviancy, child molesters and rapists. They are using the same tactics used to fight against marriage equality and same sex adoptions. Using the women and children victims to justify their transphobic agenda is absolutely disgraceful.

Not only is it an insult to the victims but the sheer audacity to blatantly lie and manipulate people to believe such a marginalised community with a suicide rate of 41% that also lost almost 400 lives at the hands of murderers in 2015 just for existing are also sexual predators. How anybody is actually taking this seriously is beyond rational comprehension.

They used these tactics against same sex adoption and marriage, suggesting same sex children had a higher risk of being molested. Ironically there clearly is no proof whatsoever as same sex couples have NEVER had the legal right to marry or adopt children. The danger of trying to link these obvious false accusations to LGBTQI people is that it leaves wide open the centuries of “normal” heterosexual nuclear family units that have been rife with incest and sexual assaults. This is an undisputed fact and yet heterosexuals have never had their rights to start a family questioned or taken away from them.

Sexual predators and rapists are fucking sick people who pray on woman and children. There is no link to same sex attracted people or trans* people. If a sexual predator or rapist is caught and charged it’s because they are a sick rapist or child molester nothing more.

In fact all the evidence suggests throughout history the perpetrators of these crimes normally operate from positions of trust and power. Like teachers, politicians, judges and priests.
The Catholic Church is one of the largest organisations on the planet supposedly promoting the gospel of God. They are also guilty of spending the most obscene amounts of money to cover up the criminals in their organisation who have destroyed tens of thousand of lives by sexually assaulting children all over the world without punishment.

These are the very same people who are using the victims as emotional fuel attempting to link same sex attracted and trans* people to the sick crimes that they themselves have actually endorsed by covering up throughout history.

Trans* people face so many disruptions to their lives when they begin their gender blueprint correction. They don’t wake up one day and decide they want to change their gender like a pair of socks. Anybody who still thinks like that isn’t thinking at all. We lose friends and family members and many have to move to another state or town. Then we face discrimination by employers, housing and forced into psychology and treated like we are mentally ill. On top of that just leaving the house can turn into a barrage of insults, ridicule and physical assault on a daily basis.

Now we are facing our basic rights to go to the toilet safely to relieve ourselves being taken from us also by linking us to sex offenders. In all honesty trans* people are treated far worse by society than the actual real sex offenders who ruin tens of thousand of lives forever.

Trans* people come out publicly as they have no choice. It’s either begin correcting the blueprint or take your own life. We don’t expect people to understand as it’s impossible. All we ever ask is to just treat us with decency and respect by simply treating us as the gender identity we present.

Hopefully people will start to see just how valuable trans* people are in the near future. We are amazing, talented, caring, beautiful twin souls with valuable information relating to gender equality as we have seen it from both sides. I am blessed to be born a trans* woman and will continue to fight for the right to stand up and contribute as a human being on this amazing rock!!

It’s going to take a lot more than a bunch of fact less lies, discrimination and ridicule to stop me from having the right to do what makes me happy!

Grey is the New Black! Trans* Rebranding

Here’s the deal! We need some serious REBRANDING!!

Grey Is The New Black!

As trans* people we have been tagging along the alphabet soup community for quite some time now. I’m not saying to break away from it. 

Although I think a rebrand is definitely overdue as the letters are getting a bit of a mouthful. I don’t like queer also as it pertains to strange. I do think a word that makes more sense is the term “Fluid” as its is inclusive to all humans.

It’s far less rigid, especially as bisexuals have always copped flack for being “greedy” or some bullshit. Trans* to me is a dead term as it suggests only trans* people are in transition when all people are and those who aren’t are already dead.

Being a “fluid” community offers flexibility like water freezes and melts. It’s ever evolving and inclusive not only for LGBTQI people but it doesn’t look as daunting for someone coming out. Also you would hope a fluid community would want to know more about each other and support each other more. Than we currently do under our individual letter.

So as I mentioned I hate saying I’m trans* or in transition because even after reassignment surgery you will continue to transition and grow no matter what is between your legs. Plus it suggests that you are changing from one to another. I always felt like a girl from a very young age so I’m not in transition, I’m correcting the blueprint.

Trans* people are often fetishised most likely because trans* porn is one of the categories in the industry still making money. It’s like unicorn porn. Well it used to be, but now there are so many trans* people in porn it’s not so unique anymore. 

The term transsexual aligns us with sex I believe. The term transgender has softened the impact but it’s all still sadly about what’s between our legs that non trans* people define us by. Oh and don’t get me started on the term “CIS” I hate this term as it does everything we don’t want it to do. It creates a wider divide that adds fuel to an us vs them fire that we don’t need.

So we need to rebrand. Sell ourselves as unique individuals with talents, tales and a bridge between man and woman. A missing part to a puzzle. We are people that offer insight to the reality of a non black and white world. As does the term fluid. We need to use the media to our advantage instead of letting it tramp all over us! Grey is the new black!

If we all started one GoFund me account for the entire blueprint correction community to raise money to pay the worlds best advertising firms to bombard all media outlets with positive imagery of trans* people we would probably do a lot more than any amount of parades could muster.

Think about how easily these days viral marketing gets everybody talking. We bitch that non trans* people play movie and TV roles, well we need a new approach to get everybody to notice us for positive reasons. Who needs actors in our own advertising campaigns? Not us!
Why are companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft so massive? They are advertising themselves with focus and simplicity. How they describe the product is 97% how it works. Go ahead and check Apples Customer Satisfaction Statistics. Currently our advertising campaign is a few celebrities, some amazing activist and a shitload of negativity, death and misery.

Sure we are extremely marginalised but so have many other minorities throughout the ages. Times are different now and we as a collective which is actually stronger than you might think, have some serious numbers all interacting online. We are connected, savvy, smart, creative and very resourceful.

Just because we are trans* and feel as though somedays are just too hard. We need to change that because it’s not only a trans* condition. Just because we suffer from depression and anxiety well it’s not an excuse. ¾ of the world suffer from the same thing. We need to create our own opportunities and make all of our voices and strengths shine as bright as possible. We need to show people that we go through the same struggles as everyone else. We have an opportunity to preach harmony with far more empathy and strength than the Church could ever hope to do.

Currently a good chunk of people actually look at us on the same scale as a rapist or sexual abuser of women and children. As fucked up as that is. Without rebranding and using our skills as a collective to do what everyone from Governments, advertisers and the never ending catwalk of talentless humans getting viral fame for fuck all. This seem to stay the same. So we need some heavy marketing via mass advertising.

People don’t go and buy things because an ad says it’s a new formula. People go out and get it cause it’s new and that created a knock on effect because society are mostly brainwashed sheep! We need to stay fresh, new and relevant. A hard hitting ad campaign can do this. It has worked for all of the major brands world over for many years.

We are such a talented bunch of people. Far more talented than tacky sparkles dancing in a parade trying to get people to accept us whilst dancing and looking like we haven’t a care in the world. We already have great trans* people in so many job markets and the entertainment industry. So we should be collaborating with these people smarter and more effectively.

So why are we not pushing the agenda of happiness, worth, intelligence and making people fully aware of how strong one must be to correct their birth blueprint in this current judgmental hyper aggressive current world?

We have the skills, we have numbers and even more backup from the fluid community. Advertisers clearly don’t give a flying fuck about what they are selling. The best advertisers want to make money and be successful from their campaigns as their names are at stake. They want the product to impact the audience and be remembered. They can do this for products that are clearly shit. Imagine what they can do for us!

We have so many success stories that so many trans* people don’t even know of. Our history and strength diminishes each year we dance at parades acting like we are loved. When in actual fact we are still the fetishised animals that people look at in cages in Zoo’s but instead it’s a parade and made to look all bright an glittering. When in actual fact it’s lost it’s venom and the only glittering going on is the money made from tourism and corporations involved in the events.

The danger and conviction just isn’t there. Look at Midsumma. Even when a group of fluid people stood at the front of the parade trying to make a stand about the big businesses commercialising the March. Everybody turned on them. The main perpetrators were the crowd blindly physically and verbally attacking the protesters without understanding why the protest was happening. 

Those kids were clearly scared as the animals from behind the fences tipped water on them, spat on them and physically got in their faces. Why? Because they were being edgy, dangerous and they made news headlines. We need more of this danger again in our fight!

We need to rebrand ourselves as edgy, dangerous, non sexually exotic, intelligent, creative, beautiful and strong as all fuck human beings. We have so many allies to help create an advertising campaign that would do more in a 2 week run across all media outlets than the last 30 years that resemble the still water river behind the Taj Mahal in India. Trust me it’s going nowhere and it stinks.
It’s time to get dangerous and start taking risks. Look at how many people have done it before. It’s time to take a slice of the pie and hire a marketing team that can convince people just how truly important and amazing we really are!

Grey Is The New Black!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


When I mention that a girl I barely dated for a month has been stalking me for 2 years is MENTAL and PSYCHO. I'm not aiming it at you if you have a mental illness. We all suffer from mental illness in varying degrees and at varying times because mental illness has no rule book as our brains are still very mysterious. 

If you have taken a comment aimed clearly at another person as a personal jab and want to make an issue about it with me then I have no problem making it an issue with you. Just be aware I clearly aimed my attack on another person who has hurt me deeply so the intent was to hurt them back!!! The bitch is a fucking Psycho and has done it to others and has a 5 year old which has been taken away twice already as she was placed in a mental health care facility. I hope she gets hit by 100 cars. Now that is INTENT!! It's not always about YOU!

I totally understand people wanting each other to be mindful of words and I AM in certain groups where I know people may be offended. I do this with no issue as I'm respectful of others and over the years learned to be a chameleon in certain instances. It's called maturity and being self aware enough to care for those of value. Let's be honest though I've had to live the past 14 years as a tranny and heard every name under the sun. I no longer give a FUCK what people want to say to me. Why? Because you only give words as much meaning as YOU CHOOSE to.

Remember language is just a bunch of made up bullshit much the same as money. Both are used to control and contain us from our full potential. Language expands every year adopting cool new words to help us communicate like "LOL" and "SELFIE". Just imagine life without these added treasures?

I'm a fucking tranny, shemale, shimbo blah blah man in a dress. Whatever helps YOU sleep at night. But how many of you can actually say you have accepted yourself 100% and love every bit unconditionally? I'll call myself what I like and I'll call others on how they interact with me. I'll aim my words as always. Directly and with intent and no hidden double meanings. If I'm not addressing you then shut the fuck up or I will address you and you will need a month to lick your fragile little wounds!

So heaps of my gay friends call themselves faggots and black and white people be calling each other niggas everywhere you turn and blah blah blah....We NEED to be able to offend people from time to time or we will all just end up biting our tongues and perpetuating the FACT that most humans lie to themselves and everyone around them everyday. Stopping hurt feelings ain't going to solve the BIG PROBLEMS that lead to these feelings through oppression.

Yet religious organisations are FUCKING YOUR CHILDREN. Governments are PROTECTING THE RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS AND GIVING THEM TAX BREAKS SO THEY CAN FUND POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS. The 1% of the rich ie corporations, pharmaceuticals, church and government are keeping the poor dying, keeping the struggling closer to poor and everybody as medicated as fuck to sustain a world full of feeling less imbeciles who are offended by a word deemed to be a slur... FUCKING PRIORITIES PEOPLE!!!

It's really fab to stand up and beat the drum that a word is inappropriate but then sit back as the people you are defending... Say people with mental illness who are now scattered all over our cities in privately run cash cow housing splitting people up into smaller numbers and paying someone to watch over them who cares more about the Xbox they are playing in the office than the people they are caring for... 

Or to boo hoo over the word "tranny" being used between people who are adult enough to understand INTENT in a jovial conversation yet do absolutely FUCK ALL to stand up for trans* rights. People are mostly idiots and throughout history get swept up in the trivial part of the bigger problems. Trying to break down oppression by oppressing words is FUCKING IDIOTIC! How can people not see this?

WORDS HAVE NO VALUE! Look at religious text. It goes out of its way to be ambiguous so the blind faith fucktards can argue forever and not be held accountable. Much like the entire cult they follow. Do something bad, repent and then be free to do it again. We are all sitting around attacking each other over these valueless words but as a race stand by and let religious groups feed us bullshit and cover up FUCKING CHILDREN. We let Government leaders use words to FUCKING LIE TO OUR FACES.

Yet stand by and let it continue because we are all too soft and precious to REVOLT! But fuck me if you suggest a bitch is a nutcase for stalking me for 2 years then the entire world of anxious depressed people want to rip me apart???

In my opinion it's actually too late for people people to wake up. The number of fuck hole idiots way outnumber the aware or waking up brand of human being. All these terms like slut shaming, rape culture, cultural insensitivity MEAN FUCK ALL IF PEOPLE DON'T STAND UP AND REVOLT. The term "Actions speak louder than words" exists for a reason. Are you smart enough to understand the reason it exists is the big question. If you do understand then have a look around and answer why the actions are not happening.


People have been brainwashed to believed they are weak and can't do anything about the bigger problems so they focus on the small shit WHICH ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE OF THE BIGGER PICTURE STUFF TO BIG TO DEAL WITH!

We continue to play into their hands with social media now also. We provide the largest database to give the information needed to develop and continue the systemic medication and dumbing down of our entire race freely because our focus is on the PETTY stuff we have created ourselves to be mad at.

DEPRESSION, AXIETY, SOCIAL ISOLATION, MENTAL HEALTH & SUICIDE ARE ALL VERY REAL ISSUES. I wouldn't have made movies about them if they didn't exist. But society must begin to realise the more we talk about it in social media the more the POWERS THAT BE WILL USE THESE THINGS TO FURTHER THEIR CONTROL. We are more medicated than ever before. The meds block the feelings giving us the ability to cope with the mundane day to day life shit that we have been programmed to do. Be aware also they take away the ability to REVOLT.

I'm sorry if this offends you. As its not meant to offend you. In fact in saying this I'm agreeing that mental illnesses are VERY REAL! But as humans we are meant to feel all of these hardcore emotions. They are a natural part of us. 

Many people need to hit rock bottom emotionally to be able to climb to great heights. Those riding high often come crashing down hard. The key to balance is to look deep within and find your inner peace as individuals as we are all the same just born at different times and places to different people.

Many performers get anxiety before a performance and that's perfectly normal. It's how we use that energy to become better. The anxiety and nerves a performer feels actually is needed much of the time to fuel those amazing performances that fans remember forever. Shutting down these emotions is NOT THE ANSWER. It's a bandaid fix that will have REALLY BAD long term effects for the future of humanity.

The more we obsess over trite valueless words. The more we play into the chosen path being set for us. Don't let this happen!

If you are a really cool person who is attractive yet not perfect because perfection is a ridiculous notion and unattainable until you are at peace with yourself. You have tens of thousands of people following you on the Internet for not really doing much yet you are often depressed or anxious and don't fully understand why so many people follow you and like you. STOP QUESTIONING IT AND STOP QUESTIONING YOURSELF. IF YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO YOURSELF WHEN YOU REPEATEDLY SAY YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR PASSION BUT YOUR PASSION IS FUCKING CLEARLY ANIMALS THEN START RECORDING YOURSELF AND LISTEN BACK EACH NIGHT BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY ME TELLING YOU HAS BEEN VALUELESS. You changed your diet for them. You live for your own animals like they are humans and every animal you see you treat better than actual humans that LOVE you!


And maybe then you will learn the value of someone who actually wants to invest in you! If you have taken this as an attack then you are wrong!

Because in an instant you may be facing DEATH!