Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Elephant in the Bathroom Continues to be Hatred and Fear!

I apologise in advance but...

Be very clear what I'm saying is not about questioning people's faith....

By turning it back on the finger pointing religious organisations who have labelled everybody else as pedo's and sinners throughout history. I don't care what people believe if it makes them happy fine. I am well read across a lot of religion and atheism is another group of people who claim not to be a religion but as the numbers grow it is in itself becoming one. That aside.

This is not about their faith. This is about the systemic history of demonising minority groups all the while covering up possibly the largest amount of sexual offences within an organisation who continue to laugh in the face of society. I'm talking about bringing down an organisation that has continuously contributed to negativity and fear under the guise of an ambiguous and factless story. This is a much bigger picture than the BRAINDEAD followers cutting up their little Target cards in protest not smart enough to know any better as their government spends 6% of taxes on education.

This is about breaking down the walls of hatred of an organisation that have fed us all bullshit. I remember being young and hearing about the church feeding the homeless and caring for people but cannot recall this EVER being a reality in my 43 years on earth. All I have seen is hate, misinformation and a continuous stream of protecting a large amount of predatory behaviours toward the children they so often use as fodder to round up their followers.

Look at the bigger picture. Blacks fought against slavery, women have fought against oppression, gays have fought against being labeled sexual perverts and now we are. Are any of the aforementioned really that much better off? There are still massive inequalities and the people behind the protected walls continue to run this hate through their army of lawyers paid for with tax break money and tax payers money filtered through organisations who send their people here like at the moment who are comparing us to the Nazis.

Their major complaint is that we are all too PC. We have been politically correct towards the church for far too long and it has to stop. They have to be exposed and hung out to dry. They are one small part in a network including the government and corporations that are drugging anybody depressed or anxious into zombie land. Taking away our basic rights to protest unless it's for manufactured hysteria like we are seeing now, poisoning water supplies, ignoring businesses mass polluting and very quickly destroying the so called "normal" middle class until the only class is "the poor". This is all happening and we are fucking being sidetracked everyday with vapid idiotic nonsense issues and celebrities like the kardashians and Donald trump so they can slip all this bullshit through behind our backs.

It's time to think outside of our little alphabet soup comfort zone and be leaders by refusing to buy into the bullshit pity parties and infighting we currently display. This has nothing to do with the FAITH people have and that must be made clear. You know though as well as I the church will use it as a weapon as they always have and it's no longer acceptable now that they have stated that trans* people are PRETENDING to be something. 

They have opened the door to the PRETENDING ATTACK. It will have to be used against them for the INTENT of exposing the real issue here and that is a persistent and relenting history of falsely accusing minorities for being child sex offenders and perverts when the EVIDENCE IS BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT CLEARER AND A MELBOURNE SUMMERS DAY THAT THEY ARE THE PERPETRATORS THEMSELVES!

I'm so over defending people's sexuality and genders as there has always been a bigger issue always overlooked like religious groups have a free pass. The numbers continue to dwindle for religious organisations which only shows the institutions have even let down their followers and only the easily controlled remain. I refuse to sit back and let a bunch of secretive vile wealthy sexual pervert protecting scumbags blame yet another bunch of innocent people. As they fucking laugh behind their walls of corruption!

I'm telling you once that one brick in their wall is loosened and the walls begin to crumble the truth will bring a much needed reboot to this world and the sinister people associating and aiding their endless cover ups will fall as well. It needs to happen or it won't matter where any of us pee because we won't have a say in anything.

Finally, the story of Jesus Christ is amazing and very relevant to all of this. He was an amazing charismatic, empowering, thoughtful and kind man. He invested in people and understood oppression and believed in a world without it. For this he was rounded up by the powers that be and nailed to a cross as a warning to the people for daring to question those in control because they were corrupt, power hungry and perverse. 

For a religion that holds everybody to the words written in their scripture and how he died for our sins it seems we have all at sometime in history been treated like Jesus by the very people who control the religion. They are the corrupt powers deflecting endless counts of perversion whilst persecuting the smallest minority at that particular period of time reflecting the exact story of Jesus Christ. This isn't rocket science it is proven hard evidence known as FACT! Only each time they attack a minority group they have less people backing them and their methods get weaker. For fuck sake they are using our toilet habits this time around and it should not be tolerated as its the kind of stuff that should be mocked in this day and age.

To me this is far broader than sexuality, gender, race or religion. They are clearly not even selling the words that make up their doctrine therefore all they are is a front for a Paedophile ring that has successfully blamed others for centuries and now is the time to put an end to it for once and for all. It begins with legal action and ends in the people demanding transparency to the inner workings of the hatred and fear mongering cess pool they have been for far too long. Then maybe we can actually start tearing down the controlling powers and actually make some headway to change major problems that we already know cannot be fixed with band aid solutions if these people remain at the helm!

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