Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Choice is Yours!

I keep seeing this in my feeds across all social media and once again don’t understand why nearly everything I read from trans* people is so focused on NEGATIVE!!!

As a trans* person I want to say.
Life isn’t perfect but there are many times I feel blessed to be trans*. I have and continue to live a full and evolving life as an extraordinary twin spirited human being continuing to fight for what’s right and shaping my own future!

Fuck parades! They are modern day petting zoo’s which have devolved in meaning. People need to start realising that dancing semi naked in the fight for serious human rights is a pointless exercise in revenue raising for a tourism industry that could give 2 fucks about equality.

People are terrifying!

Everybody suffers from depression!
It makes me want to wake up each day and live the best I possibly can as I continue to correct my blueprint and surround myself with amazing friends in a world full of mostly uneducated sheep.

People laugh at me sometimes but it’s ok I laugh secretly at so many people for not being able to function in a rational way as they trundle along their zombie path living a life of ignorance.

We are living in a social media world where many human beings are struggling with loneliness and finding a partner as we become more disconnected, shallow and unable to communicate on the level needed for the relationships we desire.

I’m sick of the trans* community perpetuating such a negative portrayal of our existence. I am a normal person who happened to be born in the wrong body. I live in a world where I can somewhat correct this birth error and fight to be accepted, survive and enjoy my life as much as possible accepting I may face struggles than many can never understand.

I am a HERO and the people who support, value and love me are HEROES also because they are awake and see past the “normal” uneducated flock of hand sanitiser obsessed programmed baby creating bigots who are no better than me.

There are assholes everywhere who date all kinds of people for superficial, manipulative and evil reasons. Ask all women throughout history! I often forget that the people I have dated as a trans* woman themselves face the same ridicule that is directed at me. To show such devotion reveals character and strength.

Maybe sometimes being trans* isn’t always about me? I used to fear walking out my door but refuse to hide myself away from a increasingly valueless world. My inclusion in society may attract some assholes trying to ruin my experiences but deep down inside I know the world is a better place with me being in it!!!!

The choice is yours!

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