Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Grey is the New Black! Trans* Rebranding

Here’s the deal! We need some serious REBRANDING!!

Grey Is The New Black!

As trans* people we have been tagging along the alphabet soup community for quite some time now. I’m not saying to break away from it. 

Although I think a rebrand is definitely overdue as the letters are getting a bit of a mouthful. I don’t like queer also as it pertains to strange. I do think a word that makes more sense is the term “Fluid” as its is inclusive to all humans.

It’s far less rigid, especially as bisexuals have always copped flack for being “greedy” or some bullshit. Trans* to me is a dead term as it suggests only trans* people are in transition when all people are and those who aren’t are already dead.

Being a “fluid” community offers flexibility like water freezes and melts. It’s ever evolving and inclusive not only for LGBTQI people but it doesn’t look as daunting for someone coming out. Also you would hope a fluid community would want to know more about each other and support each other more. Than we currently do under our individual letter.

So as I mentioned I hate saying I’m trans* or in transition because even after reassignment surgery you will continue to transition and grow no matter what is between your legs. Plus it suggests that you are changing from one to another. I always felt like a girl from a very young age so I’m not in transition, I’m correcting the blueprint.

Trans* people are often fetishised most likely because trans* porn is one of the categories in the industry still making money. It’s like unicorn porn. Well it used to be, but now there are so many trans* people in porn it’s not so unique anymore. 

The term transsexual aligns us with sex I believe. The term transgender has softened the impact but it’s all still sadly about what’s between our legs that non trans* people define us by. Oh and don’t get me started on the term “CIS” I hate this term as it does everything we don’t want it to do. It creates a wider divide that adds fuel to an us vs them fire that we don’t need.

So we need to rebrand. Sell ourselves as unique individuals with talents, tales and a bridge between man and woman. A missing part to a puzzle. We are people that offer insight to the reality of a non black and white world. As does the term fluid. We need to use the media to our advantage instead of letting it tramp all over us! Grey is the new black!

If we all started one GoFund me account for the entire blueprint correction community to raise money to pay the worlds best advertising firms to bombard all media outlets with positive imagery of trans* people we would probably do a lot more than any amount of parades could muster.

Think about how easily these days viral marketing gets everybody talking. We bitch that non trans* people play movie and TV roles, well we need a new approach to get everybody to notice us for positive reasons. Who needs actors in our own advertising campaigns? Not us!
Why are companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft so massive? They are advertising themselves with focus and simplicity. How they describe the product is 97% how it works. Go ahead and check Apples Customer Satisfaction Statistics. Currently our advertising campaign is a few celebrities, some amazing activist and a shitload of negativity, death and misery.

Sure we are extremely marginalised but so have many other minorities throughout the ages. Times are different now and we as a collective which is actually stronger than you might think, have some serious numbers all interacting online. We are connected, savvy, smart, creative and very resourceful.

Just because we are trans* and feel as though somedays are just too hard. We need to change that because it’s not only a trans* condition. Just because we suffer from depression and anxiety well it’s not an excuse. ¾ of the world suffer from the same thing. We need to create our own opportunities and make all of our voices and strengths shine as bright as possible. We need to show people that we go through the same struggles as everyone else. We have an opportunity to preach harmony with far more empathy and strength than the Church could ever hope to do.

Currently a good chunk of people actually look at us on the same scale as a rapist or sexual abuser of women and children. As fucked up as that is. Without rebranding and using our skills as a collective to do what everyone from Governments, advertisers and the never ending catwalk of talentless humans getting viral fame for fuck all. This seem to stay the same. So we need some heavy marketing via mass advertising.

People don’t go and buy things because an ad says it’s a new formula. People go out and get it cause it’s new and that created a knock on effect because society are mostly brainwashed sheep! We need to stay fresh, new and relevant. A hard hitting ad campaign can do this. It has worked for all of the major brands world over for many years.

We are such a talented bunch of people. Far more talented than tacky sparkles dancing in a parade trying to get people to accept us whilst dancing and looking like we haven’t a care in the world. We already have great trans* people in so many job markets and the entertainment industry. So we should be collaborating with these people smarter and more effectively.

So why are we not pushing the agenda of happiness, worth, intelligence and making people fully aware of how strong one must be to correct their birth blueprint in this current judgmental hyper aggressive current world?

We have the skills, we have numbers and even more backup from the fluid community. Advertisers clearly don’t give a flying fuck about what they are selling. The best advertisers want to make money and be successful from their campaigns as their names are at stake. They want the product to impact the audience and be remembered. They can do this for products that are clearly shit. Imagine what they can do for us!

We have so many success stories that so many trans* people don’t even know of. Our history and strength diminishes each year we dance at parades acting like we are loved. When in actual fact we are still the fetishised animals that people look at in cages in Zoo’s but instead it’s a parade and made to look all bright an glittering. When in actual fact it’s lost it’s venom and the only glittering going on is the money made from tourism and corporations involved in the events.

The danger and conviction just isn’t there. Look at Midsumma. Even when a group of fluid people stood at the front of the parade trying to make a stand about the big businesses commercialising the March. Everybody turned on them. The main perpetrators were the crowd blindly physically and verbally attacking the protesters without understanding why the protest was happening. 

Those kids were clearly scared as the animals from behind the fences tipped water on them, spat on them and physically got in their faces. Why? Because they were being edgy, dangerous and they made news headlines. We need more of this danger again in our fight!

We need to rebrand ourselves as edgy, dangerous, non sexually exotic, intelligent, creative, beautiful and strong as all fuck human beings. We have so many allies to help create an advertising campaign that would do more in a 2 week run across all media outlets than the last 30 years that resemble the still water river behind the Taj Mahal in India. Trust me it’s going nowhere and it stinks.
It’s time to get dangerous and start taking risks. Look at how many people have done it before. It’s time to take a slice of the pie and hire a marketing team that can convince people just how truly important and amazing we really are!

Grey Is The New Black!

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