Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trans* Coming Out Advice!

Don’t buy into the negatives regarding coming out to family and friends. If you come out to anybody who is willing to end a relationship as a partner, friend or family member look at it as a positive.

Coming out gives you a snapshot of the people you need and don’t need in your life. You then have the power to cut the imbeciles from your future and begin to build the type of people that can equally enrich each other’s lives.

So often people don’t come out in fear of rejection. The people who reject you when you are completely vulnerable and honest offer an opportunity to erase them from your life. Far too often people focus on retaining these dead weight assholes by even caring what their reactions will be.

I’ve heard many trans* people continue friendships with people who haven’t accepted them fully and then they wonder why they are feeling shit relating to their transition.

If you surround yourself with shit, you become shit! Cut your losses and move forward because for every so called friend that won’t accept you there’s are a shit load of new friends who will love you unconditionally.

For many trans* people we wasted so many years living in fear to actually come out and be our true selves. So why keep around old road block so called friends when the journey has enough obstacles already.

Coming out as your true self is about you! Not some other assholes opinion. Negative, unhealthy and toxic friendships over your transition are not your problem to fix.

Your mental health, support networks and real friends are critical to your happiness and positivity as you live in your amended life going forward!!

Peace xx

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