Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Response to a Christian over the Bathroom Law in America.


What's confusing is people trying to be something they are not!! If you was born a man you will be a man til you die. If you was born a woman you will be a woman til you. Simple facts people!

My Response:

Christy, how can you live in this world and proclaim with such certainty everything is black and white? Explain Intersex people? Explain the amount of odd birth defects? Explain the man in Indonesia who is turning into a tree? You don't dictate the complexity and imperfectly perfect amazing diversity of the way things are. What you can do as you are sitting on the Internet with a world of knowledge at your finger tips is investigate the history of two spirit people in indigenous cultures and the value they were placed in the hierarchy of tribes. Yes way before religion was ever conceived.

Also investigate the term "church and state should never mix" to learn about religion being a blueprint for government virtually created by the same people to look after the other.

I can understand how it seems totally unbelievable for you to conceive such a conflict in people who are more than often highly creative and intelligent and not murdering or raping people. We have a genuine conflict internally as you are not experiencing it how could you understand. Trust me it's a cruel thing to deal with and many of us try and try and try to no avail to shake it. People don't continuously make shit up knowing how ostracised they become for coming out. Many lose everything but they find inner peace so how bad can it be to you?

You do realise how incredibly powerful hormones are yes? Think! Relate it to birth in the womb with the bodies chromosomes of a boy. Body develops as a boy but an imbalance of oestrogen is released. Haven't you seen the tv shows and documentaries there's no way for us to brainwash other people's kids it's a feeling so certain I knew at 5 and fought it ever since. I don't expect you to get it but it's common in animals also as seahorses change gender, plants and who knows why and who gives a shit. 

Guess what? As a trans woman barely anybody ever notices me anymore. I'm an open honest person in the media who shares it with anybody I may meet and could be possibly romantic with. I face many of the same bullshit expectations all women are hassled with, unsolicited dick pics online, unwanted advances at bars, catcalls, men treat me like I'm stupid and am expected to look perfect every day and can't because perfection doesn't exist. I don't have time to be worried what people think as so many people walk around on this earth lying to themselves. Most of their hang ups are worse than mine ever were.

I don't blame anybody for being trans* and do the best I can and always put others first. I'm sick of explaining about my genitals I could give a shit as they don't dictate my life and I can't get the surgery because I'll never be a biological woman and feel Turning my genitals inside out is very barbaric especially with the medical advances that are coming our way in the coming years there may be an alternative.

I don't want to confuse people. But wow so many people confuse me. They preach love and acceptance and all I see is hate and hostility. I merely exist and have survived the best I can with my lot and hell I've achieved things many wouldn't in 3 lifetimes even against all the oppression, sniggering and pointless hatred towards me and others. Do you know how bad it feels to have people speak of you on the same level as a grubby child molester? Or question your integrity? If you have faith then you would know that people question it and it hurts!

I don't even know what else to say. I fear all I'm going to get back is "what about the women and children" it's like our voices mean so little and that's sad for the people who obviously are becoming so hateful that their empathy and openness to the grey area that does exist between black and white in everything we experience on this amazing planet is lost in spite!

I've stood next to many women and proudly fought for equality and been accepted. I've seen what it's like to try and be a man and had no idea how to be one and feel that many men themselves are a little lost. I understand both sides as do many trans* people and actually have insights into bridging out differences that are valuable and contribute every day to make others and my own life better.

Trans* people have been forced into the shadows for a long time and he have had to confront many home truths and walk heads held as high as we can. We don't ask you to worship the ground we walk on as we are barely hanging on with suicide rates that are only so high from relenting bullying hurled at us constantly. We just ask others to look within themselves to give us a break for a moment to exhale with our fear!

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