Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Would Jesus Be Proud Of Your Moral Judgements?

Dearly beloved,

Have you ever stopped for one second  and wondered if the men of power within the church are the main perpetrators of sexual assaults towards women and children? You do know that throughout history there is an incredible amount of evidence they have covered up relating to many priests molesting innocent children then openly blaming minority groups that can't fight back? 

You all know the story of Jesus Christ. It is amazing and also very relevant with all of this bathroom propaganda currently being used to discredit and hurt a group of human beings who struggle on a daily basis to survive amidst unimaginable discrimination yet hurt nobody.

Jesus was an amazing charismatic, empowering, thoughtful and kind man. He invested in people and understood oppression and believed in a world without it. For his beliefs and actions he was rounded up by the powers that be and nailed to a cross as a warning to the people for daring to question those in control because they were corrupt, power hungry and perverse and ultimately out of control. 

For a religion that focuses on such a high standard morality. Somewhere throughout history the men in control of spreading the message of Jesus's love and compassion have lost their way. Instead using the ambiguity of the words within thes scripture against the very people who were most disadvantaged. Instead of practicing the attributes that made Jesus so special, the message has focused on judgement and fear as we are constantly reminded that he died for our sins and anybody who is perceived as different has been singled out and persecuted just as Jesus was. 

The absolute power of the men running the organisation ultimately tainted their judgement leading them to an agenda of uninclusive fear mongering and a culture of internal secrecy to hide the the very darkness they are blaming on the perceived weakest of humanity. They have become the corrupt powers once warned about now deflecting endless accusations of perversions towards the  powerless minoritys using their followers in strength of numbers to isolate, discredit and disempower. Absolute power corrupts and as they are merely men preaching the story of a man they could only hope to emulate inevitably the darkness has taken hold.

This isn't rocket science it is proven hard evidence known as FACT! Only each time they attack a minority group they have less people backing them because the message is becoming more transparent and their methods have grown weaker. For fuck sake they are using our toilet habits this time around and it should not be tolerated as its the kind of stuff that should be mocked in this day and age as bullying.

You need to start looking within your own walls at the corruption that has lead to dwindling numbers and the handful of ignorant uneducated people still lapping up everything they are fed even if it has never happened and never will. For the followers are only easily manipulated because of the bigger issues being ignored in America like 6% of spending on education. Now you know why they treat you like idiots. 

Here's the deal. You are supporting a group of men who have been protecting child molesters Internally for so long that they only preach the scripture as lip service. The religious institutions have made a mockery of the power behind the faith and the followers. They have been using the words as a front to cover the corrupt and perverse sexual activities behind closed doors on our children. They are misleading their followers to attack and defame people who don't have the rights to fight back on the basis of our differences. Remember Jesus and how he treated all people equal by displaying understanding, compassion and acceptance. Not trying to change them, defame them and shame them. 

The reason the church has failed is because they are merely men. Statistics show that the vast majority of sexual predators are men. They are men in power and within families but none of them were transgender because transgender people have been shunned and living in secrecy since being deemed evil and sinners just for existing. Men have taken the word of God throughout history and used it as a weapon to hurt women, children, blacks and gays. The Catholic Church even sided with Hitler for a period of time until the pope of that time died leaving them open to attack. How many more children have to suffer at the hands of a sick priest? And how many times are you going to stand back and allow them to cover it up? And how many times are you going to do their dirty work and falsely accuse innocent people just for being different of crimes they never committed in the name of the MEN who have failed you. 

I know many religious folks don't like facts but let's give it a go anyway. It's well documented that trans* people have been around in many indigenous cultures well before religion and were honoured as the shaman and healers as they were able to resolve disputes between men and women being more of a grey area between genders. This was before medicine so the tribes accepted it as normal and instead utilised these people to help form cohesive family and broader communities networks.

Then white man invaded countries all over the world introducing the Catholic doctrine as they raped, murded and made an example of the two spirit transgender people as freaks killing them off first just for fun. It's quite ironic isn't it. Here we all are again full circle and after attacking and accusing every minority group over the last 200 years the last group standing are the most vulnerable and misunderstood because nobody will listener accept them like Jesus would have. 

The only people left to attack once common sense prevails and the credibility of organised religion is further tarnished and exposed as a mere group of bullies. I'm afraid it's all over because they will have to go after the child molesters themselves which opens the door for society's judgement upon the church. People will now see clearly and have seen enough to know that the history of men within the church who have sexually assaulted boys is to glaringly obvious to overlook anymore and the walls will be smashed wide open.

I promise you this! Once the walls are knocked down and investigated. It will be the single most shocking discovery of human depraivity ever before seen and will shock the world forever. The men running the current regime of the church are protecting the largest child sex offender ring in the world. It's connected to corporations and governments completely tax free and I wouldn't be surprised if it is also a part of the human slave trade.

So open your ficking eyes just for one second. Remove God and Jesus Christ from the picture and make an informed opinion on the evidence of corruption and perversion already investigated and well documented. You will see that the men who you have followed in good faith have made you all to look as hateful as the fear mongering sinners they have become themselves!

If you don't take this opportunity to follow your heart and lead by example the way Jesus Christ would have then you will go down with the child molesters who have been using you to do their work for them. If the second coming of Jesus actually eventuates I can promise you one thing. You are all fucked!

You have been warned!!

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