Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trans* Does Not Mean Sex Offender!

Back in December 2015 I posted a link regarding the current movement in America legislating to force trans* people to use the public toilets of their original birth gender.

These people are suggesting without any evidence whatsoever that by allowing trans* people to use the toilets as the identifying gender they present publicly will increase the risk of sexual assaults towards women and children rising.

So it’s better to prevent it from happening now before it’s too late regardless that there is absolutely no evidence or correlation linking trans* people and sexual assaults in public toilets.

They are also suggesting that if trans* people are allowed to CONTINUE to use the public toilets that match their gender identity. That NON TRANS* MALE offenders will start dressing as the opposite gender to gain access to public toilets to commit sexual assaults. Even though 99% of perpetrators who were charged for these crimes just walked into a public toilet and assaulted their victims without the need to dress as a woman.

Firstly trans* people have ALREADY been using the appropriate public toilet that match’s their gender identity and there have been ZERO instances of a trans* person sexually assaulting anybody.

Secondly there has been ONE instance where a sexual deviant in Canada posed as a women to sexually assault their victim in 2014. The perpetrator was suffering from severe mental illness and did not identify as a trans* person. Once again clearly proving there is no evidence linking trans* people to sexual assaults in public toilets.

When you stack up the evidence or lack there of it becomes crystal clear that this current legislation push has nothing to do with protecting the victims of sexual assault. Police and advocates for sexual assault victims have repeatedly stated that continuing to allow trans* people to use the public toilets that match their gender identity is in no way linked to the sick people who commit these crimes.

Also there has been no evidence suggesting that the rate of sexual assaults in public toilets has risen at all which completely exposes the entire argument as a blatant smear campaign.

This is clearly a front to link trans* people with sexual deviancy, child molesters and rapists. They are using the same tactics used to fight against marriage equality and same sex adoptions. Using the women and children victims to justify their transphobic agenda is absolutely disgraceful.

Not only is it an insult to the victims but the sheer audacity to blatantly lie and manipulate people to believe such a marginalised community with a suicide rate of 41% that also lost almost 400 lives at the hands of murderers in 2015 just for existing are also sexual predators. How anybody is actually taking this seriously is beyond rational comprehension.

They used these tactics against same sex adoption and marriage, suggesting same sex children had a higher risk of being molested. Ironically there clearly is no proof whatsoever as same sex couples have NEVER had the legal right to marry or adopt children. The danger of trying to link these obvious false accusations to LGBTQI people is that it leaves wide open the centuries of “normal” heterosexual nuclear family units that have been rife with incest and sexual assaults. This is an undisputed fact and yet heterosexuals have never had their rights to start a family questioned or taken away from them.

Sexual predators and rapists are fucking sick people who pray on woman and children. There is no link to same sex attracted people or trans* people. If a sexual predator or rapist is caught and charged it’s because they are a sick rapist or child molester nothing more.

In fact all the evidence suggests throughout history the perpetrators of these crimes normally operate from positions of trust and power. Like teachers, politicians, judges and priests.
The Catholic Church is one of the largest organisations on the planet supposedly promoting the gospel of God. They are also guilty of spending the most obscene amounts of money to cover up the criminals in their organisation who have destroyed tens of thousand of lives by sexually assaulting children all over the world without punishment.

These are the very same people who are using the victims as emotional fuel attempting to link same sex attracted and trans* people to the sick crimes that they themselves have actually endorsed by covering up throughout history.

Trans* people face so many disruptions to their lives when they begin their gender blueprint correction. They don’t wake up one day and decide they want to change their gender like a pair of socks. Anybody who still thinks like that isn’t thinking at all. We lose friends and family members and many have to move to another state or town. Then we face discrimination by employers, housing and forced into psychology and treated like we are mentally ill. On top of that just leaving the house can turn into a barrage of insults, ridicule and physical assault on a daily basis.

Now we are facing our basic rights to go to the toilet safely to relieve ourselves being taken from us also by linking us to sex offenders. In all honesty trans* people are treated far worse by society than the actual real sex offenders who ruin tens of thousand of lives forever.

Trans* people come out publicly as they have no choice. It’s either begin correcting the blueprint or take your own life. We don’t expect people to understand as it’s impossible. All we ever ask is to just treat us with decency and respect by simply treating us as the gender identity we present.

Hopefully people will start to see just how valuable trans* people are in the near future. We are amazing, talented, caring, beautiful twin souls with valuable information relating to gender equality as we have seen it from both sides. I am blessed to be born a trans* woman and will continue to fight for the right to stand up and contribute as a human being on this amazing rock!!

It’s going to take a lot more than a bunch of fact less lies, discrimination and ridicule to stop me from having the right to do what makes me happy!

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