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What About The Children?

I'm posting this YouTube link because it first appeared via the channels I subscribe to. It has also appeared on other social media feeds across both left and right supporters. Social media has totally upended our entire information gathering practices if you are around my age but is the norm for so many younger people. The overload of resources available have contributed to a society that do not have the capabilities to digest, process and follow up due to the endless barrage on us every moment of the day.

This is the objective and if you haven't realised that as yet. You're Welcome! So don't feel bad. It was last week Milo Yiannopoulos made headline news and became known to a massive new audience for his comments on paedophillia and his unwillingness to go into further details that would expose some famous/rich people he had experienced parties that included "very young boys" to perform sexual activities at.

This news feels already old and forgotten in the space of a week. To many he has been forgotten but what lead him to make news being a button pushing outlandish commentator didn't end with his apology. In fact it was only hours later he was victimising others for what he had just apparently given a sincere and humbling apology for. Just in time for the tidal wave of new found fans who now love and support him thanks to his disgusting views on child sexual assault!

So this YouTube video relates to an article he posted whilst writing with controversial publication Breitbart who's former editor Steve Bannon is now one of Donald Trumps most senior advisors. In the aftermath of Milo being exposed and apologising last week this original article he wrote which is actually worse than what he apologised for remains on the Breitbart website and his supporters condone it apparently.

Why do I find this a little hard to swallow? Well there's is a large proportion of people who currently run with a narrative that transgender people are child sex offenders. Regardless of the information readily available to an increasing society who are being brainwashed to ignore facts, statistics and reality and just trust a system that is built on LIES. This proves the majority have adopted this program and it's becoming "normalised."

Interestingly enough one of the main attacks on trans people that attempt to link them to paedophillia is that our acceptance will be the downfall of civilisation allowing paedophillia to be "normalised" like being a tranny is a gateway drug to fucking children. It's been adopted by people thanks to the "normalisation" of facts being relevant.

So I'm posting this YouTube so you can be reminded of the people who are behind the "normalisation" of paedophillia. It's the only conclusion I can accept because nobody involved with all of the parties mentioned above have bothered to remove the article and never will. All of those people screaming "what about the children?" are guilty of condoning this insanity.

Maybe the reason the article remains and nobody is outraged like they should be because the title accuses leftist political supporters of supporting paedophillia. So it's cleverly disguised as an attack piece but clearly discusses that as a society we should go easy on paedophillia. Which makes me even more confused as according to an huge number of people pizzagate is actually a thing regardless of nothing ever coming from it in the 4 months it's flooded the internet without any facts or arrests. Are you beginning to see that the fault for all of this bullshit "normalisation" lies squarely on us for allowing to be duped and even when apparently clear continuing to allow it.

Because even if they don't support Milo who wrote it or Breitbart who keep it published on the site or Breitbart founder Steve Bannon who's currently whispering in the ear of an Orange spray coloured reality TV personality who is allowing this disgusting ideology remain on a website he is a founding member of and has controlled the narrative of since Andrew Breitbart's death in 2012. It was only last year he labelled his publication "Alt Right" which is now a part of our world along with this article that continues to demonstrate everyday its active that fucking kids is cool whilst transgender women face a reality of being persecuted as the diversionary narrative by taking away the basic right to go to the toilet.

This IS our world!
Good Luck with that!
Article Link
Milo's Original Breitbart Article

YouTube Video Exposing Milo's Breitbart Article

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My Post on YouTube Christian "Truther" Conspiracy Page RichieFromBoston

Excuse me? You people really are thick. You don't get to choose my narrative, beliefs or path. Do you understand follower? How the fuck do you know what I believe or what I have achieved or the life I have lived? Listen I know it's hard for you to understand logic because immediately anybody who has a strong opinion, challenges or attacks the precious conspiracy theorist Richie From Boston is deemed Satan! Can't you people see the massive shift you have made since changing your methods due to the internet? I'm being 100% real. Remember when Christians actually led by example? I know many don't I see it everyday in these youtube "truther" echo chamber comments on videos that have very clear intentions to fleece and deceive. Are your eyes open enough to witness the same tacky products they sell, the collection plate patreons and paypal links to pay them to sit there and dish out fear porn, lens flares, outlandish theories and who can forget pizzagate?

The Nibiru channels sella an endless parade of lens flares, endless goal post backdating for the end of days and are debunked more than any other category of videos. This ass clown has been wrong so many times and is fed stories by subscribers, is a really hateful asshole who attacks innocent people blackballing entire groups as in cahoots with pedophiles, governments and alike fuelling a further societal divide. You all cheer along as if you are all allowed to make judgements without facts. I'm going to set you straight as your friend RFB does absolutely NO RESEARCH. Like so many imbeciles in this truth community nodding away in your echo chambers daily with each other totally unable to see the pack mentality of spite that has seemingly resigned to the fact that attacking anybody you all disagree with as satanists or pedophiles. Do you sit here and read through the comments across these pages? Do you think back to when so many would be horrified by what so many "followers" of religion in America is being represented? Take some time, go find videos from the last 8 years and certain conservative news sites. The endless accusations that everybody is demonic, the comments towards the Obamas "monkey in heels" endless videos spreading absolute unsubstantiated bullshit that michelle Ovamaa was a transsexual for 8 years, the crazy videos on celebrities who are apparently all a part of cults.

The opening of the gotthard tunnel that all over truth channels is labelled a CERN event when it just isn't. I have so many documents and findings on that event and the artists performers involved firstly by investigating the contacting people for information readily available if you are an actual seeker who knows how to use the internet for more than showing the entire world how much of a dark place many Christians are in at the moment. Just take a moment. The Gotthard ceremony was opened in Sweden. I know so many Americans never travel outside the US. Don't try and battle me on stats as the lack of evidence that comes from so many outlandish statements on here is just UNBELIEVABLE. This is your only wake up call it's up to you all to actually start looking into the claims so many blindly support. Mountain goats are a major part of the Swedish landscape. If any of you people for one second can honestly not see the difference between people wearing a costume that represents a MOUNTAIN GOAT compared to BAPHOMET which has women's breasts and a males penis then I don't know how to snap your brain out of fantasy land. Seek and the rest will follow.

Also whilst here I'd love to piss all over RFB who's lack of research ALWAYS has so many people laughing at him. While he pumps out these videos on pizzagate being a psyop. That's definitely what it is. Continuously hearing him include wiki leaks emails as the only tie to it lol is so stupid I'm so sick of seeing this FUCKING STUPID STORY that has so many of my fellow humans on a witch hunt that will go down as the largest internet TROLL in History! I implore you all to go and use the net to start learning how to use it as it's CURRENTLY using YOU due to so many having little knowledge on how to even search correctly using a google search. I'm only saying this once I don't need to provide anybody proof as NOBODY has actually ever presented solid and NEVER will. You have all been trolled by 4chan. They were the ones investigated over pedophillia rings and users. During that massive story the code words that so many of you and hash tagging, spreading with each other on social networks came from the 4chan expose. The more you repost the code words and idiocy the higher chance you are being watched. Wake up! You can if you seek discover the original memes relating to this and relevant articles. When the Podesta emails surfaces 4chan immediately linked the code words originated from their network and set the ball rolling to attack the EASIEST group of people online for fun which is the Christian and Truth community. You are actually being used to fuel the confusion and the entire #fakenews narrative for something you are not able to see at this time until you are ready! If you actually believe pizzagate became a thing manifested by Wikileaks, frauds like Steve Pieczenik or Alex Jones then it's about time you stared opening your eyes and actually. Truth channels latched onto it as so many were already peddling ridiculous outlandish videos with no proof whatsoever and the seeds were planted. Our society is so distracted fighting over the side of a political party the majority of us are just as bad as MSM and after endless years of accepting lies as a species from powers that be they have played their final hand. There is nothing more to expect. They have us believing anything from anybody, anywhere, anytime and everyday and if you actually start to REALLY wake up from your little war against 50% of the people that make up our society that actually built this world together as a species you will begin to see WE ARE BELIEVING ANYTHING AS FACT WITH THE MOST COMMONLY USED TOOL TO DO SO IS TO JUST DECLARE SOMETHING TO.BE TRUE.

Remove all of our differences for one day. Race, gender, religion, sexual preference and political nonsense and I promise you every single one of us feels the same. We all feel lied to, we all seek love, we fight increasingly harder each year and the poverty, despair and hunger, blatant lies, growing depression and uncertainty and nearly everything from music, entertainment industry, press, progress, culture is controlled by a bland, uninspiring template keeping us dull, prescribed on pills for our basic moods and so damaged even the people of the Christian faith have given up on their churches, erased their own caring non judgments qualities to instead become a constant echo chamber of negativity wrapped up with a bible passage, how amazing Jesus is almost ALWAYS sending a clear message of abandoned hope going forward by constantly manifesting the end of day instead of actually getting back to the core message and ACTUALLY MAKING A REAL ATTEMPT TO CHANGE by waking the fuck up removing the need to indoctrinate people before accepting them and rolling EVERYBODY TO FIGHT THE SYSTEM and NOT EACH OTHER. Why aren't Christians en masses setting an example? If you sit here and have the audacity to make an excuse then you have surrendered. If you also think just because you remain devoted to Jesus and just condemn everybody else to HELL then I'm here to tell you IT AINT GOING TO END THE WAY YOU THINK AND YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELVES. When Jesus returns you along with those you condemn will share a very shitty fate. Your man made words of love for your saviour will not be enough in the creators eyes if you stood by and were unable to see the PERFECT opportunity to show our species without institutional fear and corruption, condemning those you believe not awake, knocking on doors, using hate from evangelical groups focused on divide using money as their addiction, attacking people for being different, diverse or unique when these are the qualities that make us human, being coerced into left or right knowing unity is the only way to set things right. By uniting as a movement and really being the image of Jesus Christ changing the current trite, mean spirited and maybe to see clearly current state of the entire movement and reaching out to everybody to inspire, empower and rally against the minority of human beings worshiping Money, Power and Greed leaving the devil out of it THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN people over. To show real character and love for each other instead of sitting online bickering and contributing to the problem using the INTERNET given to us to manipulate and divide us to the place we all know in our hearts is happening.

If you can reply to this post and say this is all lies what I'm writing then it may be you who are not ready to accept the truth and drop the bullshit facade to suck it up and admit #metoo. We all know the system that works like a program similar to The Matrix. It's run it's course, full of viruses, increasingly not beneficial to the growing majority 3/4 of the world are beyond hungry, poor and in constant despair. It won't be long till it's on all of our door steps instead of just some third world problem. The money is valueless and WE are the slaves born into a system that has conditioned our parents to register our capitalised names onto a birth certificate essentially enrolling us to join the chain gang. Also allowing ourselves to be charged to live within the system as our capitalised birth certificate is the collateral for the valueless money used to control us all. THE TRAVESTY IS that as we have toiled and built the system, explored, advanced and worked harder and harder each passing year for less we are now at the point where WE CANNOT CONTINUE WITH THE CURRENT SYSTEM. ITS UNFAIR. TECHNOLOGY HAS VASTLY CHANGED MANY INDUSTRIES yet we continue to struggle harder to adapt to the changes when the system DOES NOT WORK IN THE CURRENT CLIMATE ANS NEVER WILL. We have the opportunity to unite and let those in control know there MUST BE MONUMENTAL CHANGES, Why build a system to automate so many industries without seriously being rewarded to make the system fairer. With the advancement of technology we should be tackling the way we consume food and energy at highest priority. Creating new industries and ideas for how much time we work and enjoy leisure. Why have we worked to create this amazing framework if it doesn't lead to then working together to change the balance of power, failed economy that WILL NEVER RECOVER if we don't reboot, focus on each other health, energy overhaul, education system that teaches slowly, without humanity and the overall purpose to be a slave follow a program THAT ISN'T WORKING IF IM HAVING TO WRITE THIS AIMED AT THE VERY PEOPLE WHO PROCLAIM TO BE HERE TO PROMOTE WAS IS RIGHT AND JUST BUT IT SEEMS HAVE ALSO GIVEN UP????


We shouldn't be working towards a retirement that we are too old to enjoy if we have a system in place built by us and constantly improved upon to make our lives easier. We have the power to do it if we just stop ignoring the truth and make it happen. Instead our words just as valueless as they barely manifest any action that work towards these rights WE HAVE STRIVED FOR, Deserve and continue to ignore the elephant in the room. Our children have fought and died for the system we built and by refusing to be the change we want to see we are accepting their loss as meaningless. We lie to ourselves and each other over trite non issues to save face when we are all feeling the same increasing dread.


So this is why I'm furious. I've spent many many years trying to understand who we are as a species. Doing my best to stay true to my high moral compass making positive waves no matter how small always full of the best intent. I know full well I can just create my own world and be content but it seems we've abandoned logic for a faux vapid meaningless moral quest to just lay down and let all we've done burn to the ground.

My anger you perceive is passion. Something which so many can't seem to ignite. I'm shouted down with excuses and petty spite so in desperation I'm trying to get people to actually take notice. I've written these words so many times and mostly there's never a response in sight. It's like people know this deep within but just don't engage hoping someone else will begin. My faith is mine it comes from experience, education and endless seeking for the strength to balance myself and my kin. I don't need to make it known or indoctrinate others in because I look at the failures of the institutions totally focuses on fear and guilt and sin. SO IM FUCKING MAD AT MOSTLY YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE MEANT TO BE THIS GROUP TO LOOK TO SPREADING THE MESSAGE OF JESUS NON JUDGEMENT, LOVE AND THE PATH TO BE SET FREE BUT IM SORRY TO TELL YOU THE MESSAGE IS SELF CENTRED, RESENTFUL and ONE OF MISERY. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WOULD AGREE WITH ME.

I feel like I've written these messages over 10,000 times. I never used to engage with the words you all read from me previously. But like bringing up spoilt children who just don't see, to see that if you just change the narrative ever so slightly and instead of indoctrinating leading equally, without doctrine for all of humanity such a gesture would inspire and change the world and more people would see just how powerful the deity, ritual and the words put in to action you so often speak. I don't want to fight anybody over anything. I want to change the matrix before it's too late. Because as it stands we are doomed to fail because we no longer try AND ITS ALL BEEN FOR NOTHING FOR JESUS TO DIE!

You have the numbers to get out the message our species needs. Keep it simple without conditions and we will join the fight for unity. Because our planet, our animals and our children to be need us to stand up and do this or we fail knowing what the JUDGEMENT for doing NOTHING WILL BE!

RFB - RichieFromBoston

©Jade Starr 2016
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