Thursday, March 2, 2017

What About The Children?

I'm posting this YouTube link because it first appeared via the channels I subscribe to. It has also appeared on other social media feeds across both left and right supporters. Social media has totally upended our entire information gathering practices if you are around my age but is the norm for so many younger people. The overload of resources available have contributed to a society that do not have the capabilities to digest, process and follow up due to the endless barrage on us every moment of the day.

This is the objective and if you haven't realised that as yet. You're Welcome! So don't feel bad. It was last week Milo Yiannopoulos made headline news and became known to a massive new audience for his comments on paedophillia and his unwillingness to go into further details that would expose some famous/rich people he had experienced parties that included "very young boys" to perform sexual activities at.

This news feels already old and forgotten in the space of a week. To many he has been forgotten but what lead him to make news being a button pushing outlandish commentator didn't end with his apology. In fact it was only hours later he was victimising others for what he had just apparently given a sincere and humbling apology for. Just in time for the tidal wave of new found fans who now love and support him thanks to his disgusting views on child sexual assault!

So this YouTube video relates to an article he posted whilst writing with controversial publication Breitbart who's former editor Steve Bannon is now one of Donald Trumps most senior advisors. In the aftermath of Milo being exposed and apologising last week this original article he wrote which is actually worse than what he apologised for remains on the Breitbart website and his supporters condone it apparently.

Why do I find this a little hard to swallow? Well there's is a large proportion of people who currently run with a narrative that transgender people are child sex offenders. Regardless of the information readily available to an increasing society who are being brainwashed to ignore facts, statistics and reality and just trust a system that is built on LIES. This proves the majority have adopted this program and it's becoming "normalised."

Interestingly enough one of the main attacks on trans people that attempt to link them to paedophillia is that our acceptance will be the downfall of civilisation allowing paedophillia to be "normalised" like being a tranny is a gateway drug to fucking children. It's been adopted by people thanks to the "normalisation" of facts being relevant.

So I'm posting this YouTube so you can be reminded of the people who are behind the "normalisation" of paedophillia. It's the only conclusion I can accept because nobody involved with all of the parties mentioned above have bothered to remove the article and never will. All of those people screaming "what about the children?" are guilty of condoning this insanity.

Maybe the reason the article remains and nobody is outraged like they should be because the title accuses leftist political supporters of supporting paedophillia. So it's cleverly disguised as an attack piece but clearly discusses that as a society we should go easy on paedophillia. Which makes me even more confused as according to an huge number of people pizzagate is actually a thing regardless of nothing ever coming from it in the 4 months it's flooded the internet without any facts or arrests. Are you beginning to see that the fault for all of this bullshit "normalisation" lies squarely on us for allowing to be duped and even when apparently clear continuing to allow it.

Because even if they don't support Milo who wrote it or Breitbart who keep it published on the site or Breitbart founder Steve Bannon who's currently whispering in the ear of an Orange spray coloured reality TV personality who is allowing this disgusting ideology remain on a website he is a founding member of and has controlled the narrative of since Andrew Breitbart's death in 2012. It was only last year he labelled his publication "Alt Right" which is now a part of our world along with this article that continues to demonstrate everyday its active that fucking kids is cool whilst transgender women face a reality of being persecuted as the diversionary narrative by taking away the basic right to go to the toilet.

This IS our world!
Good Luck with that!
Article Link
Milo's Original Breitbart Article

YouTube Video Exposing Milo's Breitbart Article

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