Sunday, May 15, 2016

USA Statistics on Child Sex Offenders & Church.

Written by Lisa Toinen Mullen.

In the US statistically a paedophile is nearly always (a) male (b) white (c) married (d) religious (e) older than 30.

Because of (d) they are typically more conservative too, politically and  socially.

They are always against sex education because the perfect paedophile victim is a sexually ignorant kid, ashamed about their body, scared to talk about sex, doesn't know what is acceptable or unacceptable and taught to be submissive to authority figures.

Misdirection by accusing others is very common, gay men typically and now of course trans women.
You look at all the politicians convicted of child abuse and every single one of them was virulently anti-LGBTI.
McHugh used that 'gay man' misdirection approach in his defence of paedophile Catholic priests.

They are very good at exploitation of power and conservative/religious parents are perfect  for breeding sex abuse victims. 

Exploitation of Power 
∗ Submission to authority. From the earliest age, children are taught to “respect and obey their elders”.
∗ Authoritarian Leadership – Religious leaders often distort their role & authority by claiming to speak for God.
∗ No accountability
∗ Unresponsive to concerns raised regarding abuse.
∗ Adults are valued more than children.
∗ Victims are seen as “sinful” and trouble-makers and are often ostracized. 
∗ These environments are ripe for abuse.

Then there is:
Exploitation of Religious Issues
∗ Issues of faith are often distorted & manipulated to coerce victims in submitting to abuse and to be quiet about it:
∗ Defining “sin” to justify (Ex. This is the expression of God ordained love)
∗ Defining “sin” to silence. (Ex. You should be ashamed of your sin)
∗ Distancing from God (Ex. Because of your sin, God doesn’t care about you, but I do.)
The victim’s own analysis of religious doctrine may result in confusion and silence.
∗ Child Victim: “Am I having sex outside of marriage?”
∗ “God is going to punish me for this secret sin.”

"I want to describe a child molester I know very well. This man was raised by devout Christian parents and as a child he rarely missed church. Even after he became an adult, he was faithful as a church member. He was a straight A student in high school and college. He has been married and has a child of his own. He coached little league baseball and was a choir director at his church. He never used illegal drugs and never had a drink of alcohol. He was
considered the clean cut, all American boy. Everyone seemed to like him and he often volunteered in numerous civic community functions. He had a well-paying career and was considered “well to do” in society. But from the age of 13 years old, this boy sexually molested little boys. He never victimized a stranger..all of his victims were “friends”….I know this child molester very well because he is me!
- Convicted child molester"

So in summary, if you see a white, married, very religious male that is extremely  anti-lgbti then the odds are that they are either a paedophile, a 'gay hating closeted gay male' (and most likely not a paedophile),  less commonly perhaps has various fetishistic types of sexual interests that are not actually bad or illegal but embarrassing and hypocritical, or  straight and not a paedophile but cheating on their partners.

The odds of them actually being as 'straight' and 'upstanding' as they act is low.

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