Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You Can Lead a Horse to Water but.....

Apparently everything except the things that really matter are destroying the moral fibre of our society. Not the poisoned water supply from fracking, 3 nuclear sites with serious issues, low wages, industry sent offshore to China, food being filled with hormones and various drugs, trillions of debt and as reported here on this very site while everybody has been distracted over public toilets somehow becoming the new breeding ground for sexual assault the govt has been making plans to amend gun laws as every bodies been so caught up in it all instead of

1. Cracking down on sexual assault by life sentences with no appeal as 90% re offend.

2. Micro chipping offenders. We have all these amazing smart phones and new tech so why not use it to chip the sickos.

3. Working closely with law enforcement and communities keeping the public up to date on offenders who may be in the towns thanks to micro chips.

4. Clamping down and ensuring the people in high power position where MOST offenders are hiding so they have access and can remain untouchable. We cannot allow govt officials to stand behind people like Dennis Hastert who got off lightly for raping 5 boys and one killed themselves.

5. Demand better from government. Predators attack on a percentage less than the actual small trans* population in restrooms. Making such a large issue shows these sickos you are scared of them it's not going to draw them to toilets it will drive hem away and underground. For the love of god people a few weeks ago a man was jailed for only murder when he raped and mufdered a pet dog. Where was the outcry?

Stuff this petty crap. You want people to take notice of you? Search deep within yourselfs find that Christian spirit that used to be. The one that worked together with all people like Jesus preached. Use that spirit to make government accountable! Don't exclude people or they will keep turning away.

You can call me a liberal CUNT, name call or shame or tell me Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve or tell me God created only man and woman then try and throw science at me with DNA claims. These are not words. I prefer to deal with words that have positive intent because actions comes from those kind of words.

Stuff that rubbish. Your children and mine and everybody's lives need to come together and focus on the bigger picture. I need to be more understanding as does everybody else. As do you!

And I understand you may be angry at me for saying all this but it comes from a place of love. I think if you are Christian and calling people names fussing over crap and complaining you feel under appreciated then change it. Look past our differences and come together. 21 cities in America it's illegal to feed the homeless PEOPLE. What would Jesus do?? That's the question. Not finding a quote from the book to use it against. The opposite!!

I'm gonna tell you a home truth you may not be ready for: I hope you are ready for it soon before the endless distractions leave us all without any rights. Gays, lesbians, trans* or whatever... We want a better place also. We want everybody to be able to speak freely and go be able to disagree. As long as the disagreements contribute to the overall intent of positive solutions. Not segregation, hatred and isolation.

What would I know anyway I'm just a freak, mentally sick and have lived in fear
my entire life. I'm sick of it and I'm sick of fighting!!!

It's time to put aside the petty for everybody and fight for a positive future we all should already be enjoying right now!

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