Friday, May 6, 2016

You Can't Bring Me Down!

Do you honestly think after all of these years
I've forgotten your promise to replace hatred with cheers
instead forced into shadows because of your fears
The blood on your hands is more telling that tears
The rape, and the comments the ridicule and jeers
More brutal the murders increase higher each year.

Yet you are the victim when you caused the fires
Your inappropriate questions still label us as the liars
Again we're the scapegoat and it's always our fault
Our reputation an accusation of sexual assault

Now my genitals are questioned and the discussions are loud
You'be erased my existence with your moralistic shroud
Now i'm nothing of value until Mardi Gras comes around
Then you're caring and accepting and once a year proud

But every comment and whisper your hand Tightens thr Knott 
On the Rope of statistics that stem from your rot
Now women and children are not safe to be around
But the real sicko is you as we are thrown to the hounds

fuck off and shut up take your judgement and run
For I am not stupid and you will soon come undone
How dare you accuse me of assaulting someone
You used me as fodder when you are the one

That nobody believed about your God and his son
Now you and your church I'm exposing the end has begun

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