Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our Existence Is Not For Debate!

I've read enough!

Our Existence is not for debate!
So fuck your Judgement!
And fuck your Hate!

Don't you dare preach to me or anybody else something you can't even spell dickhead. Over the last few days I've seen the word morality spelled incorrectly more times than you actually attempted to insult me. Also as a mere human being speaking for God is forbidden. You are not God and if this deity even exists they wouldn't be very happy reading over your hate filled poorly written. Idiocy the last week as you attacked as many people as possible from your glass houses hiding behind the morality of Jesus Christ and God.

Never in my life have I read such disgusting, hate filled, petty name calling and death threats form a bunch of clearly disenfranchised aimless cowards who are so lost that you now use your ambiguous words solely for insulting all the while stamping your feet like in petulant directionless children who didn't get a lollipop. It is the fault of yours only for refusing to move forward with an ever evolving world  of individuals who have become aware to your bullshit even though increasingly disenfranchised themselves. You know this to be true even though you continue to blatantly ignore people and their words because that is how you were trained to act. Meaning you can't really be held accountable. Much like the entire organisation based around a get out of jail free card if you apologise to a zombie nailed to a stick. Ask the child molesters in your organisation who have built their predatory sins against your children around it.

You know what they say about karma.

You have spent so much time invading people's spaces shoving your religious agenda down people's throats for decades, knocking on doors on the weekends, End of the world fanatics on street corners and labelling us all immoral when people began to label you crazy for repeatedly hounding them to follow blindly instead of listening. Rejection can be so destructive I and many of my friends can empathise as we learned how destructive it can be from you!

I guess it took its toll and the bitterness began to creep in alongside the systemic corruption and child sex offences poorly hidden within the powers behind the walls that enjoy the tax breaks and a free ticket to perversions and constantly ignoring the growing poverty and oppression before you. 

Now you are all lost and disempowered as the right wing politicians work alongside their lawyers to disrupt by creating diversions that you still are trained to willingly follow because that's all you know. All of you brandishing guns and fucking like rabbits to create your ridiculously large numbers of children to use in hate campaigns yelling "what about the women and children" 

The very same children who are molested by your convicted pastors and government leaders and the very same women who suffer inequality every day from the likes of men such as yourselves hiding behind your false prophet, money, arrogance and guns!

Why do you hate the LGBTQIA community so much? Because we have stood up to tyranny and demanded what is long over due and don't really need much more to move to the next biggest fight. The increasing unemployment, homelessness, poverty and injustice that is so clearly going on behind the extremely thin veil of lies that protect a darkness that makes your pissy concept of Hell more like a ride at Disney World! Once the walls begin to shake the shift in balance to equality will be complete.

We don't care what you think about who we fuck or who we identify as anymore. It's none of your fucking business. Just as we don't give two shits about your bunny factory sex lives because it's none of our business. So shut the fuck up and keep your grubby minds out of our bedrooms, pants, public toilets the gutter in general.
I actually feel sorry for your now exposed and directionless self serving cause. Because it clearly isn't about God or Jesus anymore. It's about bitterness, resentment and pure hatred like I've never witnessed in my lifetime!

So here we are at a crossroads. Our agenda has always remained the same as feminism. Not to reclaim rights because we never actually had any for decades of oppression, humiliation and fear. We were delegated to the shadows in silence or be arrested and exposed by your morality police. We have stood up and made an honest case for decency and equality over the last 30 odd years and it pisses you off because you ran a campaign selling something intangible that historically has perpetuated fear instead of compassion, freedom and love. We will not stop as everybody deserves the basic human rights of equality and peace.for our future generations and beyond.

You can now either flounder and wait for your precious leaders to throw you your next mission. You can continue to obey their bidding as a mindless follower. Or suck it up and open your eyes, ears, mouths and hearts to rejoining humanity and working together instead of against as a slave to a book full of words whos ambiguity have been used against you and everybody else to put the 1% of people controlling the wealth and  power where they are today!

You have a choice!

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