Friday, June 17, 2016


Simply put....

Humanity are a bunch of assholes who refuse to seriously question our own purpose and mortality relating to our current societal structure because we know deep within we are as worthless as our monetary system and the lack of actions that stem from our empty language because we are cowards!

We know the societal structure masquerading as civility has remained unfair and stagnant clearly because it's grossly flawed and idiotic. As the self proclaimed dominant and intelligent species on Earth. It's embarrassing for our little egos to fathom confronting and admitting we are wrong. Instead building a systemic learned pattern of lying and bullying which has only created fear, negativity and suffering that proves we are actually the dumbest assholes on Earth by continuing to justify bullshitting ourselves out of existence.

Everybody else is always to blame apparently and herein lies the problem. Strip away the blaming of someone else and the needless micromanaging labels that divide humans and WE ALL become responsible for the past that CAN NOT BE RE WRITTEN. Only then in that moment of clarity as one collective species amongst an astonishing amount of equally important species including the Earth can we change the current path that ends in total annihilation of everything.

No amount of power, money, greed, manipulation or LIES can save those in control or change the inevitability of the current idiotic trajectory we are rapidly intensifying on this absolutely astonishing yet taken for granted Earth.

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