Saturday, December 17, 2016



It's ok we are all the same species in case you forgot!

We seem to forget that as the majority we have the power not the other way around. I'm not concerned about the constant distractions and nefarious hedge betting because it's obvious and stinks of desperation.

They are banking on us "losing our shit" over one or a combination of events being planned in plain sight and behind the closed doors of corruption that are scared of our potential awakening!

This is our test! This is our moment to fight back without physical weapons or anger. We are the heart and soul within a successful slavery system ruined by the greed of a few. We have the power of diversity and the skills to overcome our differences to remove their power.

For our strength is numbers and the will to grow, forgive and accept our differences that together have built the world we take for granted so often. Their goal is to divide and conquer us. They know the economy is as valueless as the words and action- less self serving promises we must stop accepting as normal.

Forget left and right, ignore black and white. It's time to stand in the middle and be united as the grey and free ourselves from the seemingly silly inability to say to each other without any further explanation, apology or judgement.

Just simply say "ME TOO!"
The 1% of those entrusted to govern only have power over a united 99% of diverse people if we continue to let them. Our economy's are modelled on a weak system of corporatised countries, states and capitalised individuals names on a certificate forced upon us at birth without our consent for the privilege to vote, pay tax and be a slave. WE ARE THE MAJORITY AND WE HAVE THE POWER.

We need to just stop feeding them, they want to censor, persuade, distract and confuse.... Then we need to turn off, unplug, don't react, ignore and focus on each other. They can pass bills, threaten violence, create confusion to their little hearts content if nobody cares to take any notice.

We have the technology in our pockets to mobilise real movements of disruption without even leaving our homes.

Using a simple facebook event to encourage entire staffs, contractors, unions, full time, part time and casual employees all over the world to collectively take a sick day from work on the same day. This will hurt them where it hurts the most. Employers will not be able to fire an entire staff for their involvement as they can't afford to sack them. They already need to recover from one day of massive economic loss in fear of further disruption.

Banks finally will receive an idea of how it feels to be helpless and uncertain of what may follow. Governments will panic, they will flex with non existent power. There may be lives lost as we awaken from our slavery slumber.

The one thing they would never expect from us is the simple acceptance of each other's differences as something positive. Our individuality is the key to our wholeness as a species. By rejecting the micro managing valueless labels that divide us. We can finally be simply HUMAN.

We need to grow up and let go of the guilt, repression and judgement that offers no momentum forward as a species. We need to realise our planet is emotionally expressing the collective feelings of uncertainty, negativity and fear we are feeling because we are connected to it.

The extreme weather, flooding, quakes and volcanic eruptions represent the need for a massive event or change and soon. We have gotten this far using only 10% of our brains. We must harness the power deep inside us to accept we are different and we are scared.

And that's ok!
Just tell each other "ME TOO!"
Our weaponised words and violent actions resemble apes throwing poo at each other instead of a species united. The need for 24/7 online communication and social media is actually devolving our ability to connect without a device between us. We need to pay attention to the devices glaring at us each day. They can actually help us!

This amazing technology we created with our diverse skilled population continues to be ignored for its massive potential to change the world from the palm of our hands. Instead we allow social media companies to use us and our information free of charge in return we have evolved to now throwing virtual poo at each other.

You can all wait around for whoever your chosen deity is to come and beat up the big bad 1% of manipulative money lovers. Or refuse to accept they have any power at all and their precious money is completely valueless and it will happen because both statements are true. It's time to discontinue being slaves happily chasing virtual Pokemon on devices able to connect, create and disrupt the system. It's time to start paying attention!

If nothing I have said had resonated with you or inspired you to actually be the change you know you can be by actually coming together as a real society. Then sit back down and let it all go to poo and tell yourself that your chosen deity will be here soon to save you.

Just remember you turned your back when the moment came to stand together as one. You walked away from strength in numbers and trust in one another. You gave up on unconditional love and and exchanged your pride in the belief that doing nothing would earn redemption.

When you could have been a part of of something much bigger than yourself by saying... "ME TOO!"

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