Monday, March 11, 2013

Jailbreak Tweaks that Rock!!!

So you have recently jailbroken your iPhone and want to add some tweaks that will make your device kick ass??

Here's my list of Tweaks that rock my iPhone 5.

SbSettings - A Must have tweak! Easily access options like WiFi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth with a single swipe of your status bar. Plus Safemode is installed so you can trouble shoot your device without the pain of a restore!

Intelliscreen X - This is the way your Lockscreen and Notification Center should be. You can tweak your Notification Center to your hearts content. Tweak also comes with Messages+ so you can reply to iMessages/SMS without leaving the app you are currently using.

Activator - You can assign functions to your device using swipe gestures. Don't like opening Siri with a long hold on the home button change it to a long hold of Power button. The sky is the limit!

Zephyr - Forget clicking the home button twice to bring up Multitasking. A simple swipe from the bottom of the screen will do it. Totally customizable to how many fingers you want to swipe with.

iFile - Access your device system files like you are using a Mac. Perfect for trouble shooting and saving files from the Interwebs in tandem with Safari Download Manager.

Safari Download Manager - Ever wanted to download files whilst browsing on your device? Well you can with this tweak then email or add to dropbox.

Springtomize 2 - This little gem will let you virtually customize every aspect of your device. Springboard look, Icons, Folders, App Switcher, Dock, Animations and yer Lock Screen will never look stale again.

Call Bar - Answer and make phone calls using a swipe gesture. Call Bar will let you use your phone as a notification bar along the top of screen. Perfect to keep browsing or an app open whilst on a call.

AnyAttach - Adds a paperclip to your emails allowing you to add files from Dropbox, photo Albums and iFile. Email as it should be.

Auxo - App Switcher as it should be! Live views of apps currently open in your App Switch. Awesome redesigned music player and the ability to turn on functions like Blutooth, Wifi, Airplane Mode and many others.

Browser Chooser - Sick of Safari being your stock browser. Browser Chooser allows you to choose your default browser perfect for lovers of Chrome.

Camera Tweak - Add awesome functions to your stock camera. Separate Focus and exposure, frame rate settings for video, time lapse photos and timer burst shots.

Flex - This tweak is a crowd sourced mod that lets you virtually modify any installed apps on your device. I use it to remove sponsored ads on my Facebook timeline. It's always evolving as devs upload new tweaks.

Protube Extension for Youtube - Protube alters the already installed Google Youtube app to allow you to download videos to your device. Heaps of great functions included.

SwipeSelection - Sick of correcting mistakes when typing by holding your finger down on the word? This tweak allows you to easily swipe your finger across the keyboard to move your curser to the place it needs to be.

Well these are some of my fave tweaks. Some are paid and some are free. They can all be found on the Cydia Store.

Happy Tweaking!!

Jade xx


  1. HI Jade, thanks for your post. Last week I created new updated list of my top 10 Best Jailbreak Tweaks for all Apple devices.

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