Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yay it's metal time!!!

For those of you who have followed my career you would be well aware of the death metal bands I used to sing for. One of those bands was instrumental in me actually coming out to transition funnily enough even though it's content is quite disgusting. FMC or Filthy Maggoty Cunt was created back in 1999 by myself being fed up with the music industry mass producing crap with no substance. FMC was a death metal / grindcore band who's lyrics were over the top and vile on so many levels. We set out to offend everybody we possibly could, and we did!

FMC started out just me and my Playstation as the drumkit. I put together a handful of songs and hit a recording studio creating the debut CD "Sadomasadistikwankore". With songs like The Story of the Sadistik Seagul Fucker, Pure Anal and Leperleptic the CD got alot of interest very quickly. The real clinker was the marketing online for FMC. Our website was updated daily with so much silly crap that we instantly got a cult following. Our CD was banned in a few countries and it was time to book some shows.

I enlisted the services of some good friends, we wore a bunch of silly costumes, barely practiced the songs and before long we were touring interstate. The whole band was intended to be a joke from the start and all the way through the next few years we treated it as a big joke on everybody who actually liked the band. Most of our shows we performed in drag, I quickly became known as a shemale which was cool for me because it opened the door for me to actually transition.

We faked fights onstage, did tribute nights on boybands, acoustic shows, drag shows... You name it we did it. We offended minority groups and received alot of hate mail from Christian groups which made me laugh even harder. FMC released serveral demo's and split ep's, toured in Australia and today have a whole swag of hilarious photo's and videos from our time together. In 2003 I moved to Sydney so the band was over until 2006 I reformed FMC for one night only which was a barrel of laughs and chaos. Even today it's still possible we will reform and do something live again as is the chance of me releasing a new FMC CD in the future.

So I've decided to re-release the debut CD on iTunes with new artwork, totally remastered and with 5 bonus tracks. You can always head to our myspace to see just what all the frivolity was all about or just download the CD. GET IT HERE from iTunes for $16.99 AUD.

Hope you enjoy the walk down my metal memory lane...

Until next time..

Do What Makes You Happy! - Jade Starr x

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