Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DreadCircus is back!!!!!

After a long stint away from DreadCircus instead investing my time into my show From Metal to Maternal which was draining to say the least. I've finally begun work on the 5th DreadCircus studio album with a working title of "gOS 3.0" - Gender Operating System 3.0. I'm not sure if it will be an EP or a full length album I guess as it progresses will be the decided of such fate. The new music is quite a departure from the last albums as I've decided to instead play more the music I actually listen to. It's sounding so far like a bizarre mix between Mr Bungle, Slayer, Muse, Bjork and Gotye. You can listen to some sample on the news link from the new improved website.

Yes you read right I've actually given the entire website a complete overhaul which is very exciting. I totally deleted the old website and started from scratch and I'm sure you will find it quite user friendly. Well that is if you can view flash (Damn you Apple iPhone). If you can't well don't worry as the HTML version is not far behind so keep your eyes peeled.

To get to the website click one of the links below.

Until next time..

Do What Makes You Happy - Jade Starr x

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